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Roland VM-3100 Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland VM-3100 or VM-3100Pro has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

The VM-3100Pro V-Mixing Station offers professional digital mixing capabilities and superb 24-bit sound quality in a compact and affordable desktop mixer. This full-featured 20-channel/8-bus digital mixer includes two high-quality onboard stereo effects processors, powerful Scene memory and MIDI mixer capabilities, and an optional external ADAT/Tascam interface.

Take your VM-3100 and VM-3100Pro skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

PLEASE NOTE! This DVD covers both units...The VM-3100 and VM-3100Pro.

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Differences between the Standard and Pro models
Overview of Inputs and Outputs
GAIN knobs
Aux sends and Bus outs
Master and Monitor outs
Overview of front panel

Setting levels
Level Meter screen
Understanding Gain Stages
Pre/Post Fader metering
Adding EQ

EQ (Equalization)
Setting EQ points
Mid "Q" setting explained
Eliminating feedback example
Copying EQ settings
Saving EQ settings to the EQ library
FAQ..."How do I use the EQ library?"

Send/Return versus "Insert"
Effects loops explained
Effect groups
Effects example
Pre/Post sends
Using Aux Sends for on-stage monitoring
FAQ..."How do I apply a compressor to an individual channel?"
Adjusting compressor settings
Linking the 2 compressors
Using the compressor library
Adding or bypassing individual effects in the chain
Effect "location"

Deciding what gets stored in a scene
Selecting a Scene bank
Transition time
Performing an automated fade-out
Naming scene banks
Copying scenes
Swapping scenes
Using the undo button

Syncing/Connecting digital devices
Setting Master Clock
Only ONE digital input at a time!
Phantom Power
Peak Hold Switch
Pre/Post Meter Select
Solo Mode
Locator Type
FAQ..."What can I d with the footswitch option?"
Jump/Null options explained
Fader Match
EQ Knob Match
Shift Lock Mode

Effects section
FAQ..."How do I use the COSM speaker modeling effectively?"
Using the DIF-AT
Arming tracks
Tape formatting restrictions


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