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Roland (Boss) ME-70 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Roland (Boss) ME-70 Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland (Boss) ME-70 has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

A multi-effects unit with professional studio effects at your feet — that’s the beauty of the new ME-70. The powerful, knob-laden design makes tone creation a snap, but with a powerful COSM® AMP section derived from the GT-10, the ME-70 takes the “EZ effects” concept to new heights.

* Dedicated knobs for each parameter for fast, powerful operation
* New COSM Preamp section derived from GT-10 and Legend series
* EZ TONE for quick, easy editing
* Four footswitches and Expression pedal
* PHRASE LOOP function in DELAY section, 38 seconds of recording time
* Battery or AC (optional PSA-120s) operation

Take your ME-70 skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

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Power up Sequence
Front Panel Overview
Memory/Manual Modes
Using the Tuner
Setting output level

The Effects
Pedal Effects
Preamp Section
Noise Suppresion
Foot Volume
Using the Looper
Demoing some Effects
Foot Pedal Modulation

Selecting Patches/Banks
Playing through all the presets
Editing a Patch
Writing Patches
Copying patches
EZ Tone
Checking Values


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Joki
Good info for ME-80 owners as well

Even though this was produced as an instructional video for the ME-70, there is a wealth of fundamental information that also provides a basis for using the ME-80 as well. I own the ME-80, but only use a small portion of it's settings for my acoustic electric violin. I really like David's teaching methods, and own a total of 11 different DVD's. So - I took a chance that there would be some good instruction on the ME-70 DVD that would apply to my ME-80. Even though the boards are slightly different in design, the basic use is really the same. I know enough about my ME-80 to quickly figure out the differences and to apply them to my board as well. It was an inexpensive risk to buy a DVD that was not intended for my particular piece of hardware - but it sure paid off, as I now have a better understanding of how my board operates as well. Many thanks David ! (Pictured is the ME-80 for a comparison)

Charlie Carter
Simple and to the point

This is the 3rd video I’ve purchased and watched from ProAudio EXP and as usual, this video is put together in a way that makes everything very understandable and also uncovers aspects I never would have found by myself.

Ron Woskow

Finally after owning the Roland ME-70 which I bought back when I still had hair, I can finally use it with the robust understanding needed to incorporate it as part of my gig go bag. Thanks David, your videos are the best, they insure that the gear can be used to its full potential. Ron W.

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