PianoCentric – Mixing Piano Made Easy

When it comes to sound quality, the PianoCentric plugin excels at making mixing piano easier and user-friendly by giving the users direct access to its customized tools, signal flow and piano processing techniques, all of which have been perfected by Greg Wells.

The PianoCentric plugin was developed in collaboration with Wells himself, using many years of his own experience and learning with other fellow sound engineers in the industry. This latest addition of Waves’ Signature Series utilizes its new and improved interface that makes it much easier for users to find the right compatible sound for your piano or keyboard recordings, which varies from full-range piano to lo-fi filtered sounds.

According to Wells, the way the plugin is designed was that it can reach two different destinations: one is a beautiful, punchy piano that will cut through any mix with its integrated drums and other elements. The second direction is more on the opposite, like an old bullet microphone in mono, inside the piano – lo-fi and a little on the crunchy side.

Wells added that “The PianoCentric plugin is something I wish every studio I’ve ever worked in had. The piano is a hard instrument to record and even harder to make sit in the mix properly. I have been playing piano as a studio musician for 30 years. Anytime I heard an engineer do something that got me closer to the piano sound in my head, I paid very close attention. Under the hood of the PianoCentric plugin is every technique I’ve learned over the years for how to make piano sound amazing in the studio.”

He also added that “I’ve designed this plugin to reach two different destinations. One destination is gorgeous, punchy piano that will cut through any mix with lots of drums and other elements. The second and opposite destination is more like an old bullet microphone in mono, inside the piano – lo-fi and a little crunchy. Enjoy!”

The PianoCentric plugin has an official sale price of $149. While rather steep for many, fortunately the product is currenty available for the introductory price of a mere $99. This product is already bundled with Waves’ Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show collections.

To learn more about the details on this product as well as the downloadable demo version, you can find these at their main site at www.waves.com. So don’t delay! Order now to own your very own PianoCentric Plugin!


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