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If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Compression, Limiting and Noise've found it! Over 3 hours of Premium Training on all things to do with dynamic processing.

While I cover these subjects in our Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, this course is for you maniacs who want to know it ALL :) The knowledge and examples in this course are of the caliber that you would find taught in high end $30,000 a year sound schools like Berklee and Full Sail.

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Basic Compression Example

Sidechain Routing

Variety of Dynamics Processors
History of Dynamics Processors
Compression Analogies
Compressors, Limiters & Gates

Detection & Gain Reduction
Example: Matching Levels of Sidestick and Snare
Makeup Gain
Threshold, Ratio & Makeup
Attack & Release Times
Example: Shaping a Tom Sound
Example: Guitars & Bass
RMS vs Peak Metering

Explanation of Noise Gates
Background Noise Gating Example
Example: Noisy Guitar
Example: Gating Drums

The Main Channel Types
Single Channel
Master Channels
In the Hardware World
In the Software World
Example: Dance Music Pad
Example: Ducking Vocal Announcement
Example: De Essing
Parallel Processing
Serial Processing

Vintage Compressors
Multiband Compressors
Pop Quiz of multiple Compressors

...Kick Drum
...Snare Drum
...Bass Guitar
...Electric Guitar
...Acoustic Guitar
...Acoustic Piano
...Male Vocal 1
...Male Vocal 2
...Male Vocal 3
...Female Vocal 1
...Female Vocal 2
...Female Vocal 3
...Split Vocal Example

RMS vs. Peak Metering
Geek Math Section ;)
Understanding Presets
Bonus Trick!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Tor Henrik Krokstad (Verdal, NO)
Learning a lot

Again a great experience with David. It’s presented in a way that even someone at my level easily can understand. Highly recommended.

Masterclass - Compression

I recently purchased the Masterclass-Compression course from ProAudioEXP. I am relatively new to mixing and have found the course on compression a huge help. The course clearly explained what compression is, how it works and most importantly how to use it. i am very happy that I made the purchase and I'm sure that my mixing will benefit greatly as a result.

JP ILLES (Columbus, US)
Just Finished the Masterclass Compression

David, I just finished Masterclass Compression, as usual, It was an excellent presentation. I believe that this was the 8th class that I have purchased from you guys, going back to the ProAudioDVD days. I am a solo musician that records my own backing tracks that I use while Busking. With your help I have improved my recording ability and am currently working on putting together a CD that I can sell while out playing live.. I know CD’s what are those.. Anyway thanks for what you do..

Martin M Alfrido (San Antonio, US)


Bassicb (Sydney, CA)
Eye opening!

I truly thought I know what I required to be efficiently adept at mixing, what I learned is how in-efficiently adept I really was in compression and EQ to name my weak points.

After 4 hours approx. in each DVD, the lights came on and I have intensely reworked my workflow, and increased my mixing abilities.

No matter what level you are at, I can honestly say that these DVDs are a genuine source of information at your fingertips.

And it doesn’t stop there....I messed up in ordering the Vocals DVD and contacted David Wills, explained my dilemma and I was set up almost immediately with the DVD I forgot in my order. OUTSTANDING client/customer care and at lightening speed.

I could speak volumes, however, my thumbs are tired from texting LOL.

Extremely well done, keep us fed David.

All the best, Gid bless and be safe out there.

B. Scott

Kevin J. Prebushewski (Edmonton, CA)
Great training resource or refresher on topic

Another great course that I found helpful as a refresher for myself who has done sound for years in church and to use for training new techs. Some things I probably was not explaining too well and thus the refresher for me was good. The examples included are always great and helpful. To hear the difference as per example after an explanation helps reinforce it! The files included that you can download are nice for you to be able to use later for the same demonstration purposes.
As a musician I always enjoy taking lessons once in awhile to learn something new and build my skills. It is awesome we can do this with our audio skills also and when we have time.
As I have said before, David has always responded to any questions or comments I have had very quickly!

Kevin J. Prebushewski
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Holger Moeller (Bielefeld, DE)
Great course – great instructor!

David is one of my favourite instructors, love his voice and his kindness. And his knowledge is unbelievable – love it!!

Victor (South San Francisco, US)
Master the essentials

Fantastic course that has examples and demonstrations for each component of compression. Very happy I found a course that is clear and concise. Highly recommend this masterclass.

Jack Graves (Owens Cross Roads, US)

David continues to show that he is proficient in sound engineering. His teaching is clear and concise and interesting to listen to. Would recommend!

Gerald Thompson (Lancaster, US)
Masterclass Compression & Gates

Once again David knocks it out of the Ball Park with his detailed training!! We used to run away from Compression & Gates as much as possible as we thought it robbed certain tone qualities thus making it harder to record the tunes with the sound we were use to. Wrong again. This Class shows how much it actually improves the tone qualities as we have learned now by doing it the right way. The only thing better than these courses would have been working side by side with you in person over the years!! Thanks again David.

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