Get Instant Access to an Audio Engineer's Personal Toolkit collected from working for over 30 years with artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Diana Ross.

Includes EQ Cheat Sheet, Live Sound Checklist, Mixing Tricks, Compression Chart and Grammy Winning Engineer Interviews.

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EQ Chart & Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder exactly how to EQ a Kick Drum track?  A Male Vocal?  A Hi-Hat?  This valuable EQ chart lists all the common sounds sources, what their fundamentals are...and how to craft the perfect sound.

Live Sound Checklist

All sorts of Audio Gremlins can creep into a Live Sound performance either at a Church or Live Sound Venue.  With this Live Sound Checklist, you'll be able to troubleshoot any potential problem.

Compression Chart

It seems that everyone has problems with crafting the perfect Compression settings on Vocals and Drums.  If you've ever had trouble placing Drums or Vocals up front in a mix, this chart is a life saver.

Mixing Tricks

Have you heard of the "Abbey Road" scoop?  This simple trick can bring intelligibility to any mix.  Want to get HUGE Phil Collins Drum Sounds?  The answers to these and many others are in your toolkit. 

Grammy Winning Engineers

Andrew Scheps won a Grammy for Engineering Adele's Records.  Clark Hagen won a Grammy and studied under Elvis' long time Engineer.  Both are featured with exclusive interviews inside your toolkit.

Guitar Tone Secrets

Ever wondered how to get Jimmy Page tones?  How Guitar Amps work and how to get the types of tones that you dream of?  Find the secrets to perfect pedal order with the head of Boss Pedals.  All access included.

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David Wills is the founder and owner of, a leader in equipping Musicians, Audio Engineers and Music Producers with the tools they need to succeed.

His working resume includes Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire.  After nearly 25 years in business and over 70 video courses and working relationships with the biggest names in the business including Roland, Tascam, Midas, Presonus, BehringerKorg and Zoom, is a world leader in online training.

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