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The Masterclass in Mixing course is your answer to getting the mix that you deserve.  In over 3 1/2 hours of premium training you'll learn precisely how to break apart a mix and build it up from scratch. Using standard tools like EQ, Gates and Compression along with more advanced techniques like Transient Design and Parallel Crush Busses, you'll see 2 complete songs mixed right before your eyes.

"Forever Begins Today" is a Pop song with real drums, funky guitars and massive layers of vocals. Then "Next to You" is a 6/8 ballad with electronic drums, piano, acoustic and distorted guitars and a "quartet" style backing vocal arrangement.

Not only is this perfect for recording musicians, it's also great practice for live sound engineers to use some industry standard techniques along with newer "secrets" that give you a perfect mix. And because all source audio and MIDI files are included on the DVDs and the online access can drop them into your favorite DAW or hardware recorder and quickly try your own mixes.

As a BONUS, there is an Exclusive Interview with Clark Hagan (Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer) who has studied under Elvis's long time engineer. Yours free with the course.

What we’ll learn
The Soundscape
Monitors and headphones

Organizing your Workflow
Working with Templates
The Rough Mix
Noting the Important Parts
Noting Problems
Fixing Problems
Getting Creative
Building the Mix

Balance and Pan
Transient Processors
Editing tools

In line vs Parallel
Aux Busses
Gain Stages
Signal Flow

SONG 1 - Forever Begins Today

SONG 2 - Next to You

(Sample Files included)

Customer Reviews

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Never ceases to amaze me.

I have brought a couple of the tutorials now. The most important thing for me is relevance and ease. The videos are well spread out and covers everything you need in an easy user platform.
The confidence I gain from watching these tutorials is second to none. Love the videos. Do your self a favour....

Masterclass-Mixing Course Rocks!

I have gotten several courses over the years and this one is another outstanding one! Love how David teaches different parts on different workstation programs (Reason, Pro tools, Logic) Nobody else does that! So you can get comfortable with seeing it done in different ways. And learning from one of the masters of recording. A lot I did not know about mixing, now I get it! Thanks David


this course is the best for mixing and live sound

Great Courses to Build Your Mixes!

David's Mixing Masterclass teaches you the importance of organizing your tracks and how to use your DAWs tools in order to have a pleasing setup for anyone who is using a mixer (real or virtual) for live or post-production sound applications. This is great for all self-starting musicians, audio engineers and music producers that want to grow their skills. He also makes great analogies to help the average person understand the variety of techniques he teaches.

His teachings will become second-nature when you apply them to your sessions, which makes mixing sessions much easier and enjoyable to figure out how to create music. From techniques with panning, volume levels to using multiple effects and routing, he shows you examples from his own work how he builds his songs, and the results are intriguing. He shows you this in Pro Tools, Logic and Reason.

If you have taken his Ultimate Live Sound School and Home Recording courses, this course will help you grow in mixing, uses your effects in depth, and how to route easily to making great music. I have mixed a few songs recently this year, and his courses are making my music sound great and I'm happy with the results!

I have all the courses. Learned so much!

I have followed all the other ProAudioDVD Master Class courses EQ, Compression and Vocals, and also the Live, Home and Guitar Schools (and others).In a relatively short period, I have learned so much that I amaze myself every day in my own studio!But this Master Class in Mixing course is definitely taking me to another level and I have only watched it once so far.David s workflow and organization pointers are exactly what I need at this stage. He shows us how to set things up, but also stresses the need for templates.I use Reason 9.5 and I really haven t been taking advantage of it s awesome mixer. I have wanted to know more about sending effects instead of inserting them and this video really made it clear.David shows you how to do things in Pro Tools and Logic but by the time I saw the same thing in Reason, I just completely understood.One other thing I ll say is that as soon as I finished watching the video, I opened up the included Reason project and there it was for me to examine with exactly all the same settings just like in the course!