What's the secret behind getting massive, lush vocals in your songs?

I've had a strange life.  I've had the privilege to mix and produce perhaps the best voice in pop history in Whitney Houston.

Trust me... you can't screw up a voice like Whitney's.

But I also produce Home Recordings with a very basic voice... my own.

You won't believe how amazing your vocal tracks can be

Recently I shared a song with my mate Dan that I had recorded.  It had over a dozen of my own vocal parts.  He couldn't believe how good they sounded.

We've been friends forever so he's heard me at a Karaoke party or two and knows that I'm an average singer at best.

So I pulled the session apart in my little home studio and you can quickly see how the sum is soooooo much better than the parts.

The trick to having huge, lush, fat vocals is how you arrange and produce them.

If you think just one vocal track is going to cut it...you're wrong

I remember going through some students' tracks many years ago at a seminar I did in San Francisco.

This one particular young lady had a great voice, but her tracks just sounded lackluster.  I asked her whether she comped her vocals and whether she had stacked her backing vocals.  

She looked at me like I was suddenly speaking a different language.

The Vocal Tricks used in every major Studio

From that conversation I realized that while everyone knows how to record an acoustic guitar and lead vocal, very few know how to produce killer vocal tracks.

I mean... very few.

Seems we get hung up on all the MIDI tracks, drum loops, synth tracks and forget about the most important thing in the mix...

The vocals!

Free Resources for Building Killer Vocals

Because vocals are so key to making your tracks shine, I've put together some great free resources in our Backstage Pass Area.

We've got some incredible videos that will open your eyes as to how to produce and arrange your vocals.

There's also an exclusive interview with Andrew Scheps, who won a Grammy for his work on Adele's 2012 Album of the Year, “21”.  It's part of the many free resources available in our free Backstage Area.

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