Why is there a painful gap between your home recordings and the radio?

In today's digital age Musicians have unlimited choices.

Recording equipment is now affordable and produces tracks that rival most professional recording studios. So why is it that your self-produced tracks don’t come through with that pro quality? Think about the difference between what you cut and what you hear on the radio.

Getting Un-Stuck

The musicians who get incredible results really struggle to figure it out. From overpaying and piecing together gear to binge watching YouTube training tutorials it’s clear people are frustrated.

The equipment makers won’t tell you the truth- their solution is to buy more gear- not learn how to use what you’ve already got.

When you work side by side with Micheal Jackson, Whitney, Phil Collins and Diana Ross one thing becomes crystal clear.

Without mastery your music will always sound amateurish.

Mind Blowing Results From Our Mic Test

We just completed a Microphone Shootout in the newest edition of our Ultimate Home Recording School.

Here is what happened:

First we recorded the identical 30-second phrase through 8 condenser vocal microphones.

home recording microphone blind test

We tested them all - had to throw in my personal favorite (costs under $100) way up to models like Shure, Manley, Neumann and even Sony's C-800G (try shelling out $10K for that bad boy).

Each mic went through the same preamp and recorder and here is what we discovered:

The results proved that there is almost no difference between the models that will set you back a few $100, vs a few thousand.

This happens over and over.  You hear “expensive gear” and think that it equals professional results.  

Simply not true.

The Home Recording Experience Video Course

Imagine being taught by a pro who's been in the studio with Whitney Houston.  A seasoned Audio Engineer who's taught hundreds of thousands of frustrated home recording enthusiasts like you.

The Home Recording Experience is a free Video Course that is now included in your exclusive Backstage Pass.

You'll learn how many of the things you've been taught are simply wrong.  You'll learn the best practices in home recording- following what pros use every day in Class A Studios throughout LA, New York and Nashville.

All the stuff that they teach in those expensive Audio Engineering courses at colleges like Berklee or Full Sail....without the $80,000 price tag.

Get Backstage Today

Inside the Pro Audio Backstage pass you'll get immediate access to the tools, techniques and training the pro’s use. You’ll find everything you need to close the gap between where your music is now and where we know you can take it.

Here is what’s inside…

+ Home Recording Experience
+ Live Sound Experience
+ EQ Frequency Chart (Free to Download)
+ Compression Chart (Free to Download)
+ Pro Audio Exp Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
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