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If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet to be a master of've found it! Over 3 hours of Premium Training on all things to do with EQ.

While I cover these subjects in our Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, this course is for you maniacs who want to know it ALL :)  The knowledge and examples in this course are of the caliber that you would find taught in high end $30,000 a year sound schools like Berklee and Full Sail.

Sample Clip 1 - EQing Vocals

Sample Clip 2 - Routing EQ

What is EQ?
Types of EQ

20Hz to 20K Sweep
The EQ Chart
Octaves and Hz
Where is Midrange?
Graphic EQs
How to choose EQ points

Basic Bass and Treble
Channel Strip EQ
Parametric EQ
EQ Routing

Kick Drum
Snare Drum
Hi Hat
Room Mics
Bass - Fingered
Bass - Picked
Hi Hat
Acoustic Guitar
Clean Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar Effects
Electric Guitar 2
Guitars Group
Piano and Keyboards
Vocals and Overall Mix
Vocal Solos - Male and Female Examples
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar and Keys
Vocal Radio Effect

Using a Spectral Viewer
Boost Wide and Cut Narrow
Harmonics and Overtones
Negative EQ
Radio Effect
Using Subgroups
In Place EQing
EQing Performances
Time Management
Use your Ears

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Eq Masterclass

As with all David’s videos, the Eq master class is packed with practical, real world audio strategies , that you can expect to use immediately . Lots of audio pearls at a great price !!! Cheers mate !!

This EQ course is great for live sound and music mixing!

David's EQ course teaches you the fundamentals on how to use EQ's for multiple types of instruments for music, as well as understanding the importance of harmonics when viewing your played tracks. And David's free EQ chart is useful to get good starting frequency ranges and helps you learn them quick. He gets in depth in how to twerk your sound so you can find how to mix your music with better results using DAWs like Pro Tools and Reason.

Also, he EQ's some of his own songs straight through you until they sound great. As he shows you cycle's through each equalized track, it helps you become more aware of what different frequencies ranges need widening or narrowing, which is a must for live sound engineers who need to know this to prevent mic feedback and add clarity. I highly recommend this course who want to learn beyond the basic EQ understanding.

Breaks down the mysteries of EQ

In yet another superb presentation, David Wills breaks down the mysteries of EQ, and addresses methods and proper application. Knowing how to properly EQ your instruments, and the final mix, will yield a professional-sounding recording. David Wills guides you each step towards achieving that goal.

Highly recommend this course on EQ

I was really excited when I saw that he had put out a training on EQ. In all my years as a sound tech, mixing and home recordist , the area that has always been the most frustrating and challenging is the area of EQ..I purchased the masterclass-EQ set a couple of months ago. Having watched the course several times now let me say that I really appreciate David s simple and clear approach to EQ. I also appreciate that he takes the time to explain the range, how the different instruments and vocals fall in the range of frequency.The demonstrations of EQing different instruments and vocals was very helpful to me. I would watch and then go and try it in my DAW . I was really pleased with the results and understanding I have gained from listening and applying.I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking to learn and understand EQing. Thank you David for your willingness to share with others what you have learned over the years. Well done!

The best investment in my music career was not $50,000 in gear, it was $69.95.

I was always decent at EQ, but never good at it. I spent hours and hours online studying, trying to understand it, but I was just not comprehending it. I was overwhelmed by the mere thought of understanding it.A friend of mine who had just given me a new Les Paul guitar had mentioned David Wills Masterclass on EQ. My buddy knew I was understanding it and my mixes were stuck and never going to improve. He told me flat out, What do you have to lose? I told him, $69.95. He laughed and said, You ve already spend around $500 on online classes from other engineers, the books you ve bought on EQ. He said, just get it and I ll split it with you. Again I was skeptical, I was thinking to myself, what is this David Wills guy going to teach me that no one else has so far. I didn t learn it from Fab Dupont, I didn t learn it from Bobby Owsinski or Groove3 etc. The Gibson Les Paul is a great guitar, but not for me I m a Tele guy till I die. I asked my friend if it would be okay to sell the guitar and use that doe to buy all of David Wills Masterclass series and the Home Recording School series my buddy was delighted and he gave me the green light. I figured this way I have no money invested in this I had the money, but with all of my past failures in learning I figured this would be another one in a long list.At this point I was so frustrated, I stopped recording or even picking up my guitar, because every time I would I would get upset with myself thinking about EQ and compression and how I did not understand it. The funniest thing is I would turn knobs until they sounded good, but what bothered me is, I didn t know what my turns were actually doing? It bothered me to the core.I had got all of the DVDs in the mail and slowly started watching the Masterclass on Compression, limiters and gates. While I watched I was even telling myself there is no way this guy David is going to teach me a thing, because I suck, I cannot get this. After completing the class, and after 3...