Ultimate Home Recording School
Ultimate Home Recording SchoolUltimate Home Recording SchoolUltimate Home Recording SchoolUltimate Home Recording SchoolUltimate Home Recording SchoolUltimate Home Recording School

Discover the art of music production.

Pro Audio EXP's Premium Home Recording Training.  

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Welcome to Pro Audio EXP’s Premium Home Recording Training.  Your ticket to an experience that will finally give you pro results in your own home or project studio.

Meet your Instructor: David Wills. 

Over the last two decades David has trained hundreds of thousands of musicians how to overcome their struggle with getting professional results from a home studio. David learned how to master professional audio engineering as he worked behind the scenes for artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and more.


In this class you will discover how to design, build and run a home or project studio all in a clear and practical style.

Learn at your own pace and interact with your instructor by submitting your questions and getting personal feedback as you go.


David Wills Guides You Through Each Step Of Setting Up Your Home Studio And Finally Getting That Pro Sound

1: Introduction

Introduction to exactly what Home Recording is and what the history of it has been. You'll discover the basic flow of Audio from start to finish and how the Gear/Knowledge Gap has prevented you from succeeding in your Studio.

2: Equipping your Studio

In this Module we'll reveal EXACTLY what you need in your Home or Project Studio. With so many brands, models and options, this part of the course will lead you step by step through how to make gear choices that make all the difference.

3: What is Sound?

If you've ever wanted to master the tech terms like dBs, Hertz, frequency ranges, balanced and unbalances lines without spending months in a $80,000 College level Audio Engineering Course, this module is for you.

4: Recording

Now that we've mastered what sound is, we can go about the process of tracking performances and getting clean takes through gain staging, microphones choices and placement. See how to record vocals, guitars, VIs and drums.

5: Effects

Discover the palette of effects available to you, how they work and most importantly how to use them in a mix. From dynamic effects like compression, limiters & gates, to traditional effects like delays & reverbs...this module is a must.

6: Mixing

In this module, you'll literally look over the shoulder of David Wills as he builds a Mix from absolute scratch. With closeup graphics that show exactly how to EQ and compress everything from Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Drums.

7: Mastering

Once your Mix is complete, your song is not yet done. Learning how to maximize signal levels with multiband compression, global EQ and stereo imaging separates your songs from so many others that just sound...amateur.

8: Distributing your Music

Now that you have a perfectly crafted song you need to archive it properly...but more importantly share it with the world. Discover the right formats to export and how to share your masterpiece on AppleTunes, Spotify & all the others.


BONUS # 1 : Microphone Shootout

In our Famous Microphone Shootout, we compare 7 Legendary Microphones from Shure, Manly, Neumann and Sony costing up to $10,000. You'll be blown away with David's favorite Secret Microphone that stands up to the Big Boys and costs under $100!

BONUS # 2 : Test Tones for Ear Training

Can you quickly identify 315Hz? 1.25kHz? Master your ear training by quickly identifying any tone in our practice palette. Play them through your system through any connected iPad, tablet or smartphone. Send Pink and White noise through your system and check phase and other potential problems.

BONUS # 3 : Grammy Winner Andrew Scheps Interview

Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer who has worked with Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Greenday and Metallica. In this exclusive interview, Andrew discusses how to record and mix vocals in the manner that has kept him one of the busiest engineers in the world.

BONUS # 4 : Building a Pro Studio-Patrick Dune

Patrick Dune has built a dream Commercial Studio in his basement. With custom built acoustic treatments, vocal and drum booths and a killer control room, listen to how Patrick put this all together and avoid the pitfalls of not doing it right. Fascinating Interview!

BONUS # 5 : Grammy Winner Clark Hagan Interview

In this exclusive Interview Clark Hagan (Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer) who has studied under Elvis's long time Engineer, reveals his mixing secrets for getting great drum, guitar and vocal sounds using analog gear and modern plugins..

BONUS # 6 : Making Money with your Studio

Imagine turning your Home Studio into a Money Maker. Nick Pelc has done just that. From humble beginnings using a Tascam 2488 to a complete commercial studio in his basement, Nick talks about the business side of turning your hobby into a bankable side income.


"This course covers everything you would ever need to know about home recording.  Where else can you look over the shoulder of a master audio engineer who's worked with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and have him lead you step by step through your Home Recording setup? Absolute BARGAIN!" 

Paul Reynolds
(Los Angeles, CA)

In my opinion, anyone aspiring to tread the sometimes rocky path of recording, whether at home or as an entry into the more professional side, should not be without this great instructional tool. Thanks mate, from someone who’s been playing and trying to record stuff for over 40 years.

Malcolm Gladstone
(Lismore, NSW, Australia)



We know you are going to love our training. Sometimes things happen- you have the right to change your mind. 

All we ask is that you watch the videos before you decide. Then if you need to reach us please email us at refunds@proaudioexp.com and we will promptly issue your full refund within the first 30 days only.


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