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Roland (Boss) BR-800 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Roland (Boss) BR-800 Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland (Boss) BR-800 has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

The BR-800 blurs the lines between hardware and software. Sure, it's a fully complete portable digital recording studio with 8 tracks and 64 V-tracks. But it's also a high quality I/O box and Control Surface for your favorite DAW...or use the included Sonar LE. This DVD not only shows you how to use all the recording functions of the BR-800, but also goes into a crash course in home recording so you don't have to worry if you're just starting out.

With over 2.5 hrs of expert instruction from David Wills (Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, etc), this is the one must-have accessory for your BR-800!

Take your BR-800 skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

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Front panel Overview
Adjusting the Touch Sensors
Rear panel Overview

Creating a Song
What is Multitracking?
Selecting an Input
Input types and Phantom Power
Setting levels
Adding Insert Effects
Recording with a metronome
Example 1:Guitar track
Example 2:Bass Guitar overdub
Using Microphones
Punching In
Using V-Tracks
Song Sketch
EZ Record
Bouncing tracks

Selecting Patterns/Arrangements
"What is an Arrangement?"
Editing Arrangements
Replacing click tracks
Drum Kits

Track Edits
Song Sketch Import

Importance of good Monitors
Loading up the Demo Song
Protecting Songs
...Fader Levels
Mastering Effects

Using as an I/O (In and Out Device)
Using as a Control Surface
The Rhythm Editor
Transferring Tracks and Files

Utility Screens
System Settings
Initialization Screens

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dan Shalom (Burnley, GB)
A highly recommended course

I've done several of David's courses now and they are all 5 star experiences.

This one was no exception. The boss br800 is a gem of a machine. It's battery powered, light and small, and a real powerhouse. However without David's course I could be using it for months without fully utilizing it's many very clever features. A few pounds spend and presto. It is worth every penny.

Second review of 2022..

Tom Swart (Zoetermeer, NL)
Boss BR-800

You've been such a great help David, thanks!

Tyrone Munsami (Arlington, US)

I really like and enjoy using this device. Easy to use and good quality all round.

Robert Bonner
Roland (Boss) BR-800 Tutorial

Excellent, clear tutorial...David moves patiently through the functions and has a knack for breaking things down in layman's terms (good for a novice like me). I have not finished the course yet but look forward to continuing to learn with David's guidance.

Paul Schlosberg (Cambridge, US)

Very good training!

Gerry Lenocker (Redmond, US)
Clear,logical,and engaging.

I approached the BR-800 with some trepidation because it does so much more than my old Tascam. I looked at the TOC for David’s video, and the way he organized the content sold me on the full video. I was not disappointed, and feel a lot more confident about using the BR. Nice production values, too.

Mark Swain (Perth, AU)
Saved the Day

Fantastic presentation.Nice clear easy to understand tutorial.I found the manual didn’t explain access to some features very well.Nearly threw in the towel on home recording. Thanks for saving the day.

John Ruis (Union, US)
Only way to quick start.

Start here, go slow, try it, review, then move on. Before long you will understand the workflow and be submitting work.

Archie Brown (Surbiton, GB)

The service from Pro audio is exceptional Nothing is to much trouble and the Boss BR 800 tutorial is well presented with everything clearly explained

D. Aiken (Macon, US)
Great video manual

This video manual is a must have for any Boss Br-800 owner. It's much easier to see someone demonstrating and teaching how to use the multitrack recorder rather than spend hours reading and searching through a manual.

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