About Pro Audio EXP (ProAudioDVDs)

For nearly 25 years, Pro Audio EXP (formerly ProAudioDVDs) has been a leader in teaching and equipping Musicians, Audio Engineers and Music Producers to realize their musical goals.

My name is David Wills and I went from working in a small music store in Adelaide, South Australia to working with some of the biggest acts in the world.

My #1 fantasy is to walk up to my young 21 year old self in a pub back in Australia and tell him that he will someday work for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross and Earth, Wind and Fire when he grows up.  THAT...would blow that young man’s mind!

What blows my mind today is that over nearly 25 years as ProAudioDVDs.com, I have taken that knowledge and with a little help from my friends...provided a way to help hundreds of thousands of Musicians, Audio Engineers and Music Producers from all over the world make better music!

I love music.  I love the gear we use to make it.  I love how we musicians can get better with age.  I even love the principles about EQ, compression, plug-ins, routing and all the other geeky stuff that help us create memorable music.

What’s more...I absolutely LOVE to teach it and help other musicians audio engineers and music producers achieve breakthroughs in their understanding of all of this.

The BEST part of my Job!

The picture above is from the shooting of our “Ultimate Guitar Tone School” recently.  My goal was to get a room full of of dream guitars, vintage amps, over a hundred pedals and document with the help of a friend Rooster Olsen who had worked with the biggest guitar names in the world...an ultimate guide to getting the kinds of guitar tones that we all lust after.

Seriously...we had over $200,000 of guitar gear in the studio that day!

The reason that I love this photo so much is that it’s soooooo much fun to imagine what type of resource I’d love to see, then just call a bunch of friends in the industry and put together a kick-ass training course that gives you a backstage ticket to an experience where you can kick your music up to the next level.

I’m up to about 60 or 70 courses that go back to VHS tapes from the early days about 25 years ago...BUT...I feel a new energy after collaborating with some bright new people who both love music but know that with a few new ideas and partnerships we can help a bunch more musicians.

I’ve been doing this for 25 years now.  I’m suddenly super excited about the next 25 years.  It’s gonna be fun.  Hope you join us!

With gratitude for your support over the years...your mate,