Fix Your Live Sound Forever

Discover how to get Consistent, Excellent Live Sound from a Veteran Audio Engineer David Wills (Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross)

Why is it so difficult to get Consistent, Excellent Sound at your Live Venue or Church?

Hi...I’m David Wills, a professional audio engineer and teacher and also the founder of ProAudioEXP.

Over the years I’ve trained thousands of students around the world, and I guarantee that the problems they were facing with their sound systems are just like the ones you’re probably struggling with.  Perhaps you are in charge of live sound for your band.  You might be a budding live sound engineer.  Maybe you run the sound at a local church.

People’s expectations have changed.  We expect the sound that we produce in a local venue or church to sound like what we hear at a professional concert.

But how do you get those kind of results?  I've seen students trying to piece together information from outdated training books, scouring the internet and social media for answers on how to fix even the most basic sound problems.

Here's why you are struggling to get the right answers:

There are millions of Youtube channel creators.  Millions of opinions.  Most are amateurs and the information is conflicting and very confusing.

Mastering live sound is why you're here today. 

Keep reading and I'll share with you how you can access world class training from a professional, on demand, 24/7.

After helping thousands of students, we've discovered they all struggle the same stubborn problems

When I look back over the last decade, I think about all the thousands of  people who I've been able to help. They weren't any different from you..when they found this training...they were frustrated by exactly the same problems.

  • How to banish feedback forever
  • How to get a professional mix with no harshness
  • How to fix their hums, buzzes and other gremlins
  • How to fix problems and troubleshoot like a pro
  • How to get consistent excellence week after week

Introducing the Ultimate Live Sound School
(2nd Edition)

The Ultimate Live Sound School first launched in 2010 and today it’s in its 2nd edition.  It's recently been completely reshot and there have been many great updates to the training - including new HD videos on wireless mixing as well as a super helpful information on streaming to Facebook and other online service.

I’m positive that this training will be the best and last resource you will need to fix your sound problems...forever.

At the bottom of this page there's dozens of customer reviews from the Ultimate Live Sound School.  I encourage you to read as many as you can to get a feel for what the course really is all about, and how real students feel about the training.

New equipment is not the solution
...it's the proper training that you've been missing

I know…it’s tempting to keep adding more pieces of equipment to the list.  Maybe newer, fancy gear will magically fix those nagging issues?  No.  It won’t.

The Challenge with Learning Online

Whether you're new to live sound... or if you have been teaching yourself over the years... you probably feel overwhelmed by how much information is at your fingertips. Do you subscribe to more Youtube channels?.. join more FB groups.. or spend time in user forums trying to pick out the pieces of information that will actually make a difference.. 

There are days when you feel like you’re getting ahead... and then there are the days when you just throw your hands up and wonder how to make sense of it all...

You wonder....

  • Am I following the best available training?
  • Do I really know the best, current sound practices that the professionals use?

Lifetime Access + Unlimited Use

What you need is clear, practical,  and cost-effective training.  By joining the Ultimate Live Sound School you will be able to access proven, step-by-step visual training from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone


Access is lifetime and always unlimited.  

  • One-Time $197 Investment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Complete Online Training Course
  • View On Demand on any Device

Leveraging Experience

The Ultimate Live Sound School is a complete Video Course with 9 Modules which take you from a complete newbie to a Live Sound Expert.

Leveraging the experience of Instructor David Wills' professional experience working on huge world tours such as Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind and Fire...and his experience mixing thousands of live events in huge mega churches and small local ones, this is your one stop ticket to solving your church sound problems forever

We've helped thousands of students...

  • Fix their feedback
  • Fix harsh or muddy mixes
  • Solve their nagging hum and buzz issues
  • Optimize their sound systems
  • Improve their speech intelligibility
  • Master their Mixing Consoles
  • Control their stage volume
  • Decode all the confusing tech terms
  • Streamline their sound checks
  • Eliminate wireless system problems


It's interesting to note that churches run more live events every weekend than almost any other type of venue.  It's also interesting to note that they are almost always run by kind-hearted, but under-qualified volunteers.

But life happens. Volunteers burn out. They have family priorities and you find yourself circling back, once again, trying to train the new faces that show up eager to help but lacking in experience.

The Ultimate Live Sound School is the perfect solution to train your group of volunteers so that you can get consistent, excellent sound week after week at your church.

A single one-time purchase will train all your current volunteers, plus any new ones that sign up in the future.  The Ultimate Live Sound School fixes your volunteer training problems forever.

"These videos are a must...David makes complex concepts fun to learn. I highly recommend them"

(Grammy Winner with Eric Clapton, Sting, Daft Punk)


The Ultimate Live Sound School is a complete, proven, step-by-step method to teach everything you'd learn in an expensive Audio Engineering School ... without the $80,000 price tag


Introduction to what a Live Sound System is made up of and how it all works together under the skilled operation of an audio engineer. With this Introductory Module you'll get a clear map to the road ahead.

  • Introduction to Live Sound
  • Course Outline
  • What is a sound system made up of?
  • What is the role of a sound engineer?


If you've ever wanted to master the tech terms like dBs, Hertz, frequency ranges, watts & voltswithout spending months in a $80,000 College level Audio Engineering Course, this module is for you.

  • What is Sound?
  • Understanding Levels
  • What are dBs?
  • The Logarithmic scale of dBs
  • Sound Pressure Levels (dBs SPL) 
  • Signal Levels Analog (dBs u/v/V)
  • Signal Levels Digital (dBs FS)
  • Understanding Frequency Spectrum
  • Frequency Neighborhoods
  • Understanding Physics of Sound
  • Wavelengths
  • Delay Compensations
  • Phase


Mixers, Crossovers, Amps, Speakers, Wireless Systems, Reverbs, Delays, Compressors, Noise Gates, Monitors, Microphones.  You’ll learn exactly how each of these work and how to choose the right ones for your applications.

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Snakes
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Amps
  • Speakers
  • Monitors
  • Effects
  • Microphones
  • Pickup Patterns
  • Wireless Systems


Now that we know what all the pieces do, we'll see exactly how to put them all together from wireless systems to microphone selection and placement. DI Boxes and Balanced Lines. Snakes both traditional and Digital.

  • Overview
  • Input Types
  • DI Boxes
  • Mic Selection
  • Mic Placement
  • Monitor Placement


Discover the simple 5 point operation of ANY mixer either Digital or Analog. Once you know how to break down these specific functions, you'll never be intimidated by ANY Mixer in ANY installation.

  • Overview
  • Input Channel
  • Aux Sends
  • Using Effects
  • Monitor Mixes
  • SubGroups
  • Connections


Imagine having a sixth sense in terms of being able to quickly & confidently troubleshoot Feedback, Connection Issues, Gain Structure, Distortion, Ground Loops and any Audio Gremlin that is haunting your System.

  • What kinds of problems will you encounter?
  • Understanding Signal Flow
  • Troubleshooting Logic
  • Line Checks
  • Feedback Issues
  • Noise Gates
  • Distortion & Gain Stages
  • Balanced Lines
  • Ground Loops
  • Phase & Mic Coherence
  • Sound Checks


In this module, you'll look over the shoulder of David Wills as he builds a Mix from absolute scratch. With PIP graphics that show exactly how to EQ and compress everything from Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Drums.

  • Breakdown of the tools available
  • Blending Levels
  • Using EQ
  • Controlling Dynamics
  • Compressors
  • Noise Gates
  • Using Effects


Now that you have the confidence and understand sound theory, how to troubleshoot equipment and mix on any console, you’ll learn the real world principals of running your services.

  • Run Sheets
  • Setting SPL Levels
  • A and C Weighting in SPL Meters


If your position includes capturing source multi-tracks or simple 2-track stereo files, this module goes through everything you need to either record your live event or to stream it live to broadcast apps like Facebook.

  • Recording
  • Stage Spill Compensation
  • Outputs and Bussing
  • Graduation!

Saved hundreds of hours

"I'm head of sound at a large church in the Columbus, Ohio area. The Ultimate Live Sound School Course has helped get our volunteers up to speed quickly without having to spend hundreds of hours developing training."

"David makes foundational knowledge, that often takes years to learn, easy to understand. I have worked with many national and international acts, and would confidently recommend the Ultimate Live Sound School to anyone wanting to learn the most important elements of live sound."


Head Sound Engineer

Cypress Wesleyan Church

(Galloway, OH - USA)



David Wills has worked in the professional world since 1989 designing studios in Hollywood and working on all the major awards shows (Grammys, Oscars, Billboard Awards and American Music Awards).

Professional credits include...

  • Phil Collins
  • Diana Ross
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Chicago
  • Grammys, Oscars


David Wills produced his first courses on VHS tapes way back in 1995 and has created over 70 courses for Roland, Tascam, Korg, Presonus, Midas under ProAudioEXP and the former brand ProAudioDVDs.

Some notable facts...

  • Over 10 Million Views
  • Over 200,000 Customers
  • Over 70 Courses
  • In Business since 1995
  • Live Seminars in NY
  • Live Seminars in LA

Proud partner with these trusted brands...



If you want the quickest way to fully master every part of your sound system from mic selection and positioning, to advanced mixing techniques like sideband compression and nailing down gain structure...the Ultimate Live Sound School is your ticket.


If you want to get the best possible sound when you play live, master how to design, run and troubleshoot either your own live sound system or know how to communicate with your "tech team" at any live venue.


If you’ve struggled trying to grasp the basics of how your sound system works, or find it hard to effectively communicate your needs as a pastor to your tech team...there's no better way to get up to speed than this course.


If your position includes training your tech team and getting brand new volunteers up to speed, the Ultimate Live Sound School is a training resource you can use over and over again. Just share your login with any new volunteer and let us do the heavy lifting.


"Part of my job is training our clients to run tech and sound for both their time here as well as when they leave for their individual churches. Prior to having the Ultimate Live Sound School it was a constant battle to teach men and women who had no previous tech experience."

"I have been running live sound for over 10 years, and this class has compressed every bit of knowledge I could share into 6 hours.  Also that Aussie Accent makes the series much more enjoyable!"


A/V Manager

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

(Minneapolis, MN)


Your Ultimate Live Sound School come with 6 valuable bonuses including insider interviews with Industry heavyweights and Test Tones and Source Files to practice along with as you progress through the course.


In this exclusive Interview with Bob Langlois and Daryl Porter of Second Opinion Audio in Colorado Springs, CO...we'll discover the top 3 secrets of partnering with a professional sound design and installation company. Even if you're only a small venue with a small budget.


Have you ever wondered how an expert Sound Designer would view your venue? How an expert would handle your reflection problems? Your flutter? Your unevenness of levels around your room? Daryl Porter reveals his Pro Sound Design secrets in this exclusive interview.


Aaron Miller has been a professional audio tech and worked with the folks who have designed and installed massive sound systems like Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Lakewood, TX. Learn how to choose the correct equipment and think like an expert troubleshooter.


Imagine hearing from one of the world's foremost experts in Acoustic Design. From an expert who has outfitted over a hundred venues as well as Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. Dennis Foley answers your burning Acoustic Questions in this Exclusive Interview and 2 Bonus Videos.


Can you quickly identify 315Hz? 1.25kHz? Master your ear training by quickly identifying any tone in our practice palette. Play them through your system through any connected iPad, tablet or smartphone. Send Pink and White noise through your system and check phase and other potential problems.


We also include 3 songs with full multitrack audio files for you to practice mixing on. Easily bring up source files of Kicks, Snares, Male/Female vocals to practice EQing, Compressing and mixing. Play them through your own system and follow along with the training using your new skills in practice.


Host David Wills has worked with Diana Ross, Chicago, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind & Fire and mixed THOUSANDS of Live Events.


We know you'll love the course, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


What exactly does the Ultimate Live Sound School cover?

The Ultimate Live Sound School is designed to be a complete course to help anyone master how to design, run and troubleshoot any live sound system. While it can be used in any live sound installation we have found that the majority of the students are using it for running live sound in churches or houses or worship. It begins by teaching you the same skills that are taught at $80K multi-year degrees then progresses to show you exactly how to run a live sound event in practice at a pace that you can follow along with.

How do I know you're the right person to teach me?

While there are many "experts" on Youtube and various forums, very few have had the experience that David Wills has had in both the professional world and the sheer number of students that we've worked with. David has worked at the highest levels in the professional world with Phil Collins, Earth, Wind & Fire, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Chicago. But he's also helped hundreds of thousands of students in over 70 courses we've produced since 1995.

Is there a monthly charge?

No! Just a single one-time investment that's less than the cost of your average microphone.

What if I have questions and need help?

You can contact us anytime through the little support widget in the lower right hand corner of this page (or anywhere on ProAudioEXP.com). We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. We also have a Facebook Group where you can get help from other students.

What if I'm a beginner? Will I still be able to follow along?

We LOVE beginners! Over the last 20+ years since we have been training hundreds of thousands of students, we have developed a method for bringing complete beginners up to speed with the intermediates and experts. We assume you know nothing as we get started with Module 1 (Introduction) and progress from there. Of course the great benefit of this being an online course versus an in person course is that you can move at your own pace.

How is this course difference from what else is available?

Since we first launched the first edition of the Ultimate Live Sound School back in 2010, we have seen a massive gap between what people needed and what was available. It seemed that the only choices were to somehow piece together a million opinions on forums, Youtube or stale books on Amazon, or spend 80K on a professional audio degree at a four year college like Berklee or Full Sail. The Ultimate Live Sound School is your one-stop solution that's been proven to get the results your music deserves.

Will I get permanent access to the course online?

Yes! Once you complete your purchase an online account is automatically created for you and you have access to it forever.

What if I purchase the training then decide it’s not for me?

No problem! If you don't think that this is the best training available on Live Sound, then simply contact us within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your entire investment. You have nothing to lose- Zero Risk!


We're ready to prove everything we claim so this product comes with a 30-Day Money Back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee.

If the course does not live up to any the claims stated here...just ​drop us a line and we'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. You can even keep the bonuses!

"My heart goes out to all the people around the world that struggle with bad, inconsistent sound week after week.  I wanted to create a resource that you could have in your library and use whenever you need professional help- It's basically like hiring me for a weekend to train you."

"I can help you...give the training a chance, or I'll personally return your money back. I guarantee it."


If you've got this far you might still be on the fence as to whether this will be worth your investment of time and money.

Respectfully, I'd ask you what the cost of doing nothing will be.

You'll have to go back to watching Youtube videos with a million different opinions from a million amateur content creators

You'll have to scour Amazon to try and find dry training books that are decades old and 2 inches thick

You'll have to sift through answers on rude, loud forums

You'll have to endure the deafening, non-stop chatter in Facebook Groups that are little more than an echo chamber of folks who don't have a clue

In short...You'll have to start from scratch again

Or...you could fix your Live Sound Problems once and for all

Imagine the peace of mind you could have if you could fix your sound problems once and for all.

You could see yourself improving faster than ever before

You could be sure that you are learning the right way

You could get back to the important stuff

With our 30 day money back guarantee...you have nothing to lose.


Simply click on the button below and you'll be taken to the payment page.  Enter your details and you'll be sent an email with your login information where you can get started in the course and view all the modules and view/download all the bonuses.


We know you'll love our courses, but if for any reason you change your mind, simply contact us and we'll refund your entire purchase price within 30 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Live Sound School Review

Lots of great information. Eliminates the guess work of setting up and running a sound system.

Easy to understand

Great beginning course but not as advanced as I would have liked. Would definitely recommend to someone starting out.

Great refresher to remove the cob webs'

I have been out of the game for 10+ years, this was an excellant course to brush up on my skills. The older equipment in your course brought back amazing memories. I would recommend this course to folks that are new to sound engineering and a great refresher for some old dogs!

Ultimate Home Recording

Great course. Very detailed yet easily understood and applied.


Ultimate Live Sound School

Training tool for our Audio Techs. at our church.

After viewing the complete course I plan on using it as one tool in our training of audio techs. For new volunteers that may not have much experience this set covers a little bit of everything which I like from the ground up. Nice thing is they used the Midas M32 live which we had recently purchased, but can apply lessons learned to any console and situation. The videos allow a volunteer to watch before entering booth which does not take up our time. When they do sit in with us they are a little less intimidated and can always go back to them over and over if needed. This also gives a new volunteer the chance to see if this interests them as they start watching with no pressure, and we don't have to invest time initially and then have them change their mind. Mix this with hands on as you go and I believe this is a good recipe for success. There are a lot of courses by others I know but I decided to try one of David's courses "Midas M32 Live intro" and I liked how he approached things and it was a good primer for us who had never been on the M32 LIVE before it arrived. Anytime I have asked questions via chat or email I also got a very quick and personal response to my questions big or small. Some of our more advanced Tech's including myself could use a little further study or refresher in EQ and such with this new digital console that you can do SO MUCH more with than our old GL2200 and small processing rack that I will probably look at one of those courses too.
Kevin J. Prebushewski Bethel CRC Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

Excellent Foundation for Sound Techs

I've been volunteering at a church for a few years, helping with our A/V systems. I've learned a lot by watching various Youtube videos. I wish I had discovered The Ultimate Live Sound School first, as it would have saved me a lot of time. Further, having discovered it now, it put very helpful information together in one place to help me be a better sound tech. It is easy to recommend the training!

Great Course!

This course was very helpful as a rookie sound engineer. It was amazing to learn the basics from a seasoned pro like David and he makes it so easy to understand.


David is very informative and explains his lessons in a clear way. He is a wonder teacher and is very kind with his customers. Overall the program was outstanding. Would recommend.

Perfect Video Training

Thanks, perfect training


If you have any questions, please drop us a line using the little blue "widget" in the bottom right hand corner of this page.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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