Introducing the all new Waveform 10 by Tracktion Corporation

Waveform 10 is an advanced sound software created by Tracktion Corporation that goes more forward than the regular DAW capability. It is creative and an affordable digital audio workstation, compared to most of its competitors in the music industry.

Waveform 10 has the latest additions of evolving features. It is designed to specifically provide for the needs of audio engineers, to make mixing and creating music easier, with an emphasis on being inventive and fun.

Waveform 10 has an action panel that has been developed for lightning-fast workflow and easy navigation. The flexible track grouping and track editor window features make editing new or existing groups quick and easy allowing users smart and swift access to untold sound potential. The UI and UX developments mean track destinations are always clear and accessible. It also features 62 new built-in plug-ins. In the Waveform 10, the MIDI has been improved, with the increased ability to preview chords and compare different synths.

Waveform 10 is the only digital audio workstation to include genuine Auto-Tune® technology from Antares Technologies. Aside from this advanced feature, it also includes the Melodyne and Elastique Pro, which are the most complete suite of audio pitch manipulation tools ever assembled in a DAW.

The potency of the DAWs performance has been boosted by the huge improvements in host stability management. To combat the possible loss of data due to plugin crash, Waveform 10 features constant save technology and immediate crash recovery. Free online video tutorials and support makes Waveform 10 accessible to all.

With Waveform 10, there’s no restriction on how you will do your music and mixing music will be endless. It offers multitrack capabilities with unlimited track count, and to add more plug-ins. It functions on all major desktop operating systems, features a massive suite of over eighty plugins and provides a vast array of different instruments – something for any music genre. 

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