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Discover how to transform your Home Recordings with Audio Engineer David Wills (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago)

Why Is Clear and Practical Home Recording Information So Tough To Find?

Is it just me, or do you agree that it’s become harder and harder to cut through all the noise on Youtube or other social media channels to find real, time-tested and practical information which will genuinely help you improve the quality of your home recordings?

Have you been endlessly searching video to video?  Trying to piece together all those little bits of information.

It won’t work.

It’s actually what's keeping you stuck and really frustrated...and probably the #1 reason why your music isn't getting better.  Figuring out what’s wrong with your home recordings can be really painful...if you listen to all the social media “experts".

The more videos you watch…the more confusing it becomes.  Which techniques truly matter...how do you figure it out?  Everyone has different ideas about what you should be doing, but none of it's actually working.

Does this sound familiar?

What if I told you that there's a clear path forward...one that will actually move the needle and massively improve the quality of your home recordings?

My name is David Wills and I’d like to teach you what hundreds of thousands of my students, in over 70 countries have learned.

People have fallen in love with home recording.  But do what do you think the reason is?  Why invest all your resources into gear and your time into learning recording skills?

And why spend endless hours digging through volumes of information on how to set-up, operate and master your home studio output?  Any ideas why?

The feeling.  The obvious answer.

You do it because the recordings you produce make you feel.  Music helps us create emotional connections and these feelings...the ones that only music can give us...are nearly impossible to put into words.

Do you remember the first time you heard a song and felt chills run up your spine and the tiny, little goosebumps creep up all over your arms?  Or when a vocal cut you right to the core...transporting you to a time or a place etched deep in your memory?

That is how powerful our music is.  And it’s why we are musicians.

So What’s The Missing Link Here? What’s The Gap?

The gap is simply this: do you know what you are doing, or are you just guessing and patching together the wrong info from too many of the wrong people?

To bridge the gap between a professional quality recording and the amateur and unpolished mixes that you are frustrated by, you need to stop guessing.

You need to know what the pro’s know....without spending $80K on a degree at Berklee or Full Sail.

Which is why…The Ultimate Home Recording School has been one of the top selling courses over the last decade, with tens of thousands of students in over 70 countries.

It was built for Musicians, Audio Engineers and people... just like you.. who want world class results with their home recordings.  

Introducing the Ultimate Home Recording School
(2nd Edition)

The Ultimate Home Recording School first launched in 2010 and today it’s in its 2nd edition.  It's recently been completely reshot and there have been many great updates to the training - including new HD videos on modern mixing techniques as well as a super helpful information on distributing your music on Apple Music, Spotify & all the others.

Stop buying new gear thinking that will solve the problem

You might be tempted to think that the latest boutique mic preamp is going to magically fix everything.  It won't.

We recently ran a "Microphone Shootout" were we tested several well know microphones from Neumann, Manley and even Sony's $10,000 C-800G up against our favorite model under $100.

It was shocking to hear how LITTLE difference there was between the models!

To be honest most equipment nowadays is excellent.  But your recordings still don't sound like what you hear on the radio.

The one thing that will move the needle...
knowing what the pros know!

The pros know stuff that you don't.  They work in A-List Studios in LA, Nashville and New York.  They have best practices.  They work from time tested principles.

These best practices are taught in $80,000 courses at Berklee and Full Sail.

And soon...you will know them too.

Lifetime Access + Unlimited Use

There are 8 training modules inside The Ultimate Home Recording School.  Hours of video content where I drill into techniques, strategies and ideas that I have learned from decades working side-by-side with artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and many others.

Once you complete this course, you’ll be confident at how to nail that perfect sounding track. You will become a master at recording, mixing and mastering your music.  You'll be armed with the every pro skills and the knowledge on how to tackle any recording issue you come up against...and you'll finally understand which techniques you need to overcome them

  • One-Time $197 Investment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Use
  • Complete Online Training Course
  • View On Demand on any Device

Leveraging Experience

The Ultimate Home Recording School is a complete Video Course with 8 Modules which take you from a complete newbie to a Home Recording Expert.

Leveraging the experience of Instructor David Wills' professional experience working with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago and Diana Ross...and his experience designing and building project studios in Hollywood for some of the most famous musicians in the world, this is your one stop ticket to solving your home recording problems once and for all.

We've helped thousands of Musicians, Audio Engineers and Music Producers just like you to...

  • Design and build their dream home studio
  • Choose the exact right gear
  • Discover how to record killer vocals
  • Build mixes that pop
  • Eliminate harsh or muddy mixes
  • Edit their tracks to perfection
  • Polish their mixes with modern mastering tools
  • Unlock the perfect workflow for tracking
  • Create world class mixes

"David's videos are the best I've ever seen...they are clear and concise and essential viewing"

(Recording Artist and Electronic Music Pioneer)


The Ultimate Home Recording School is a complete, proven, step-by-step method to teach everything you'd learn in an expensive Audio Engineering School ... without the $80,000 price tag


Introduction to exactly what Home Recording is and what the history of it has been.  You'll discover the basic flow of Audio from start to finish and how the Gear/Knowledge Gap has prevented you from succeeding in your Studio.

  • Introduction
  • What makes up a home studio
  • The Gear/Knowledge Gap
  • Why New Equipment won't save you
  • Your Teacher
  • A Brief History Of Recording


In this module, we'll reveal EXACTLY what you need in your Home or Project Studio.  With so many brands and options, this module will lead you step-by-step through how to make gear choices that make all the difference.

  • Hardware vs. Software
  • Questions for Hardware Studios
  • Questions for Software Studios
  • Software Instruments
  • Using Keyboard Controllers
  • Using Control Surfaces
  • Inputs & Outputs
  • Acoustics


If you've ever wanted to master the tech terms like dBs, Hertz, frequency ranges, balanced and unbalances lines without spending months in a $80,000 College level Audio Engineering Course, this module is for you.

  • The 3 Characteristics of Sound
  • Levels
  • Frequencies
  • Physics
  • Decibels
  •  - dBs SPL (Sound Pressure Levels)
  •  - dBs Signal Levels
  • Understanding Hertz
  • The Frequency Spectrum
  • Physics of Sound and Phase
  • The 3 Rules of Recording
  •  - Capture it Clean
  •  - Get the Best Possible Signal to Noise Ratio
  •  - Isolate the Sound
  • Digital Audio 101
  • Isolating Vocals
  • Review


Now that we've mastered what sound is, we can go about the process of tracking performances and getting clean takes through gain staging, microphones choices and placement.  See how to record vocals, guitars, VIs and drums.

  • What's the Objective?
  • Microphone Types
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Vocal Condenser Microphones
  • Addressing Microphones
  • Recording Vocals
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Proximity Effect
  • Dealing with Plosives
  • Dealing with Sibilants
  • Setting Levels
  • Recording Acoustic Guitars
  • Recording Electric Guitars
  • Recording Drums 
  •  - 2-Mic Technique
  •  - Full Kit Technique 
  • Acoustics
  • Punching In
  • Vocal Comping
  • Bouncing/Freezing Tracks
  • Editing Tracks
  • Snap to Grid
  • Flying Vocals
  • Editing MIDI Tracks
  • Review


Discover the palette of effects available to you, how they work and most importantly how to use them in a mix.  From dynamic effects like compression, limiters & gates, to traditional effects like delays & reverbs...this module is a must.

  • Effect Types
  • Effect Routing
  • Routing in Reason
  • Routing in Logic
  • Routing in Pro Tools
  • Dynamic Effects
  •  - Compressors
  •  - Limiters
  •  - Noise Gates
  • EQ
  • Time Based Effects (Reverb and Delay) 
  • Modulation Effects
  •  - Chorus
  •  - Flanger
  •  - Phaser 
  •  - Tremolo
  •  - Pitch Shifting
  •  - Split Harmonizer 
  •  - Autotune (Pitch Correction)
  •  - Time Correction
  • Printing Effects
  • Review


In this module, you'll look over the shoulder of David Wills as he builds a Mix from absolute scratch.  With closeup graphics that show exactly how to EQ and compress everything from Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Drums.

  • The Mixdown Process
  • The Mixing Landscape
  • Placing Elements
  • Spreading across the Stereo Spectrum
  • Moving Elements back in the Mix
  • The Genre Drives the Mix
  • Mixing Styles
  • Who is the Star in the Mix?
  • What can we do?
  • Subgroups and VCAs/DCAs
  • The 3 Steps of Mixing
  • Organizing your Tracks
  • Building a Rough Mix
  • Vocal Double
  • EQing Vocals
  • EQing other Tracks
  • Compressing Tracks
  • Adding Reverb and Delay
  • Using Automation
  • Importance of Monitors
  • Monitor Placement
  • Using Mixing Templates
  • Review


Once your Mix is complete, your song is not yet done.  Learning how to maximize signal levels with multiband compression, global EQ and stereo imaging separates your songs from so many others that just sound...amateur.

  • Mastering in the past
  • Loudness Wars
  • Visual Example of Loud Mix
  • Mastering Tools
  • Mastering in Reason
  • Mastering in Pro Tools
  • Mastering in Logic
  • Multiband Compression
  • Mastering Options
  • Exporting and Archiving
  • Final Distribution
  • Graduation!


Now that you have a perfectly crafted song you need to archive it properly...but more importantly share it with the world.  Discover the right formats and how to share your masterpiece on Apple Music, Spotify & all the others.

  • Preparing for Distribution
  • Bitrates and Resolution
  • Metadata
  • Choosing your Platforms


"This course covers everything you would ever need to know about home recording.  Where else can you look over the shoulder of a master audio engineer who's worked with Michael Jackson and Whitney and have him lead you step by step through your Home Recording setup? Absolute BARGAIN!"


(Los Angeles, CA - USA)


David Wills has worked at the highest levels with some of the biggest acts in the world.  He was even in the studio when Whitney Houston recorded one of the biggest hits of all time "I Will Always Love You".  Apart from working professionally, David also operates a small project studio in his home in Denver, Colorado.


David Wills has worked in the professional world since 1989 designing studios in Hollywood and working on all the major awards shows (Grammys, Oscars, Billboard Awards and American Music Awards).

Professional credits include...

  • Whitney Houston
  • Michael Jackson
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Chicago
  • Grammys, Oscars


David Wills produced his first courses on VHS tapes way back in 1995 and has created over 70 courses for Roland, Tascam, Korg, Presonus, Midas under ProAudioEXP and the former brand ProAudioDVDs.

Some notable facts...

  • Over 10 Million Views
  • Over 200,000 Customers
  • Over 70 Courses
  • In Business since 1995
  • Live Seminars in NY
  • Live Seminars in LA

Proud partner with these trusted brands...



If you love to record your own music but have been overwhelmed with the tasks of learning the lingo, putting all the equipment together and how to create a finished product that you can be proud of...this course is for you.


If you want to become an Audio Engineer either for yourself or as a profession to help others, this is a great starting point before spending $80,000 on a 2 or 4 year course at Full Sail or Berklee.


If you want to add a solid foundational understanding of audio engineering to your creative skills as a music producer, the Ultimate Home Recording School is your ticket.


If you aspire to open your own studio as a new income stream, this course will not only give you the skills to produce great recordings, but inspire you to create a new part or full time business out of your home studio.


"In my opinion, anyone aspiring to tread the sometimes rocky path of recording, whether at home or as an entry into the more professional side, should not be without this great instructional tool.  Thanks mate, from someone who’s been playing and trying to record stuff for over 40 years."


(Lismore, Australia)


Your Ultimate Home Recording School come with 6 valuable bonuses including our Famous Microphone Shootout, Test Tones and Source Files to practice along with as you progress through the course.


In our Famous Microphone Shootout, we compare 7 Legendary Microphones from Shure, Manly, Neumann and Sony costing up to $10,000.  You'll be blown away with David's favorite Secret Microphone that stands up to the Big Boys and costs under $100!


Can you quickly identify 315Hz? 1.25kHz? Master your ear training by quickly identifying any tone. Play them through your system through any connected iPad or smartphone.  Run Pink/White noise through your system and check phase and other potential problems.


Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer who has worked with Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Greenday and Metallica.  In this exclusive interview, Andrew discusses how to record and mix vocals in the manner that has kept him one of the busiest engineers in the world.


Patrick Dune has built a dream Commercial Studio in his basement.  With custom built acoustic treatments, vocal and drum booths and a killer control room, listen to how Patrick put this all together and avoid the pitfalls of not doing it right.


In this exclusive interview Clark Hagan (Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer) who has studied under Elvis' long time Engineer, reveals his mixing secrets for getting great drum, guitar and vocal sounds using analog gear and modern plugins.


Imagine turning your Home Studio into a Money Maker.  Nick Pelc has done just that.  From humble beginnings using a Tascam 2488 to a complete commercial studio in his basement, Nick talks about the business side of turning your hobby into a bankable side income.


Host David Wills has worked with Diana Ross, Chicago, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind & Fire and helped thousands just like you.


A single one time investment allows you to view this course over and over as you build your Home Recording skills.


We know you'll love the course, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


What exactly does the Ultimate Home Recording School cover?

The Ultimate Home Recording School is designed to be a complete course to move your recordings from the field of amateur to professional. It begins by teaching you the same skills that are taught at $80K multi-year degrees then progresses to show you exactly how professional recordings are made at a pace that you can follow along. From selecting and positioning microphones, to advanced recording techniques like comping, editing and mixing, the course will dramatically elevate the quality of your music.

How do I know you're the right person to teach me?

While there are many "experts" on Youtube and various forums, very few have had the experience that David Wills has had in both the professional world and the sheer number of students that we've worked with. David has worked at the highest levels in the professional world with Phil Collins, Earth, Wind & Fire, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Chicago. But he's also helped hundreds of thousands of students in over 70 courses we've produced since 1995.

Is there a monthly charge?

No! Just a single one-time investment that's less than the cost of your average microphone.

What if I have questions and need help?

You can contact us anytime through the little support widget in the lower right hand corner of this page (or anywhere on ProAudioEXP.com). We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. We also have a Facebook Group where you can get help from other students.

What if I'm a beginner? Will I still be able to follow along?

We LOVE beginners! Over the last 20+ years since we have been training hundreds of thousands of students, we have developed a method for bringing complete beginners up to speed with the intermediates and experts. We assume you know nothing as we get started with Module 1 (Introduction) and progress from there. Of course the great benefit of this being an online course versus an in person course is that you can move at your own pace.

How is this course difference from what else is available?

Since we first launched the first edition of the Home Recording School back in 2010, we have seen a massive gap between what people needed and what was available. It seemed that the only choices were to somehow piece together a million opinions on forums, Youtube or stale books on Amazon, or spend 80K on a professional audio degree at a four year college like Berklee or Full Sail. The Ultimate Home Recording School is your one-stop solution that's been proven to get the results your music deserves.

Will I get permanent access to the course online?

Yes! Once you complete your purchase an online account is automatically created for you and you have access to it forever.

What if I purchase the training then decide it’s not for me?

No problem! If you don't think that this is the best training available on Home Recording, then simply contact us within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your entire investment. You have nothing to lose- Zero Risk!


All out courses come with a "No-Worries" 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The best part about The Ultimate Home Recording School is that you don’t have to wait months or years before seeing results.

Got a song you’ve been struggling to perfect and you just can’t seem to get it over that last hump?

See if you can use the strategies and techniques inside the Ultimate Home Recording School to nail it down and finally be proud of what you’ve produced.

As long as you have a passion for creating new music chances are you’ll have DOZENs of opportunities to apply what you’ve learned inside Ultimate Home Recording School.

You’ll find yourself relying on the videos and watching them over again when you need just that little piece of advice that will dramatically shape how your song turns out.

And if for whatever reason you don’t feel like you are any closer to perfecting and mastering your home recordings after going through the course, simply contact us within 30 days and I’ll send back every dollar.   


If you have read this far, you owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions...

What if just one idea in the Ultimate Home Recording School helps you finally breakthrough and begin producing the music you always thought was out of your reach?

What if just one idea in the Ultimate Home Recording School helps you turn your amateur and unpolished mixes into tracks you're excited and passionate about?

What if just one idea in the Ultimate Home Recording School helps you build the confidence to record and share your music so others can be inspired?

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime of recording excellent music that you can be proud of.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t miss your chance to finally start creating the music you've been dreaming about.  


Simply click on the button below and you'll be taken to the payment page.  Enter your details and you'll be sent an email with your login information where you can get started in the course and view all the modules and view/download all the bonuses.


We know you'll love our courses, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
The Complete Package

This is a great overall course:and let's you know what you need to do to get a great home recording. warning once you are done you will want to order some of the master classes lol

Ultimate Home Recording Studio\ EXCELLENT

David makes learning fun and entertaining, and is easy to understand even for a beginner as myself. Highly informative and enlightening, its like having a pro in my studio.
No more unfulfilled searches on the internet & Youtube. Everything you need right at your finger tips that you can reference anytime saving you time, money and frustration.
Highly recommended, definitely a bargain.

Excellent course!

David is easy to listen to, really knows his stuff, and does a great job of breaking down and explaining the information. I’m only part way through the course, so this may become a 5-star rating. If you’re on the fence, get the course; it’s worth it.

Thanx David

Wasn't quite ready for a Berklee course on home recording, especially financially, so i was happy to find Dave's course on line. I got a Tascam SD 24, and just picked up a Zoom field recorder. I'm doing mostly guitar recording for practice and eventual composition, so I was really happy to see Dave navigate the SD 24; also the Home Recording videos are excellent for filling any gaps on SOUND and how to best capture it on digital. He offers an excellent complimentary overview in relation to Phil Tippings excellent videos (shout out to Phil Tipping for breaking the ice and showing us his passion for recording for FREEEEE!). Thank you David. I would only suggest that you go deeper into the theory without losing us; we will catch up any way we can...frequencies, wavelenths, surfing on crests and troughs and how to compress the recording for max quality, etc. Give us the nuts and bolts David, that is what we paid for. Cheers Mate! Keep up the good work! MUSIC SWEET MUSIC I WISH I COULD CARESS CARESS, still the best cure for this manic depression!

Ultimate Home Recording School by James Lewis

This is a great start to learn home recording. A must class to do. This is my 3rd class with David Wills from ProAudioExp. The first was the BOSS BR-600. The 2nd was the BOSS GT-10. David is a great instructor. I can't wait to do the next class. The prices are amazing. The extra interviews and cheat sheets are great tools.

Easy to understand and follow.

Those that have a knack for plowing forward will appreciate this and David's other tutorials. Without spending a great deal of time in the detail that only confuse, the emphasis is on the basics, getting things up and running. Most of what is left out of his tutorials are tings one will answer oneself as the need and understanding arises. Why give an answer to a question we yet don't have? Great work and very responsive to questions. He actually returns emails and phone calls promptly.

Best Audio Production Beginner to Pro

I decided to pick this course as a way to pursue my passion, and it has not disappointed me. I feel very much equipped; the simplicity and yet the much depth will start your journey into becoming a great audio engineer; thanks David for creating this package!

The Awesome Sauce Of All Things Audio

I am amazed by the clarity that David brings to the complicated world of audio engineering. Every video is a joy to watch—all the technical information, packaged in a way that is easy to understand. I recommend any of his videos! He is a wonderful teacher, superb presenter, and I perceive that he would be a great friend by his demeanor. Thank you, David, for demystifying the world of audio engineering to an old guy who has “ran” sound for years without the ability to teach others why I did what I did while mixing for the churches I’ve served.

Ultimate Home Recording Course

Great course for beginners and intermediates. Dave’s teaching style is focused, easily understood and not too technical. Highly recommended for anyone delving into home recording. Enjoy!

Ultimate Home Recording School

I found David's approach to be down to earth and casual. His explanations and examples cut through the confusion and make recording less like work, and more like an enjoyable journey to discover what a person is capable of. I've already ordered two more courses.


If you have any questions, please drop us a line using the little blue "widget" in the bottom right hand corner of this page.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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