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Great tutorial and Wing overview!

I am happy with this product, it guides even newbies in digital mixers and gives sistematic explanation of every little part of the legendary Wing.

Super Helpful

As always, this course on DVD was super helpful for myself and for the training of our sound team which includes several people new to sound and all of us are amateurs. David covers all the basics, always illustrates and explains well, and the examples really focus in on the difference that compression and gates can make. Thanks David for your help as we seek to help our great musicians sounds their best!


I own a small Concert and Event Production Company serving the 626 and 818 area code around Los Angeles. I also run a small Church's sound for Sunday service.
I have purchased previous tutorials and have found them informative and very helpful, especially coming from an analog background, so thank you David.
From Adrian over at 210eastsound.

This course was amazing! David teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and retain. I learned a lot about studio one to help with my workflow and actually utilize the tools in the DAW! Will definitely be purchasing more products from David! 5 stars!

Behringer Wing Video Tutorial
Arie van der Harst
Behringer Wing course; great!

Digital consoles are not new to me but the Behringer Wing is. There are many courses available on the web, choose what you like. This course however brings you from start to finish in logical steps to give you the confidence using it live, right away.

Presonus Studio One 5 Professional

I’ve purchased Davids DVD’s for many years now. He doesn’t drown you in the manual, but gives you a Précis need to know. Essentially what you need to make things work. Even if you do get confused, you can watch, and rewatch until you get what he’s explaining into your head. I had been considering doing a college course in Sound Engineering, but I have everything from David’s courses that they were going to show me in 3 hrs a night over 7 weeks.
I really like David’s approach. I’ve watched his DVD, and I’m now playing with it. The good thing is…if I get stuck, I just go to the appropriate section for refresh. Don’t want to upset him…but if I ever make it Colorado, I’ll need to visit him. 👍👍😘

Brilliant Teacher, Excellent Content

I've followed David on Youtube for years but hadn't committed to a course - my mistake! David presents all the essentials of home recording but with tips that can only come from an expert with decades of serious experience in the studio. Also - David has an ASMR voice you wouldn't believe! So friendly, so helpful, he walks you through like an old friend. Thanks David!

Zoom R24/R8 Tutorial
Chris Fezzler
Back to The Future Zoom R24

Hey fellow ProAudioEXP fans! Did you know some of the older recording equipment is now more affordable than ever used? Call it vintage, nostalgic or old school, but I call it fun. No manual? No worries. ProAudioEXP has training covered at an affordable price. Pickup some old gear and have fun! Diggin' my old new Zoom R24. Cool recording device.

Perfect course for professional and personal home recording

With this course, you will learn all you need to record music and vocals in your home studio. All the important principles and practical information are taught in detail with examples in a very simple way. You will also be able to mix and master your audio, so that you will create professional level tracks. The price is very fair and the teacher is very kind and he has a lot of professional experiences to share with you. I highly recommend this course!

Roland VS-2400 Tutorial

David provides the most relevant and clear information to get you up and running quickly with your new gear. I've bought a number of his videos and he is the best. May he long continue helping his fellow musicians.

Excellent Tutorial!

I’ll admit freely that I am thoroughly impressed with this video tutorial for the QU Series Allen & Heath mixer. Video quality is excellent, great “hands on” view of the console during the various (and many) step-through training modules. I highly recommend this for anyone who owns a QU Series mixer. I’ve watched through completely once, and now browse back through to areas I wish to learn more about as I get more familiar with the mixer. Well done!

Good info for ME-80 owners as well

Even though this was produced as an instructional video for the ME-70, there is a wealth of fundamental information that also provides a basis for using the ME-80 as well. I own the ME-80, but only use a small portion of it's settings for my acoustic electric violin. I really like David's teaching methods, and own a total of 11 different DVD's. So - I took a chance that there would be some good instruction on the ME-70 DVD that would apply to my ME-80. Even though the boards are slightly different in design, the basic use is really the same. I know enough about my ME-80 to quickly figure out the differences and to apply them to my board as well. It was an inexpensive risk to buy a DVD that was not intended for my particular piece of hardware - but it sure paid off, as I now have a better understanding of how my board operates as well. Many thanks David ! (Pictured is the ME-80 for a comparison)

Clear, Concise and Fun

David makes sense and knows how to teach. You can tell he's not just "reeling" it off, he puts himself in the shoes of the student who needs to learn. Having a pro who is not just a computer face, but a real person who is a great musician and writer makes a big difference. These are by far the best courses I've encountered, and well worth the money. Here's a pic of my previous studio, Now it's a large brand new building, digital gear, (Presonus 5 and the StudioLive 64 S. I have some pics but hadn't located them)

Training a dutchman

Great video’s for a good price.

It triggers to go for the masterclass vids.

Ultimate Guitar Tone School
Christopher Sinisi
Ultimate Guitar Tone School

I am currently watching David's UGTS.I am 3 modules in and I have learned a lot about the signal path/what makes tubes do what they do and how tone stacks work. There is more to guitar tone and amp tone than I thought. Every series that I have purchased and watched is top notch and I have really learned a lot of actual useful information that I have already started to incorporate into my home recordings. I have purchased the Zoom R24 course(DVD), the Ultimate Guitar Tone School (UGTS) course, the Master EQ course, the Master Compression course (DVD)(I have not watched that one yet) and the Home Recording Course. I have learned actual information and skills that I can and have incorporated in my home recordings. I will eventually get the Killer Vocals course as well. Dave is the Man!!! His videos and knowledge are very informative and very useful!!! And his explanations are very user-friendly and not over your head. I have not been disappointed with any of the videos I have purchased.

Great tutorial, just what I needed!

Hi David, again you explain the necessary bits so well, all you need to get up and running to produce the best projects! Highly recommended.

Mind boggled by the manual no more!

Well, excellent purchase.
After spending hours getting confused by the manual, the opportunity to get a broken down video tutorial explaining each area and feature of the sp808 is fantastic.
Just certain things I couldn't wrap my head round, but I have now.

If you are a better visual/audio learner there is not a better resource for our beloved Roland Sp808 (+ex)


Excellent for what I do!

Studio One 5.2 video class

David, the video training was well organized and very helpful. It didn’t take me long to realize that Studio One is a pretty powerful DAW. I have been using Reason a long time and wanted to use more Kontact based sample libraries and your class was terrific for learning what I needed to get up to speed faster. Your pacing and clear connection in the steps were so thorough that it really helps me better understand how all of the other capabilities of the DAW can fit into the workflow. I enjoyed the format so much that I poked around in the other available classes and have already purchased the “Killer Vocals” class. I am sure it won’t be my last. David’s personal touch of following up personally was also an interesting unexpected when it appeared I had some trouble with the order (I didn’t but my phone seemed to have a problem completing the sale so had to do it from my studio rig and it worked perfect) was that extra touch that was really impressive. There are a lot of videos out there on YouTube, and Gregor and Joe Gilder are terrific, but it is good to have a “friend” with a little different approach to tie it all together. I encourage anyone looking to arrange and make your vocals better to check out those classes also! Make Great Music, even if it is just for yourself!! John

Studio 1 5.2. Course

This course has been a huge help, for me, to transition out of a hardware studio engineer, to the Digital world, pretty in depth, and easy to follow, I am looking forward to more courses!

Fantastic start to learning SQ6

We just swapped out our soundboard from a 24 channel Mackie analog mixer to the SQ6. And, I had a day to basically learn how to use the SQ6 to support FOH and streaming at our church. David's training was the lifesaver I needed to get up and running quickly. The feedback (the good kind) was great! People commented how good the audio sounded in the room compared to what we had been able to do with our previous board. There is much more to learn on this board, but without David's tutorial I would have been lost.

Learning the SQ7

This tutorial was just what I needed to get me started and than made it possible to use this complex piece of equipment. Your teaching method matches my learning style. Thank you for the way you patiently explained each part of the SQ7.

Not only for beginners!

Even after using Logic since version 5 on a Mac7100 snd a pc (remember maybe?), I found loads of nice new info nuggets in this tutorial. Very clear and precise no-nonsense explanations about basic functions in chapter 1 and 2, and from chapter 3 the more advanced and some times in plain sight hidden possibilities of Logic are revealed.
One small b-flat: it would be nice to add personal notated markers in the course timelines, but I presume Vimeo is (not yet?) up to snuff for that. at least I haven’t found a way yet?)
But for me the most importantly: David really knows what he’s talking about, and his tuto is great!

Essential viewing

Forget the manual, it comes nowhere close to revealing the hidden depths of this magnificent beat box. I have been able to put together some convincing demos to illustrate to my drummer what is needed to make the tracks sparkle. David is engaging, as ever, and instils confidence as he ploughs through the myriad of special treats in store for the owner of a DR880. Top notch.

Studio One Rev 5.x

Hi Dave!
Glad to see you are still making training videos. As you might remember, I own a number of your previous products, and I see you have produced a new one for Studio One. I find that thanks to you I am starting to understand how to use the product in my Studio. Cudos!
Michael Sisemore
Sound Studio Owner and Musician