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The Masterclass in Mixing course is your answer to getting the mix that you deserve. In over 3 1/2 hours of premium training you'll learn precisely how to break apart a mix and build it up from scratch. Using standard tools like EQ, Gates and Compression along with more advanced techniques like Transient Design and Parallel Crush Busses, you'll see 2 complete songs mixed right before your eyes.

"Forever Begins Today" is a Pop song with real drums, funky guitars and massive layers of vocals. Then "Next to You" is a 6/8 ballad with electronic drums, piano, acoustic and distorted guitars and a "quartet" style backing vocal arrangement.

Not only is this perfect for recording musicians, it's also great practice for live sound engineers to use some industry standard techniques along with newer "secrets" that give you a perfect mix. And because all source audio and MIDI files are included on the DVDs and the online access can drop them into your favorite DAW or hardware recorder and quickly try your own mixes.

As a BONUS, there is an Exclusive Interview with Clark Hagan (Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer) who has studied under Elvis's long time engineer. Yours free with the course.

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What we’ll learn
The Soundscape
Monitors and headphones

Organizing your Workflow
Working with Templates
The Rough Mix
Noting the Important Parts
Noting Problems
Fixing Problems
Getting Creative
Building the Mix

Balance and Pan
Transient Processors
Editing tools

In line vs Parallel
Aux Busses
Gain Stages
Signal Flow

SONG 1 - Forever Begins Today

SONG 2 - Next to You

(Sample Files included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Gerald Rioux (Toronto, CA)
Mixing with noise gate and compression

Mixing down with noise gate and compression on drums makes a big difference in a mix down thanks Dave for the lesson

Tor Henrik Krokstad (Verdal, NO)
Beginners review

Great course even for someone who is just starting out working with mixing. Presenter has a very pleasant way of delivering the training. Easy to understand, but still sufficiently in depth. Loved it and I will probably take som more corses here.

Rex Foord (Melbourne, AU)

David does a great job in explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand manner. I picked a number of great ideas for mixing audio which can be extrapolated to any mixer or DAW. Great job.

Warren Paul (Bromsgrove, GB)
master class in mixing

great video of master class in mixing so easy to follow and good information. Thanks David your dvds are so helpful. thanks Warren

Don New (Owings Mills, US)
Masterclass in mixing

Just getting started into the course. Already I have found the content useful and informative. Also working with David and the support he gives is great!

Bassicb (Sydney, CA)
Masterclass in Mixing

If you have ever had doubts or just wanted to know? This is the place to go. You will be able to take on the challenge of mixing live with ease.

It’s a true winner worthy of your time without doubt.

John Robinson (Northampton, GB)
Mixing demonstrated clearly but: -

I really enjoyed watching this practical masterclass. As usual David explained everything very well and I have managed to incorporate many of his methods into the tasks I am working on. However, as a) a newbie and b) using Cubase Elements, the fact that David used Pro Tools and Reason made things a bit difficult for me.

I should point out that my main function is playing bass in a band and that I am learning this to be able to record our music to a higher standard.

I have still rated the course 5 stars because David is slowly getting me hooked on audio production.

keith murphy (Roseburg, US)
great help

the class was presented clearly and in a professional way

Rick Baraniuk (Thunder Bay, CA)
Awesome Programs

In the month of January 2021 I purchased six Pro Audio EXP. courses. In the thirty years of studying audio these are the best courses I have ever purchased and experienced. David’s knowledge, experience and passion is the best I have ever seen. Greta purchase I plan on adding to my Pro Audio collection!

Neil Crawford (Emsworth, GB)
Master Mixing

I bought a course at the beginning of lockdown on how to use the Zoom recorder and found it so useful and clear that I had no hesitation in coming back to your website to pick up this next course on Masterclass in mixing. As with the first it delivers on organisation, clarity simply put and focus on key topics! Learning lots!

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