StudioPatch 9625 Gets You Free Breakout Cable

So you’ve decided to open up your very first recording studio. The first and most important step is to gather the proper recording equipment. Especially if you’re novice, you’d be very overwhelmed by the massive amount of hardware, software and others available in the market today. 

From music workshops to amplifiers, it’ll take a long while for you to browse through them all. But for today, this article will focus on one particular piece of hardware you should use for your recording studio – the StudioPatch 9625.

So what makes the StudioPatch Series Audio Patchbays stand out? It utilizes Switchcraft’s new EZ Norm technology, for starters. What this brings is that it allows signal flow to be changed from the front of the patchbay using a simple screwdriver. Every StudioPatch 9625 is bundled with easy access programmable grounds, making it possible for experienced users to customize the ground setting of each channel to either vertically strapped or isolated very easily; all with a simple flip of a switch.

StudioPatch 9625 has DB25 I/O connections wired to the TASCAM DTRS pinout allow for any audio interface and outboard gear you can find in the market to be directly connected, creating a greater sense of flexibility in your studio. The StudioPatch series audio patchbays also features front-of-rack access programmable normaling and easy access programmable grounds!

For a limited-time offer, Switchcraft is giving buyers of the StudioPatch 9625 balanced patchbay a great deal – if you purchase the product before the end of January 31, 2016, as you fill out and mail in a redemption form with your receipt and serial number, Switchcraft will send you a free breakout cable, whose type is based on your choice alone and what kind of connection your studio needs. The cable options include XLR or 1/4″ TRS, male or female.

The Studiopatch 9625 is well-known around the world, considered by many skilled muscians in the music industry as the patchbay of choice for professional recording studios, broadcast facilities, audio engineers, musicians and mobile production units. It features 48 channels (96 TT/bantam jacks), DB25 I/O, front-of-rack access programmable normalling and user-friendly access programmable grounds all in 1RU!

Tech Specs

Analog/Digital – Analog/Digital

Number of Points – 96

Format – Rack

Connector Types – Front – TT

Connector Types – Back – DB-25

Function Mode – Normal, Half Normal

Height – 1.73″

Width – 19″

Manufacturer Part Number – 9625


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