Yamaha’s FG Red Label showing off its iconic designs

FG Red Label has recently been launched by Yamaha. FG Red Label is an outstanding series of acoustic guitars, featuring designs that merge the vintage, handcrafted design of iconic early Yamaha instruments and its new technological innovation in wood conditioning and true-to-life sound reproduction.

FG Red Label guitars are inspired and molded after Yamaha’s guitars of the 1960s that both are great in design and sounds. These had the very first steel-string guitars, which became widely known as a Yamaha craftsmanship for their high-end Japanese craftsmanship.

Now, the new FG Red Label guitars proud itself with the same built, retaining the retro aesthetic and classic tone of their predecessors and producing guitar tones that are outstanding, because of its new pickup system and the company’s proprietary wood aging process to create a guitar that produces sounds vintage yet appealingly modern.

Guitars from the FG Red Label line are built with solid Sitka spruce tops, mahogany back and sides, and ebony fingerboards. The top is made off by reinforcing with scalloped bracing, a specialized latticework to enhance tone and projection.

“The iconic Yamaha folk guitar has evolved into an instrument with a unique retro vibe and design enhanced by the latest advances in guitar technology,” said Yoh Watanabe, director of marketing, Yamaha Guitar. “The new FG Red Label guitar inspires artists to make music that rises above the limitations of a conventional guitar, with warm, seasoned tones and rich harmonics for pure, powerful performance, plugged or unplugged.”

Pricing and Availability

Yamaha FG Red Label guitars will ship in the summer of 2019. Pricing is as follows (all prices are MSRP):

  • FG3/FS3: $1,275.00
  • FGX3/FSX3: $1,585.00
  • FG5/FS5: $1,900.00
  • FGX5/FSX5: $2,320.00

The FG3 and FGX3 models will ship with a hard bag; the FG5 and FGX5 models with a hardshell case.

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