Ultimate Live Sound School
Ultimate Live Sound SchoolUltimate Live Sound SchoolUltimate Live Sound SchoolUltimate Live Sound SchoolUltimate Live Sound SchoolUltimate Live Sound School

Master the Art & Science of Live Sound.

Pro Audio EXP's Premium Live Sound Training.  

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Welcome to Pro Audio EXP’s Premium Live Sound Training.  Everything you need to know to design, run and troubleshoot any live sound setup.

Meet your Instructor: David Wills. 

Why learn from a newbie on YouTube who hasn't been in the trenches with decades of real world experience? David Wills has worked on some of the largest World Tours in history like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago and mixed THOUSANDS of live events.


A single one time investment allows your entire tech team in your House of Worship or Live Venue to share in this valuable training. With David charging thousands of dollars from an in person consultation...The Ultimate Live Sound School is a tiny investment that you can use forever.


David Wills Guides You Through Each Step Of Setting Up Your Live Sound Setup And Finally Getting That Pro Sound

1: Introduction

Introduction to what a Live Sound System is made up of and how it all works together ​under the skilled operation of an audio engineer. With this Introductory Module you'll get a clear map to the road ahead.

2: Sound Theory

If you've ever wanted to master the tech terms like dBs, Hertz, ​frequency ranges, watts & volts without spending months in a $80,000 College level Audio Engineering Course, this module is for you.

3: The Equipment

Mixers, Crossovers, Amps, Speakers, Wireless Systems, ​Reverbs, Delays, Compressors, Noise Gates, Monitors, Microphones. How to know exactly how they work and how to pick the right ones for your applications.

4: Setting It All Up

​Now that we know what all the pieces do, we'll see exactly how to put them all together from wireless systems to microphone selection and placement. DI Boxes and Balanced Lines. Snakes both traditional and Digital.

5: Mixing Consoles

Discover the simple 5 point operation of ANY mixer either Digital or Analog. Once you know how to break down these specific functions, you'll never be intimidated by ANY Mixer in ANY installation.

6: Troubleshooting

Imagine having a sixth sense in terms of being able to quickly & confidently troubleshoot Feedback, Connection Issues, Gain Structure, Distortion, Ground Loops and any Audio Gremlin that is haunting your System.

7: Mixing

In this ​module, you'll literally look over the shoulder of David Wills as he builds a Mix from absolute scratch. With ​PIP graphics that show exactly how to EQ and compress everything from Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Drums.

8: Running The Show

Now that you can be completely confident in understanding sound theory, troubleshooting, all the equipment as well as mixing on any console, we learn the real world principles of running your live show.

9: Recording & Live

If your position includes ​capturing source multitracks or simple 2-track stereo files, this module goes through everything you need to either record your live event or to stream it live to broadcast apps like Facebook.


BONUS # 1 : Choosing the Perfect Sound Partner

​In this exclusive Interview with Bob Langlois and Daryl Porter of Second Opinion Audio in Colorado Springs, CO...we'll discover the top 3 secrets of partnering with a professional sound design and installation company.Even if you're only a small church with a small budget.

BONUS # 2 : Fixing the Problems in your Room

Have you ever wondered how an expert Sound Designer would view your venue? How an expert would handle your reflection problems? Your flutter? Your ​unevenness of levels around your room? Daryl Porter has designed systems for a multitude of different types of venues and he reveals his secrets in this exclusive interview.

BONUS # 3 : Tales from the Tech Bench

Aaron Miller has been a professional audio tech and worked with the folks who have designed and installed massive sound systems like Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Lakewood, TX. Learn how to choose the correct equipment and think like an expert troubleshooter in this bonus interview.

BONUS # 4 : ​​​World Class Acoustic Design

Imagine hearing from one of the world's foremost experts in Acoustic Design. From an expert who has outfitted over a hundred Churches as well as Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. ​Dennis Foley answers your burning Acoustic Questions in this Exclusive Interview and 2 Bonus Videos.

BONUS # 5 : Test Tones for Ear Training

Can you quickly identify 315Hz? 1.25kHz? Master your ear training by quickly identifying any tone in our practice palette. Play them through your system through any connected iPad, tablet or smartphone. Send Pink and White noise through your system and check phase and other potential problems.

BONUS # 6 : Multitrack Song Files

We also include 3 songs with full multitrack audio files for you to practice mixing on.  Easily bring up source files of Kicks, Snares, Male and Female vocals to practice EQing, Compressing and mixing.  Play them through your own system and follow along with the training while using your new skills in practice.


"​I'm head of sound at a large church in the Columbus, Ohio area. The Ultimate Live Sound School Course has helped get our volunteers up to speed quickly without having to spend hundreds of hours developing training. David makes foundational knowledge, that often takes years to learn, easy to understand. I have worked with many national and international acts, and would confidently recommend ​the Ultimate Live Sound School to anyone wanting to learn the most important elements of live sound."

Michael Johnson - Head Sound Engineer, ​Cypress Wesleyan Church (Galloway, OH - USA)

​"Part of my job is training our clients to run tech and sound for both their time here as well as when they leave for their individual churches. Prior to having the Ultimate Live Sound School it was a constant battle to teach men and women who had no previous tech experience. I have been running live sound for over 10 years, and this class has compressed every bit of knowledge I could share into 6 hours. Your ​Live Sound Course is a gift from God! Also that Aussie Accent makes the series much more enjoyable!"

Josiah Smedsrud ​- A/V Manager, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge (Minneapolis, MN)



We know you are going to love our training. Sometimes things happen- you have the right to change your mind. 

All we ask is that you watch the videos before you decide. Then if you need to reach us please email us at refunds@proaudioexp.com and we will promptly issue your full refund within the first 30 days only.


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