Get KILLER Guitar Tone like the Pros

Everything you need to get Killer Guitar Tone and model classic tones from Hendrix to Clapton with David Wills (Phil Collins, Toto, Michael Jackson, Chicago)

So many Guitars, Amps and Stomp Boxes!  How do you get tones like the Pros?

Hi...I’m David Wills, a professional audio engineer and teacher and also the founder of ProAudioEXP.

I've been a guitarist for most of my life and probably much like you...half of my life is devoted to playing the guitar and the other half is devoted to fiddling with all the pedals, amps and speaker configurations in search of the perfect tone.

Either I'm looking to emulate a classic tone from Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page...or I'm trying to come up with a brand new tone to fit into a song that I'm working on.

With so many combinations of guitars, pickups, amps, tubes, speakers, distortions, fuzzes, overdrives, choruses, delays and every new pedal that comes out from some new boutique shop...it's almost impossible to master how they all fit together.

I mean...how exactly do they all work and how do the pros combine them to get killer guitar tone?

We gathered over $200,000 of vintage and cutting edge guitars, amps and pedals and went to work!

In one of the most fun experiences of putting together training courses, we brought nearly a quarter million dollars worth of the finest guitars and gear into our studios for one reason and one reason only.

To explain how every part of your guitar tone chain works and how to combine them to get killer tone.

We know that it's frustrating trying to piece together your dream guitar setup.  It seem like everyone has to come to grips with the same problems.

  • What's the correct way to set up the order of your pedals?
  • How do you choose the right guitar and pickups for the job?
  • How do you set your amps up to emulate the classic tones?
  • What tubes give you a Hendrix tone?  A Jimmy Page tone?
  • What's the difference between, overdrive, distortion and fuzz?
  • How do you reverse engineer your favorite U2 guitar tone?
  • What's the whole deal with gain structure and tube overdrive?

Introducing the Ultimate Guitar Tone School

The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is a complete Encyclopedia of Guitar Tone designed to give you a ticket to an experience that is difficult if not impossible to get anywhere else.

A single place to hear each and every part of your guitar tone signal chain broken down into their individual elements so that you can emulate any tone you wish.

An online library of video modules that take you on a tour of the decades of guitar masters and how tones have been built by Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Keith Richards and Eddie Van Halen.

Guitars x Pickups x Amps x Effects = MILLIONS of combinations
How do the pros set it all up?

With the help of master Guitar Tone Historian James "Rooster" Olson, we go decade by decade though every stage of rock history and reverse engineer exactly how to re-create any classic tone from your favorite guitar heroes.

Once you see exactly how the tones are built up, you can use the tools you already have to put them together.

A "backstage pass" to the pros who shape Guitar Tone.

Included in the Ultimate Guitar Tone School are interviews with working professionals who are shaping today's guitar tones.

Paul Jackson Jr. (Legendary Session Player and Guitarist for Tonight Show & American Idol Band) .

Andrew Scheps (Grammy Winning Engineer - U2, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath)

Mike Matthews (President - ElectroHarmonix and Effect Pedal Pioneer)

Bob Bailey (Head Honcho at BOSS Pedals US)

Brandon Montgomery (Boutique Amp Maker to the Stars - Santana, Eric Johnson)

John Pisani (Chief Engineer - ElectroHarmonix)

Lifetime Access + Unlimited Use

The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is a vast online course designed to teach you everything you need to know about the history of guitar tone and how to use that knowledge to create your own signature tone.

Working from a monster palette of Guitars, Amps & Effects (as well as <$500 basic Strats, Teles and Epiphone guitars), we show you the workarounds to get you the tones of Brian May, Keith Richards, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King, Eric Johnson, Brent Mason, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Setzer, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry and Billy Gibbons.

  • One-Time $197 Investment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Use
  • Complete Online Training Course
  • View On Demand on any Device

Leveraging Experience

The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is a complete Video Course with 8 Modules which take you from a complete newbie to a Guitar Tone Expert.

Leveraging the experience of Instructor David Wills' professional experience working on huge world tours such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Chicago and Toto...and James "Rooster" Olson and his experience designing pedalboards for the likes of Joe Perry with Aerosmith, this is your one stop ticket to fixing your guitar tone problems forever.

"These videos are a must...David makes complex concepts fun to learn. I highly recommend them"

(Grammy Winner with Eric Clapton, Sting, Daft Punk)


The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is a complete, proven, step-by-step method to teach everything you need to know about getting the guitar tone of your dreams.


In the introduction we'll learn about the relatively short history of the electric guitar.  We'll see an overview of the entire course and all the variables in the signal chain from pickup to speaker.

  • Breakdown of course subjects
  • History of the Electric Guitar
  • Variables in Signal Chain


Have you ever considered exactly what tone is?  In this module you'll discover exactly how tone is produced including how distortion produces odd and even order harmonics that sound so good.

  • What is Sound?
  • Understanding Standing Waves
  • Understanding Harmonics 
  • Nodes and Antinodes
  • Harmonic Content on Guitar String
  • Harmonics produced by Distortion
  • Understanding Modulation


Have you ever wanted to hear a wide variety of modern and classic guitars?  In this module we break down exactly what makes each Strat, Tele, Les Paul, Semi Acoustic and Lipstick guitar work.

  • Main Guitar Types
  • Pickup Demonstrations (all positions)
  •  - Fender Stratocaster
  •  - Fender Telecaster
  •  - Epiphone Les Paul
  •  - Epiphone 335 Dot
  •  - 1967 Gretsch with FilterTrons
  •  - 1961 Fender Jazzmaster
  •  - 2007 Duesenberg Starplayer TV
  •  - 1969 Gibson Les Paul with Lollar Imperials
  • Guitar Controls
  • Guitar Woods
  • Necks
  • Scale Length
  • Pickup Placement
  • MIDI Pickups


Ever wondered exactly how Guitar Amps work?  In this module you'll see a tube amp built from the ground up and understand exactly how precise gain staging gets you the sound you crave.

  • Overview
  • DIY "Lamington" Tube Amp
  • How do Tube Amps work?
  • Tone Stacks
  • Reading Schematics
  • Building the "Lamington" Tube Amp
  • Gain Staging
  •  - Fenders
  •  - Marshalls
  •  - Hi Gain
  • Amp Effects Loops
  • Amp Switching


Matching impedance in series and parallel.  Miking up amps. Blending and positioning microphones (both dynamic and ribbons) are all covered in this module.

  • OverviewSpecifications
  • Series/Parallel
  • Impedance Matching
  • Miking up Amps
  • Microphone Positions and Blending
  • Using Dynamic Mics
  • Using Ribbon Mics


Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz. Compressors & Noise Gates. Flangers. Phasers. Chorus. Tremolo/Vibrato. Rotary. Ring Modulators. Wah-wah. Pitch Shifters. Delays. Reverb. Loopers. Effect Order. Buffers.

  • OverviewGain (Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz)
  • Dynamics (Compressors & Noise Gates)
  • Flangers
  • Phasers
  • Chorus
  • Tremolo/Vibrato
  • Rotary Speaker Emulators
  • Ring Modulators
  • Wah-wah
  • EQs
  • Pitch Shifters 
  • Delays
  • Slapback
  • Rockabilly
  • Ping-pong
  • Patterned
  • Reverb
  • Loopers
  • Effect Order
  • Buffers


In this module you'll discover every type of rig that's out there. Pedalboard design. True Bypass. Loopers. Effect Loops. 4-Wire Setup. Wet-Dry Rigs. Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs.

  • Overview
  • Pedalboard Design
  • True Bypass
  • Loopers
  • Effect Loops
  • 4-Wire Setup
  • Wet-Dry Rigs
  • Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs


After everything we've learned in the course we can now easily build the iconic tones for every decade. From BB King to SRV. Hendrix to Clapton. Van Halen to Brian May.

  • Fender Era
  •  - Chuck Berry
  •  - BB King
  •  - Keith Richards
  •  - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  •  - Brian Setzer
  •  - Brent Mason
  • Marshall Era
  •  - Jimmy Hendrix
  •  - Eric Clapton
  •  - Jimmy Page
  •  - Joe Perry
  •  - Billy Gibbons
  •  - Slash
  • High-Gain Era
  •  - Eddie Van Halen
  •  - Randy Rhoades
  •  - Zakk Wylde
  •  - Eric Johnson
  • Vox Era
  •  - Gretsch / Vox Combo
  •  - Duesenberg / Vox Combo
  •  - Brian May


"As usual, David exceeds all expectations on the guitar tone course and addresses any questions in advance through coherent, logical answers that are applicable to the topics discussed."

"He also has some of the best experts in the field talk about what's important, whether it's amplification or types of guitar/pickups needed to get the sound a user is looking for...Great work by a master of the art. Thanks David Wills"


(Glendale, AZ - USA)


David Wills has worked at the highest levels on world tours and produced over 70 courses for industry leaders such as Roland, BOSS, Tascam, Behringer, Presonus and Korg.


David Wills has worked in the professional world since 1989 designing studios in Hollywood and working on all the major awards shows (Grammys, Oscars, Billboard Awards and American Music Awards).

Professional credits include...

  • Phil Collins
  • Diana Ross
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Chicago
  • Grammys, Oscars


David Wills produced his first courses on VHS tapes way back in 1995 and has created over 70 courses for Roland, Tascam, Korg, Presonus, Midas under ProAudioEXP and the former brand ProAudioDVDs.

Some notable facts...

  • Over 10 Million Views
  • Over 200,000 Customers
  • Over 70 Courses
  • In Business since 1995
  • Live Seminars in NY
  • Live Seminars in LA

Proud partner with these trusted brands...


"This is the 7th course I have purchased from David and I have been impressed every time with the clarity and thoroughness that he has been able to deliver through his courses.

I have been a musician for 40+ years but I learn new things with every course that I have purchased. Thank you for the work that you do!"


(Mooresville, NC - USA)


Apart from the 8 modules that form the foundation of the Ultimate Guitar Tone School, your login also includes over $200 in valuable bonuses.


Paul Jackson Jr. is one of the most recorded session guitarists in history.  We talk to him about how he's been able to nail down a dozen different tones a night in the house band on the Tonight Show and American Idol.


Bob Bailey is the Head Honcho at BOSS pedals.  We caught up with him at one of Hollywood's most legendary rehearsal studios to get the low down on correct pedal order and some of the secrets inside some of the most popular BOSS pedals.


Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer who has worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Greenday and Metallica.  In this exclusive interview, Andrew discusses how to record and mix guitars in the manner that has kept him one of the busiest engineers in the world.


Brandon Montgomery is a highly sought after amp designer who makes high end boutique amps for Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson and many others.  He breaks down the exact methods that each classic amp breaks up and gives you a panoramic view of amps through the decades.


Mike Matthews is the founder of Electroharmonix who some call the father of the effects pedal.  Hear the backstory of how Electroharmonix got its start and even a story or two about Jimmy Hendrix.


John Pisani is the Chief Engineer at Electroharmonix. Get the inside scoop about how some of your most favorite effects pedals got their start and how to get some breakthrough sounds on your pedal board.


This is what happens when you get over $200,000 of Guitar, Amps and Pedals in a studio and have the world's top experts run you through it all.


The surefire way to Master every facet of Guitar Tone From Pickups, Effects, Amps And Rig Design. An entire encyclopedia of Guitar Tone.


We know you'll love the course, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


What exactly does the Ultimate Guitar Tone School cover?

The Ultimate Guitar Tone School covers exactly what each component of your Guitar tone chain is...how they work...and more importantly how they all function together as a complete unit.  There are literally millions of different combinations of guitars, pickups, tone stacks, effects, amps and speakers that affect your tone.  The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is your ticket to completely understanding each part of the chain and how to tweak them to get the tones you're looking for.

How do I know these are the right people to teach me?

The subject of Guitar Tone is so wide that we put together a "dream team" of experts.  Bob Bailey of BOSS pedals has outfitted the worlds best guitarists with the right gear.  His explanation of correct pedal order is worth the price of admission alone.  Mike Matthews, founder of Electroharmonix has been called the father of effect pedals is in the course bonuses too.  Brandon Montgomery designs and builds customer amps for Carlos Santana.  James "Rooster" Olson builds pedal boards for the worlds biggest guitar heroes.  Paul Jackson Jr is one of the most recorded session guitarists in history.  All of these experts have been hand picked to give the a 360 degree view of guitar tone through the decades and into the future.  You simply can't have access to these kinds of experts anywhere else. 

Is there a monthly charge?

No! Just a single one-time investment that's less than the cost of your average microphone.

What if I have questions and need help?

You can contact us anytime through the little support widget in the lower right hand corner of this page (or anywhere on ProAudioEXP.com). We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. We also have a Facebook Group where you can get help from other students.

What if I'm a beginner? Will I still be able to follow along?

We LOVE beginners! Over the last 20+ years since we have been training hundreds of thousands of students, we have developed a method for bringing complete beginners up to speed with the intermediates and experts. We assume that you know nothing at the beginning of module 1 and then take you through each part fo the guitar tone chain until you can re-create any tone from Hendrix to Clapton by the end of Module 8.

How is this course difference from what else is available?

The alternatives to the Ultimate Guitar Tone School are YouTube, Forums, Magazines and Books.  In the YouTube world you have thousands of amateur guitarists all sharing their opinions based on their own intuition rather than our roster of professional guitarists and amp and effect designers.  Forums are more of the same and are quite often very rude to beginners who are asking simple questions.  Then the books and magazines all lack the video demonstrations that you can follow along with in the course.  The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is your one-stop solution that's been proven to get the results your music deserves.

Will I get permanent access to the course online?

Yes! Once you complete your purchase an online account is automatically created for you and you have access to it forever.

What if I purchase the training then decide it’s not for me?

No problem! If you don't think that this is the best training available on Guitar Tone, then simply contact us within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your entire investment. You have nothing to lose- Zero Risk!


We're ready to prove everything we claim so this product comes with a 30-Day Money Back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee.

If the course does not live up to any the claims stated here...just ​drop us a line and we'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. You can even keep the bonuses!

"This course has been the culmination of over 18 months of my life. It came out of a blank sheet of paper asking the question..."what if I could go anywhere and interview the absolute top shelf of people who know everything about Guitar Tone and put it all together in ONE killer video training course?" It's been an absolute blast to put this together and the contribution all the folks at Fender, Gibson, Boss and Electroharmonix have made this the best training on the planet on this subject. Where else can you get this level of world class training for about the cost of your average pedal?"

"I can help you...just give me a chance, or I'll personally return your money back. I guarantee it."


If you've got all the way through and are still reading this, you might be asking yourself if this course is worth your time and money.

You owe it to yourself to answer these questions...

If you'll be playing guitar for the rest of your life (which you will!), would it be worth it to truly master all the elements of your guitar tone chain once and for all?

What if you could could just stumble on just 1 or 2 killer guitar tones than you'll use for the rest of your life?

What if you could get "that sound" for a song that you've been working on for years?  How might that inspire you to finish that song?

What if you could become so proficient in this area that you could pass it down to your kids as they pick up the guitar?  

Give yourself the gift of nailing down your Guitar Tone forever...for less than the cost of your average pedal. 

With our 30 day money back guarantee...you have nothing to lose.


Simply click on the button below and you'll be taken to the payment page.  Enter your details and you'll be sent an email with your login information where you can get started in the course and view all the modules and view/download all the bonuses.


We know you'll love our courses, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


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Can't find this kind of training anywhere!!


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