Masterclass-Compression & Gates

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If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Compression, Limiting and Noise've found it! Over 3 hours of Premium Training on all things to do with dynamic processing.

While I cover these subjects in our Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, this course is for you maniacs who want to know it ALL :)  The knowledge and examples in this course are of the caliber that you would find taught in high end $30,000 a year sound schools like Berklee and Full Sail.

Basic Compression Example

Sidechain Routing (Dance Music Example and Announcement Ducking)

Variety of Dynamics Processors
History of Dynamics Processors
Compression Analogies
Compressors, Limiters & Gates

Detection & Gain Reduction
Example: Matching Levels of Sidestick and Snare
Makeup Gain
Threshold, Ratio & Makeup
Attack & Release Times
Example: Shaping a Tom Sound
Example: Guitars & Bass
RMS vs Peak Metering

Explanation of Noise Gates
Background Noise Gating Example
Example: Noisy Guitar
Example: Gating Drums

The Main Channel Types
Single Channel
Master Channels
In the Hardware World
In the Software World
Example: Dance Music Pad
Example: Ducking Vocal Announcement
Example: De Essing
Parallel Processing
Serial Processing

Vintage Compressors
Multiband Compressors
Pop Quiz of multiple Compressors

...Kick Drum
...Snare Drum
...Bass Guitar
...Electric Guitar
...Acoustic Guitar
...Acoustic Piano
...Male Vocal 1
...Male Vocal 2
...Male Vocal 3
...Female Vocal 1
...Female Vocal 2
...Female Vocal 3
...Split Vocal Example

RMS vs. Peak Metering
Geek Math Section ;)
Understanding Presets
Bonus Trick!

Customer Reviews

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I thought I knew compression

I have watched about the first 50 minutes of this course. David walks you through compression with a patient, detailed and a practical explanation of the basic concepts behind it without being overly technical you get to watch over David s shoulder, you get to see the faders and dials being adjusted and can hear the difference for yourself in the numerous course examples.I thought I was using it right until I watched this course. David pointed out the subtleties of using compression which I obviously hadn t grasped up until that point. I was using a few presets and tending to squash the life out of my audio and making it all sound the same. By using the threshold and the attack more creatively I can now find a bite point and let more of the loud stuff through before the compressor kicks in. Result? More natural dynamics without being too loud overall. It makes all the difference!It s very easy to recommend this course. David has a great teaching style, being both informal and entertaining whilst being able to get the message across. He makes this stuff both easy to understand and fun at the same time. Thank goodness for that!

Keep 'em coming!

Hats off to you guys again. Well done on another informative well presented tutorial.I ve purchased all the Mater Class series courses, and they re all brilliant.Certainly a worthy investment. A resource tool that you ll refer to for years to come.All the best & keep em coming.WB

Love the way you teach David

I have now ordered 2 courses,the Ultimate Home recording,and the Compressor limiters,I Love the way David teaches,for one thing he explains everything so clear,and another he is just easy to listen to. Thank You David for making this so easy to understand,I just hope You continue to keep making these teaching DVD s,because You are the only place I will buy from Sir,Thanks again and I wish You and Your Family the best.

Keep up the great work

I have not regretted one item I have purchased from David. He s sincere and direct. I have found his courses informative and I use his instruction as a reference guide to build upon. Looking forward to more David. Keep up the great work.

Been mixing for years. Never really knew compression.

I have been mixing bands in small to medium venues for quite a number of years, however, never had compressors, limiters or gates in my PA setup because 1. I couldn t afford them at the time and, 2. didn t know how to use them. So just managed without them.I mostly got great praise for good sound both on stage and FOH with attention to detail and making bands feel comfortable, therefore they played well.Then I bought my first Graphic EQ for my FOH which had gate and limiter ability.After starting to learn a little about compressing, I wanted to do more with a band s live sound and noticed areas that I could use compression in particularly, so wanted to learn more about how it worked, why and when you would use it etc.ProAudioDVD s had a tutorial for the Zoom R16 recorder/interface I had purchased and noticed the other tutorials on the site.After purchasing and watching the masterclass dvd set on Compression, Limiters and Gates, I have added this knowledge to my mixing and things are not only great as far as sound goes, but I m having fun with the experiments in sound.Thanks Dave, great job. Well explained. Very clear and logical. Love it.P.S. I have also purchased a Presonus Studio/Live 24:4:2 Digital Mixer and I m loving it.