Could this EQ Cheat Sheet finally give your mixes a professional edge?

Some people ignore EQ, some people overuse it. But EQ may be the most useful tool in your signal processing tool belt. Just because some people overuse it shouldn't deter you from mastering it. A little subtle EQ can do wonders in your mix.

As I explain in the first lesson of my EQ Masterclass, EQ is similar to color correction in image editing.

Are Travel Photos REALLY that Beautiful?

When you look at a travel picture of some beautiful faraway fantasy island, you can bet that the picture has been color corrected.  The skies were not that blue and the trees were not that green.

But every magazine needs that "better than real life" look and color correction.  This is non-negotiable when you are trying to look professional.

EQ is the same way.  If you don't learn how to use it, you'll never get professional results.

How do the PROs use EQ?

If you've ever used the tone controls on a guitar amp or car stereo, you've used EQ. Simple to use Bass and Treble controls are a quick way to emphasize or diminish your low-end or high-end respectively.

But the PROS use EQ in much more powerful ways.

We use EQ to accentuate or attenuate parts of the frequency spectrum that we either want to highlight or hide.

There are high frequencies on vocals around 10 to 15KHz that shimmer and add some shine when accentuated in a mix. There are also nasally artifacts around 1K that if scooped out can improve a vocal.

EQ is simply locating the bands of frequencies that either help or detract from a particular sound source. Your job is to identify that band and boost or cut it...widely or narrowly.

Free EQ Chart & Cheat Sheet and Video Course

Because this is such a crucial fundamental in audio, I've put together an EQ Chart & Cheat Sheet that lists all the important frequencies that you need to be familiar with.

If you need to quickly know how to pull up EQ settings to make a kick drum pop or achieve a killer vocal then this is the resource you need.  It's part of the many free resources available in our free Backstage Area.

It's perfect for laminating or framing and displaying for constant reference in your home or project studio or at your live mixing console.

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