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Masterclass-Getting Killer Vocals ProAudioEXP

Masterclass-Killer Vocals

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If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Producing, Arranging and Recording Killer've found it! Over 4 hours of Premium Training.

While there are many production tools that give you "plug and play" radio-quality sounds to your mixes, getting Killer Vocals is one of the last elements of your mix that can't be cured by just using the "right microphone" or latest plugin. David Wills takes you step by step through the industry best practices that are used in all major studios. Look through all the subjects covered from caring for and warming up your voice, to arrangement, editing and mixing to get the kinds of vocals that you deserve but have not been able to get.

Don't buy another microphone or preamp thinking that will fix your problems...get the training you need to get the vocal sounds of your dreams.

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Physiology of your Voice
Proper Breathing Technique
Chest vs Belly Breathing
Warming Up Exercises
Core Warmup
Neck and Shoulders Warmup
Mouth and Tongue Warmup
Lip Trills
Tongue Trills
Breathing Warmup
1-3-5 Sirens
1-3-5-Octave Sirens
The Big Three Enemies

Benefits of Vocal Arrangements
Types of Vocal Parts
Harmony 101
Using a Keyboard for Chord Shapes
Becoming a Student of Harmony

Microphone Recommendations
Phantom Power
Addressing your Microphone
Mounting your Microphone
Proximity Effect
Handling Plosives
Using Pop Filters
Setting Levels
Preparing for Tracking Vocals
Auditioning our Backing Tracks
Tracking your Lead Vocal
Punching In
Comping Vocals
Editing Comps
Doubling Vocals
Performance Tricks
Doubling Example
Double Levels
Harmony Example 1 - "Echo parts"
Importance of Preset Tracks
Basic mix of 3 part Harmonies
Plate Reverb on Harmonies
Cleaning up Edit Points
Harmony Example 2 - "Call and Response"
Harmony Example 3 - "Pad or Wash"
Confidence in Falsettos Parts
"Flying" Vocals
Harmony Example 4 - "Call and Response 2"
"Flying" Vocals example 2
Bridge Vocals

Editing Lead vs. Backing Vocals
Cleaning up Timeline
Color Coding Tracks
Time Correcting Doubled Vocals
Correcting Hard Consonants
Correcting Time Slices
Pitch Correction Overview
Correction Speed
Formant Control
Time Correcting Bridge Harmonies
Sliding Releases
Pitch Editing our Lead Vocal
Chopping Parts
0Working with Drift
Working with Transition Time
Working with Glissando Parts

Backing Tracks Mix
Rhythm Section Mix
Lead Vocal vs Double balance
Lead Vocal vs Harmonies balance
Compress before EQ
Compressing the Lead Vocal
Creating a Crush Channel
Creating a Backing Vocal Crush Buss
Cleaning up Backing Vocals with Noise Gates
EQ Overview "Corrective vs Creative"
EQing our Lead Vocal
Using a HPF
Adding "Air" to Lead Vocal
Removing "Boxiness" from Lead Vocal
Adding "Intelligibility" to Lead Vocal
Creating EQ Presets
Adding Time Based Effects
Early Reflections vs Tail
Delays with Feedback
Adding a "Radio Effect" Echo
Completing the Final Mix


Andrew Scheps - Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer with Adele

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Donald K
A great eye opener!

Masterclass-Killer Vocals is for me,a true effective help for learning how to properly lay down vocal tracks in any’s a great help for
Beginners,and a cool guide for advance recording producers or engineers for brush up,or
Refresher course.

Doug Kelley
Excellent Training on Recording Vocals

I really loved this training course on getting the most in vocal recording. I've been writing, recording, and producing my own songs for about 3 years, and have struggled to get the best vocal sound. I've watched a myriad of YouTube videos which offered some help, but I was extremely impressed with how David Wills recorded a lead vocal as well as 3-part harmonies during the class. They sounded incredible! (I also loved the song.) Thanks, David, for another outstanding course! -Doug Kelley

Ilian Kostov
Top Shelf Masterclass

Getting Killer Vocals is a masterclass of the highest quality I've been missing. I learned a lot of things that matter in recording, editing and mixing vocals that nobody teaches.

David Wills shows enormous real life experience and knowledge in the audio engineering field. He is one of few people who share their true secrets with their audiences online.

Anybody can follow the examples and try to replicate what David does. No fluff here, just plain usefull hands on audio training. Can't wait to start on the next course.

Thank you for sharing David!

Joe Muchka
Truly Killer Vocals

The title isn't hyperbole! This truly is an exceptionally helpful and thorough Master Class on the art of creating amazing vocals. I had no idea of the nuance involved in recording, editing and mixing vocals. Creating and recording my own music is a serious hobby for me but my vocal tracks were usually a lead vocal and a 'double' - that's it! I realized pretty quickly I needed the education and experience that David and the folks at ProAudioEXP offered in this Master Class to expand my skills and take my recording any vocals to a new level. My goal was to learn what makes a great vocal mix. What I've learned has exceeded my expectations. It was all here in this Master Class - from beginning to end - how to prepare to sing, microphone techniques and recording - to masterful uses of EQ and dynamic signal processing, when editing and mixing vocals. I learned a ton of useful information and new skills to use on all my vocal tracks but the recording, editing and mixing of multiple background vocals was worth the price of the class alone! Thank you, David and ProAudioEXP for presenting yet another amazing and incredibly useful Master Class. This isn't hyperbole from me in the least. What I can say personally and without any hesitation, is that I truly received 'Killer' education and stellar training that will help me create the best vocal mixes possible in my songs. I'm grateful for that and excited to get started! David and ProAudioEXP, you're Master Classes are the best! They are my 'go to' home recording references - all of them!

Fillm Workshop dude
Masterclass-Killer Vocals

The tutorials were as expected, executed w. finesse and with style. To recap on a few topics: “Vocal Comp”, “Layering” and the surprisingly but quite appealing “Vocal Warming up” (basic knowledge to some here… BUT i somehow found it detailed: in a new fresh way!!
Mr Will’s explanatory style and humour made it all a ‘enjoyable coctail which btw I’m looking forward to repeat in near future.

— “Masterclass-Killer Vocals” —

‘Highly Reccomended’ and IF you’re a Novice beginning your own ‘Recording-Mic-Session’ this should be your First Choice of many exellent tutorials.

-Isn’t online educucation wonderful when you actually brighten your skills…slowly but steadily.

Thank You again,

Cheers K

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