Noise App: Get it Free for your iPhone

If you’re a fan of music as well as an owner of an iPhone 6 or an iPad this season, then today is your lucky day, as the app store has something just for you. This new mobile app, called Noise, is developed by British-based instrument makers ROLI, who are also known for manufacturing the innovative Seaboard.

The Noise App is available for free, downloadable from the App Store. What this app offers for its users are the most expressive music-making experience on any mobile device yet.

Taking advantage of the iPhone 6’s new 3D Touch technology, the screen’s surface lets music­ makers create and shape their desired sounds through Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift —­ popularly known as the “Five Dimensions of Touch ”, which is celebrated on ROLI’s award-­winning Seaboard RISE controller. If you don’t have the latest mobile device or don’t have any mobile device, then worry not! There are plenty of performance controls available and it’s compatible with earlier models such as the iPhone 5.

Because it works as a standalone instrument, the Noise features 25 keywaves (which are shrinkable to 17 or 13), contains 25 sounds (up to 108 can be purchased via the in-app store), and has five faders for fine ­tuning the touch-­responsiveness of the surface.

Noise App is made to be the best portable sound engine for the Seaboard RISE as well as other MIDI controllers. This app allows musicians and sound engineers to create and mix sounds wirelessly on their mobile devices. This is thanks to the app being powered by Equator and using MIDI over Bluetooth. It is one of the very first app on mobile devices to utilize the Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) via its MPE Mode. This means that the NOISE mobile sound engine works with any MPE­ compatible controller.

Years of innovative research and product development enabled its engineers to create the Seaboard RISE, MIDI controller that enables 5 dimensions of touch, as well as Equator, its powerful native sound engine. With NOISE, ROLI have ensured that the shape of the surface of the Seaboard isn’t just for show, it’s also to maximize playability on an iPhone and remapped the new dimensions of sonic control offered by Equator. Built with JUCE, NOISE among the few apps that is created from the leading cross-platform framework for audio apps.

ROLI is always known for their game-changing tools for modern music production. They have earned multiple awards from the Seaboard RISE and Seaboard GRAND instruments alone, and thus these two are part of their family of intuitively designed products!


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