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Tascam 2488 / MKII / Neo Tutorial

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The Tascam 2488/MKII/Neo DVD Tutorial is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the 2488, MKII and Neo versions: it teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording.

It begins with a section called "Recording School" that teaches beginners the basics about microphones, multitrack recording and mixing. It goes on for the next 90 minutes to cover every aspect of recording, editing and mixing on the 2488, 2488 MKII and 2488 Neo 24-track Digital Portastudios.

Whether you have the original silver 2488 model or the subsequent blue MKII or black Neo models, this DVD goes into great detail helping you get the most out of your digital recording studio.

Take your 2488 skills to the next level and pick up the official Tascam DVD Tutorial today!

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Recording School on Original 2488 Grey Unit

Special Notes section on the MKII version

Special Notes section on the Neo version

"What is Multitrack Recording?"
The signal path
Channels vs. Tracks
Recording levels
Setting levels on the 2488
Microphone placement
Types of Microphones
Phantom power

Creating a Song
Naming a Song
Connecting a Microphone
Routing Inputs to Channels
Setting Levels
Arming Tracks
Recording 1st Track
Importance of good Monitors
Using the front Guitar (H) input
Linking stereo Channels
Virtual Tracks
Mic Effects
Naming Tracks (User Words)
Punching in
Repeat function
Setting Location points
Bouncing Tracks

Using the Jog function
Setting In and Out points
Copy and Paste
Setting To point
Front panel shortcuts

Benefits of using drum guide
Setting time/measures display
Builtin Metronome
Rhythm guide setup
Selecting from the 20 drum kits
SMF playback
GM Specifications
Loading SMFs
Adjusting the Tone Generator Parts
Playing SMFs

Mute function
Solo function
Compression (Mic Effects)
Stereo L/R Dynamics Processor
Loop effect
Effect sends
External Effect returns
8 Inputs available at Mixdown
Pre/Post send settings
Multi Effects
Mixing down your Song (Pre-master)

Playing Pre-master
Trimming Pre-master
Burning to CD-R (Track at once)
Burning to CD-R (Disc at once)

"Opening" the USB connection
Connecting a Computer
Transferring files
"Closing" the USB connection
USB Import
USB Export
CD-R Import/Export
CD-R Backup


(Features brand new sections on both the MKII and Neo versions)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Angel Hayes

Very well put together

Shawn Kaminski
Tascam 2488 / MKII / Neo Tutorial

I've had some experience on the Tascam 2488 in the past and wanted to refresh my memory on its features. This tutorial did the trick and I also learned some things I didn't know previously. Well done!

J L Hodnett
Best of the Rest!!

The product I ordered was received quickly and is absolutely wonderful!! The customer service is superb!! The absolute Best of the Rest, as far as I am concerned. I had questions concerning this product and David went above and beyond, to make sure all my questions were thoroughly answered. I highly recommend David, and all the team at PRO, to anyone and everyone from beginners to seasoned musicians.

Charles Stone
Helpful Informative Tutorial

Thus far the tutorial extremely helpful.Had an accident broke 3ribs. As a result have yet to get very far. I U may want to get back to me on this.
I am a complete novice at this. I'm afraid that even with the tutorial as clear as it is I may be one of those who need a tutorial " For Dummies".
I could also use advice on condenser mics. and monitor speakers that would be good with the 2488 as well.
I have 2 acoustic electrics and a brand new Martin D16 with no pickup.
I'm sorry this isn't what you asked for.
I will be glad to submit a review once I am able to do some recording. What I'm afraid of is that I may need something like Recording For Dummies because of total lack of knowledge with respect to recording technology. I've been playing the guitar for 53 years but other than having a Vestafire 4 track 30 years ago I am a completel novice. Some feedback, and or advice on those things I mentioned above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Garry Morgan
Amazing amazing amazing

I`ve had the 2488 for around 9 years. After moving house I had to convert my garage to find room to fit my studio equipment. So my trusty 2488 was in a box for around 14 months and as a consequence I forgot how to use all the snazzy facilities in this amazing portastudio.
The DVD presented by Mr. David Wills is simply irreplacable. It introduces one to all the techniques and methods of using the 2488 but also includes some basic sound recording lessons such as microphone placement for the newcomer to home recording.
I reviewed the DVD after this long break from recording and found it to be well organised and intuitive. David introduces us to little tips and tricks that are well nye impossible to find using the manual alone which is really heavy work!
I would give this DVD 10 out of 10 in all respects and one a 2488 owner should have at their disposal at all times.

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