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Great! Cut a Month off the learning curve.

I'm into the Tascam DP24 for most of my projects because I'm weary of the infinite obstacles a DAW can present. David's tutorial not only affirmed the wisdom of my choice of the Tascam DP24 for my work, it also allowed me to feel comfortable with the system almost immediately. I work methodically but the DAW world is often "death by a thousand paper cuts". If you have a DP24, David's well produced instructions will help you immensely. You'll even get some real spillover benefits for general recording. Thanks David for a job well done !

Great Resources

I have found your resources to be very helpful. Thank you for the great work you do.


If you’re new to Studio One and home recording, look no further. You have come to the right place.

I consider myself a lifelong professional student. In my opinion, David Wills is the consummate audio engineer/music producer teaching professional. I feel extremely lucky to have found David and Pro Audio EXP.

By way of background, I had limited knowledge about, and no experience with, home recording prior to doing the Pro Audio EXP Studio One course. I spent approximately four months getting familiar with the various components of a home recording studio and basic audio recording terminology. The source of my knowledge was a combination of reading Jeff Strong’s excellent book, Home Recording for Dummies, and watching several YouTube videos.

After vacillating as to whether I really wanted to devote a large portion of my time and energy to home recording or continue to develop my skills as a musician, I took the plunge in early December, 2023 and purchased the basic components of a home recording studio, the centerpiece of which is Studio One. Being an analytical professional student, I didn’t commit to this decision until I researched and decided to purchase what appeared to be the ultimate learning tool to begin getting up to speed with Studio One and home recording, i.e., Pro Audio EXP’s Studio One course.

Five weeks later, I can confidently say that my instincts were spot on. The proof is in the pudding. Not only have I completed the Studio One course, which included multiple reviews of individual modules with copious note-taking and simultaneous hands-on experience with Studio One, I have successfully recorded and edited several audio tracks for my first song. This includes a vocal track that was achievable as a result of an online vocal training course that I began less than three months ago.

My home recording success to date was made possible by David Wills. David’s unparalleled enthusiasm, experience, and devotion to teaching was obvious from the first minute that I began watching his introduction video. This, combined with David’s calm, down-to-earth demeanor, quickly removed any lingering doubt that I had regarding my decision to commit to home recording.

David’s many years of experience as a professional audio engineer/music producer working with several of the most successful recording artists has resulted in a well-structured comprehensive course that provides you with the essentials for learning Studio One. I looked forward to each and every lesson, knowing that it would provide me with the necessary tools for understanding and solving particular problems I was experiencing. The value that I derived from the course was second to none.

In addition to completing the Studio One course which I will continue to use as a reference, I began Pro Audio EXP’s Ultimate Home Recording School course this morning. I’m confident that this course will enable me to continue growing my home recording skills and make me a better musician. In summary, David Wills and Pro Audio EXP have quickly become, and will continue to be, my go-to home recording learning resource.

Thank you, David!

Good tutorial.

Recommended for all beginners..

I felt like I was underpaying for the course by the end of it

Before this course, I learned everything about mixing through random youtube videos, which meant I only got bits and pieces here.

I didn't know how to set up, use the gates, compressors, softkeys, and everything else for my mixer. But this course was absolutely amazing, within one day I felt like I knew my mixer better than the last year of fiddling around with it and watching blurry youtube videos on it.

I absolutely would recommend this course for anyone who bought this mixer, especially from someone who doesn't really understand how it all works. The only thing that could be changed is in some of the buses, and mixes sections to have a claimer or something that it only works for the QU-32. I own the QU-16 and i would be writing down notes and everything until I realized my mixer doesn't have that function! haha

Everything needed to start with an Avantis in one place

Having never seen an Avantis before we were able get our church sound team up to speed in a very tight time frame as our existing desk was replaced at short notice with an Avantis. While the Avantis is clearly not a beginners desk the course was pitched to about the right level and nicely and logically presented without getting too technical for volunteers. Everything needed to start using an Avantis in one package, a good start point to upskill from as knowledge and experience increases.

Tascam DP-03 Tutorial
Charles Folks
Tascam DP-03 SD Course review

Very informative course. Simple explanation of recording features of DP-03 .

Behringer WING Console

I watched the quick overview video by David. I was able to follow his explanation easier than other youtube videos!!! So I wanted a tutorial about the WING!!! You guys got it!

Masterklasser-killer vocals ,masterclass - mixing.

Hands down the best the best Courses if you are looking if you are looking to up your game in your music production journey.
I feel every penny is has been well spent.David explains things well and makes everything very easy to undstand.

Excellent training for beginners

I was looking for video instructions for my new A&H SQ-5
and read about the ProAudio Exp course in the comments.
Mr. David regularly responds to e-mails.
I am also looking towards a more advanced course.

Zoom R24

Very helpful instructional video. It is going to make a great resource to go back to to help get the basics down with the Zoom R24. I was a little lost understanding quite a few of the functions before the video. My confidence and has increased and it is more fun to turn on the machine and get ideas down now.

Terrific training!

This is the fourth training program I've taken from here. I keep coming back here for training because its the best I've found yet. I highly recommend it!


Very Very helpful.

Vintage Recording Gear Rocks!

Tired of the complexity and ever increasing and repeated costs computer-based recording? Find one of the many used digital recorders out there that David has an instructional program for and pick it up today! They are really amazing in what they can STILL do! They are fun to learn, use and (don't tell the Mrs.) collect! YouTube video placeholder
QU24 tutorial

This could not have been made any easier to understand. Great instruction, easy to follow. I highly recommend this if your new to a digital mixer. For sure worth every penny.

Great tutorial and Wing overview!

I am happy with this product, it guides even newbies in digital mixers and gives sistematic explanation of every little part of the legendary Wing.

Super Helpful

As always, this course on DVD was super helpful for myself and for the training of our sound team which includes several people new to sound and all of us are amateurs. David covers all the basics, always illustrates and explains well, and the examples really focus in on the difference that compression and gates can make. Thanks David for your help as we seek to help our great musicians sounds their best!


I own a small Concert and Event Production Company serving the 626 and 818 area code around Los Angeles. I also run a small Church's sound for Sunday service.
I have purchased previous tutorials and have found them informative and very helpful, especially coming from an analog background, so thank you David.
From Adrian over at 210eastsound.

This course was amazing! David teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and retain. I learned a lot about studio one to help with my workflow and actually utilize the tools in the DAW! Will definitely be purchasing more products from David! 5 stars!

Behringer Wing Video Tutorial
Arie van der Harst
Behringer Wing course; great!

Digital consoles are not new to me but the Behringer Wing is. There are many courses available on the web, choose what you like. This course however brings you from start to finish in logical steps to give you the confidence using it live, right away.

Presonus Studio One 5 Professional

I’ve purchased Davids DVD’s for many years now. He doesn’t drown you in the manual, but gives you a Précis need to know. Essentially what you need to make things work. Even if you do get confused, you can watch, and rewatch until you get what he’s explaining into your head. I had been considering doing a college course in Sound Engineering, but I have everything from David’s courses that they were going to show me in 3 hrs a night over 7 weeks.
I really like David’s approach. I’ve watched his DVD, and I’m now playing with it. The good thing is…if I get stuck, I just go to the appropriate section for refresh. Don’t want to upset him…but if I ever make it Colorado, I’ll need to visit him. 👍👍😘

Brilliant Teacher, Excellent Content

I've followed David on Youtube for years but hadn't committed to a course - my mistake! David presents all the essentials of home recording but with tips that can only come from an expert with decades of serious experience in the studio. Also - David has an ASMR voice you wouldn't believe! So friendly, so helpful, he walks you through like an old friend. Thanks David!

Zoom R24/R8 Tutorial
Chris Fezzler
Back to The Future Zoom R24

Hey fellow ProAudioEXP fans! Did you know some of the older recording equipment is now more affordable than ever used? Call it vintage, nostalgic or old school, but I call it fun. No manual? No worries. ProAudioEXP has training covered at an affordable price. Pickup some old gear and have fun! Diggin' my old new Zoom R24. Cool recording device.

Perfect course for professional and personal home recording

With this course, you will learn all you need to record music and vocals in your home studio. All the important principles and practical information are taught in detail with examples in a very simple way. You will also be able to mix and master your audio, so that you will create professional level tracks. The price is very fair and the teacher is very kind and he has a lot of professional experiences to share with you. I highly recommend this course!

Roland VS-2400 Tutorial

David provides the most relevant and clear information to get you up and running quickly with your new gear. I've bought a number of his videos and he is the best. May he long continue helping his fellow musicians.