A-01: Roland’s New MIDI Controller and Tone Generator

In music production, controllers are a vital component, but it’s difficult at times picking the right one. Users would prefer a more flexible unit to handle all the MIDI and CV/GATE-equipped analog gear. What you need to do is to connect to the huge range of music-making apps for mobile devices. For today’s musicians who travel from gig to gig and from venue to venue, they need to be able to work on projects whenever the inspiration strikes.

The Roland A-01 meets all expectations – whether warming up backstage, controlling every element of an elaborate home studio setup, or creating original music from scratch, this controller and sound generator the top solution for any flexible composer.

At this year’s NAMM 2016, while it’s rather difficult to predict what Roland is going to do for the duration of the event, not many were expecting them displaying the A-01 for all to see.

The general idea of how anyone will use this is that it controls the MIDI and CV/Gate equipped analogue gear, and it’s bundled with its own 16-step sequencer. However, it also contains an 8-bit CPU sound generator and a built-in speaker. For optimal connections, it uses a standard MIDI I/O, USB MIDI so that users can the computer with the A-01, a wireless MIDI option via Bluetooth LE, and also a CV/Gate out.

While it’s not proven whether or not it’s officially part of the range, many have noticed that the A-01’s form factor is just as similar as that of the Roland Boutique or the Roland Boss modules, so it should come as no surprise to everyone that it’s compatible with the K-25m keyboard. Built-in assignable controller knobs and dual ribbon controllers are also included, while a USB/battery-powered compact metal chassis comes with the A-01.

The A-01 will be available in February priced at £309. For more information in regards to this product, simply log on to the Roland website.

  • Ultra-compact controller and sound generator
  • Highly portable for mobile music making
  • High-quality construction with metal front panel
  • Dual assignable ribbon controls for pitch bend, modulation, sound preview, CC, and more
  • MIDI over Bluetooth®
  • CV/GATE outputs for legacy analog/modular synthesizers
  • Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB bus-powered
  • 192×40 graphic LCD screen
  • Built-in 0.5 W mini-speaker for real-time sounds
  • Compatible with optional Roland K-25m mini-keyboard
  • Bundled package with K-25m keyboard dock (A-01K) is also available


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