Ultimate Guitar Tone School
Ultimate Guitar Tone SchoolUltimate Guitar Tone SchoolUltimate Guitar Tone SchoolUltimate Guitar Tone SchoolUltimate Guitar Tone SchoolUltimate Guitar Tone School

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Welcome to Pro Audio EXP’s Premium Guitar Tone Training.  Your ticket to an experience that will finally give you pro results in your Guitar Rig.

Meet your Instructor: David Wills. 

This is what happens when you get a dream collection of Guitar, Amps and Pedals in a studio and have the world's top experts pull apart all the iconic tones in guitar history and show you how they are all put together.

Learn EXACTLY how Guitar Tone is made. How Pickup Placement, Valve Choices, Effects Order and a myriad of other parts of your signal chain create the Guitar Tone that you crave. With HD Graphics and Animation to show you what's happening inside your signal chain...you'll never be left guessing at how to create the epic tone that's in your head.

James "Rooster" Olson zeros in on EXACTLY how to get the Iconic Tones that have eluded you for years. Working from a monster pallete of Guitars, Amps & Effects (as well as <$500 basic Strats, Teles and Epiphone guitars), Rooster shows you the workarounds to get you the tones of Brian May, Keith Richards, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King, Eric Johnson, Brent Mason, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Setzer, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry and Billy Gibbons.


The surefire way to master every facet of guitar tone from pickups, effects, amps and rig design.  an entire encyclopedia of guitar tone.

1: Introduction

In the introduction we'll learn about the relatively short history of the electric guitar.  We'll see an overview of the entire course and all the variables in the signal chain from pickup to speaker.

2: What is Tone?

Have you ever considered exactly what tone is?  In this module you'll discover exactly how tone is produced including how distortion produces odd and even order harmonics that sound so good.

3: Guitars

Have you ever wanted to hear a wide variety of modern and classic guitars?  In this module we break down exactly what makes each Strat, Tele, Les Paul, Semi Acoustic and Lipstick guitar work.

4: Amps

Ever wondered exactly how Guitar Amps work?  In this module you'll see a tube amp built form the ground up and understand exactly how precise gain staging gets you the sound you crave.

5: Speakers/Mics

Matching impedance in series and parallel.  Miking up amps.  Blending and positioning microphones are all covered in this module.

6: Effects

Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz. Compressors & Noise Gates. Flangers. Phasers. Chorus. Tremolo/Vibrato. Rotary. Ring Modulators. Wah-wah. Pitch Shifters.  Delays. Reverb. Loopers. Effect Order. Buffers.

7: Rigs

In this module you'll discover every type of rig that's out there.  Pedalboard design. True Bypass. Loopers. Effect Loops. 4-Wire Setup. Wet-Dry Rigs. Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs.

8: Iconic Tones

After everything we've learned in the course we can now easily build the iconic tones for every decade.  From BB King to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Hendrix to Clapton. Van Halen to Brian May


BONUS # 1 : Paul Jackson Jr. (American Idol, Tonight Show) Interview

Paul Jackson Jr. is one of the most recorded session guitarists in history.  We talk to him about how he is able to nail down a dozen different tones a night in the house band on the Tonight Show and American Idol.

BONUS # 2 : Bob Bailey (BOSS) Interview

Bob Bailey is the Head Honcho at BOSS pedals.  We caught up with him at one of Hollywood's most legendary rehearsal studios to get the low down on correct pedal order and some of the secrets inside some of the most popular BOSS pedals.

BONUS # 3 : Grammy Winner Andrew Scheps Interview

Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer who has worked with some of the hottest guitar heavy acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Greenday and Metallica. In this exclusive interview, Andrew discusses how to record and mix guitars in the manner that has kept him one of the busiest engineers in the world.

BONUS # 4 : Brandon Montgomery (Bludotone) Interview

Brandon Montgomery is a highly sought after amp designer who makes high end boutique amps for Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson and many others.  He breaks down the exact methods that each classic amp breaks up and gives you a panoramic view of amps through the decades.  

BONUS # 5 : Mike Matthews (Electroharmonix) Interview

Mike Matthews is the founder of Electroharmonix who some call the father of the effects pedal.  Hear the backstory of how Electroharmonix got its start and even a story or two about Jimmy Hendrix.

BONUS # 6 : John Pisani (Electroharmonix) Interview

John Pisani is the Chief Engineer at Electroharmonx.  Get the inside scoop about how some of your most favorite effects pedals got their start and how to get some breakthrough sounds on your pedal board.


"As usual, David exceeds all expectations on the guitar tone course and addresses any questions in advance through coherent, logical answers that are applicable to the topics discussed. He also has some of the best experts in the field talk about what's important - whether it's amplification or types of guitar/pickups needed to get the sound a user is looking for...Great work by a master of the art. Thanks David Wills"

Tom Dauphin - Glendale, AZ

"This is the 7th course I have purchased from David and I have been impressed every time with the clarity and thoroughness that he has been able to deliver through his courses.

I have been a musician for 40+ years but I learn new things with every course that I have purchased. Thank you for the work that you do!"

David Schutt - Mooresville, NC



We know you are going to love our training. Sometimes things happen- you have the right to change your mind. 

All we ask is that you watch the videos before you decide. Then if you need to reach us please email us at refunds@proaudioexp.com and we will promptly issue your full refund within the first 30 days only.


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