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Get KILLER Guitar Tones

Discover how the Pros get Iconic Guitar Tones with 30 year veteran Audio Engineer David Wills (Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire)


  • Complete Online Video Course with 8 modules
  • Lifetime Access for just $197
  • Over 7 hours viewable on any device
  • Over $300 in free bonuses
  • Includes blueprints for all major Guitarists / Genres

  • Overview
  • Modules
  • Bonuses!
  • Reviews

The Original Guitar Tone Encyclopedia that's trusted by Thousands of Guitarists like you

The single place to hear each and every part of your guitar tone signal chain broken down into their individual elements so that you can emulate any tone you wish.  An online library of video modules that take you on a tour of the decades of guitar masters and how tones have been built by Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Keith Richards and Eddie Van Halen.

8 Modules Guaranteed to Deliver KILLER Guitar Tone


In the introduction we'll learn about the relatively short history of the electric guitar.  We'll see an overview of the entire course and all the variables in the signal chain from pickup to speaker.

  • Breakdown of course subjects
  • History of the Electric Guitar
  • Variables in Signal Chain


Have you ever considered exactly what tone is?  In this module you'll discover exactly how tone is produced including how distortion produces odd and even order harmonics that sound so good.

  • What is Sound?
  • Understanding Standing Waves
  • Understanding Harmonics 
  • Nodes and Antinodes
  • Harmonic Content on Guitar String
  • Harmonics produced by Distortion
  • Understanding Modulation


Have you ever wanted to hear a wide variety of modern and classic guitars?  In this module we break down exactly what makes each Strat, Tele, Les Paul, Semi Acoustic and Lipstick guitar work.

  • Main Guitar Types
  • Pickup Demonstrations (all positions)
  •  - Fender Stratocaster
  •  - Fender Telecaster
  •  - Epiphone Les Paul
  •  - Epiphone 335 Dot
  •  - 1967 Gretsch with FilterTrons
  •  - 1961 Fender Jazzmaster
  •  - 2007 Duesenberg Starplayer TV
  •  - 1969 Gibson Les Paul with Lollar Imperials
  • Guitar Controls
  • Guitar Woods
  • Necks
  • Scale Length
  • Pickup Placement
  • MIDI Pickups


Ever wondered exactly how Guitar Amps work?  In this module you'll see a tube amp built from the ground up and understand exactly how precise gain staging gets you the sound you crave.

  • Overview
  • DIY "Lamington" Tube Amp
  • How do Tube Amps work?
  • Tone Stacks
  • Reading Schematics
  • Building the "Lamington" Tube Amp
  • Gain Staging
  •  - Fenders
  •  - Marshalls
  •  - Hi Gain
  • Amp Effects Loops
  • Amp Switching


Matching impedance in series and parallel.  Miking up amps. Blending and positioning microphones (both dynamic and ribbons) are all covered in this module.

  • OverviewSpecifications
  • Series/Parallel
  • Impedance Matching
  • Miking up Amps
  • Microphone Positions and Blending
  • Using Dynamic Mics
  • Using Ribbon Mics


Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz. Compressors & Noise Gates. Flangers. Phasers. Chorus. Tremolo/Vibrato. Rotary. Ring Modulators. Wah-wah. Pitch Shifters. Delays. Reverb. Loopers. Effect Order. Buffers.

  • OverviewGain (Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz)
  • Dynamics (Compressors & Noise Gates)
  • Flangers
  • Phasers
  • Chorus
  • Tremolo/Vibrato
  • Rotary Speaker Emulators
  • Ring Modulators
  • Wah-wah
  • EQs
  • Pitch Shifters 
  • Delays
  • Slapback
  • Rockabilly
  • Ping-pong
  • Patterned
  • Reverb
  • Loopers
  • Effect Order
  • Buffers


In this module you'll discover every type of rig that's out there. Pedalboard design. True Bypass. Loopers. Effect Loops. 4-Wire Setup. Wet-Dry Rigs. Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs.

  • Overview
  • Pedalboard Design
  • True Bypass
  • Loopers
  • Effect Loops
  • 4-Wire Setup
  • Wet-Dry Rigs
  • Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs


After everything we've learned in the course we can now easily build the iconic tones for every decade. From BB King to SRV. Hendrix to Clapton. Van Halen to Brian May.

  • Fender Era
  •  - Chuck Berry
  •  - BB King
  •  - Keith Richards
  •  - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  •  - Brian Setzer
  •  - Brent Mason
  • Marshall Era
  •  - Jimmy Hendrix
  •  - Eric Clapton
  •  - Jimmy Page
  •  - Joe Perry
  •  - Billy Gibbons
  •  - Slash
  • High-Gain Era
  •  - Eddie Van Halen
  •  - Randy Rhoades
  •  - Zakk Wylde
  •  - Eric Johnson
  • Vox Era
  •  - Gretsch / Vox Combo
  •  - Duesenberg / Vox Combo
  •  - Brian May

Over $300 in Free Bonuses!


Paul Jackson Jr. is one of the most recorded session guitarists in history.  We talk to him about how he's been able to nail down a dozen different tones a night in the house band on the Tonight Show and American Idol.


Bob Bailey is the Head Honcho at BOSS pedals.  We caught up with him at one of Hollywood's most legendary rehearsal studios to get the low down on correct pedal order and some of the secrets inside some of the most popular BOSS pedals.


Andrew Scheps is a Grammy Winning Audio Engineer who has worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Greenday and Metallica.  In this exclusive interview, Andrew discusses how to record and mix guitars in the manner that has kept him one of the busiest engineers in the world.


Brandon Montgomery is a highly sought after amp designer who makes high end boutique amps for Carlos Santana, Eric Johnson and many others.  He breaks down the exact methods that each classic amp breaks up and gives you a panoramic view of amps through the decades.


Mike Matthews is the founder of Electroharmonix who some call the father of the effects pedal.  Hear the backstory of how Electroharmonix got its start and even a story or two about Jimmy Hendrix.


John Pisani is the Chief Engineer at Electroharmonix. Get the inside scoop about how some of your most favorite effects pedals got their start and how to get some breakthrough sounds on your pedal board.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gerald Rioux (Toronto, CA)

Guitar tone

Christopher Sinisi (Citrus Heights, US)
Ultimate Guitar Tone School

I am currently watching David's UGTS.I am 3 modules in and I have learned a lot about the signal path/what makes tubes do what they do and how tone stacks work. There is more to guitar tone and amp tone than I thought. Every series that I have purchased and watched is top notch and I have really learned a lot of actual useful information that I have already started to incorporate into my home recordings. I have purchased the Zoom R24 course(DVD), the Ultimate Guitar Tone School (UGTS) course, the Master EQ course, the Master Compression course (DVD)(I have not watched that one yet) and the Home Recording Course. I have learned actual information and skills that I can and have incorporated in my home recordings. I will eventually get the Killer Vocals course as well. Dave is the Man!!! His videos and knowledge are very informative and very useful!!! And his explanations are very user-friendly and not over your head. I have not been disappointed with any of the videos I have purchased.

NK (Green Bay, US)
so far so good

I just got started with Ultimate guitar tone school, but so far I am extremely impressed. Id definitely recommend it.

Kokoyo Villagomez (Brooklyn, US)

Ultimate Guitar Tone School

Darren Hamilton (Elkridge, US)
My Guitar Tone Course Review

For what I've learned I learned more ways to make my guitar sound better when I play

Mark Smith (Pacific Palisades, US)
Ultimate Guitar Tone School

I have been playing and recording guitar for nearly 40 years but still find ProAudioEXP's training materials essential to perfecting my techniques. The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is an excellent guide to achieving the perfect guitar tones for my digital audio recordings and live performances. Thank you David for delivering on another masterful training course!

Eric Bable
Love this course on Guitar Tone

I don't normally write reviews but this course is just that good. There are so many videos on the internet showing you how to use a certain pedalboard like a line 6 or boss or whatever. I just haven't found anything that goes into EVERY detail of guitar tone like this course. I mean he even show you how to make your own tube amp and show you all the design features of what makes up fender and marshall and vox amps.If you want to know your guitar rig from pickups to effects to amps and everyting in between, then this is your course. Highly reccomended!!

Paul Angaston
Great Course! Great Bonuses!

Loved the course David. This is a fantastic way to completely understand and recreate all the tones from "the masters" like you say. I really enjoyed the bonuses with all the pros your interviewed. I felt like they were the glue that held together all the other training. I've been looking for a course like this for years. I have a bunch of books on the subjects but there's no video course out there like this. Thanks for putting it together for us.

Greg Armand

Exactly what i have been looking for. I have been chasing all over youtube and forums and always come away more confused than I was before. The Ultimate Guitar Tone course pulls everything together and I know know how to get awesome guitar tones but better than that I know how all the parts work together.I have David's other courses in Home Recording and Live Sound so I trusted that this would be good. It is.

Daniel Purdue
A thorough course on Guitar Tone

I've enjoyed David's courses since the 90's and have used his GT-10 DVD to really help me master that beast. But after exhausting all the features of that I wanted to set up my own ala carte pedal board system and I searched all over youtube to get help.I came across this course and it's everything you need to know all in one place. From guitars, pickups, amps, pedals and even microphones for miking up your amps. It's all here. Awesome!!

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