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Zoom R16 Tutorial

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Learning how to take your new Zoom R16 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Zoom R16 DVD Video Tutorial.

Zoom took the world by storm with the first digital recorder with 16 track playback plus the ability to record 8 tracks simultaneously using standard SD cards. But the USB capabilities of this powerful recorder take it over the top. Not only is it a rock solid stand alone multitrack recorder, it's also a 24 bit 96K high quality I/O audio interface and control surface so you can remotely start/stop and control your faders on your favorite audio application like the included Cubase Le.

This comprehensive training DVD taught by David Wills (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Diana Ross) goes over every detail of your new Zoom R16 with over 2 hours of up close personal instruction.

Take your recording skills to the next level and pick up the official Zoom R16 DVD today!

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Front Panel Overview

What is Multitracking?
Creating a Song
Assigning Inputs
Setting Levels
Recording to a Rhythm Guide
Recording an Acoustic Guitar
Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
Overdubbing a Vocal
Playback and Mixing
Punch Ins
Perform a Punch
Using Insert Effects
Understanding Takes
Locate Points
Repeat Function

Mixing Overiew
Mute function
Loop effect
Effect sends
Mixing down your Song

Connecting a Computer
Using as an I/O
Using as a Control Surface
Importing/Exporting Tracks

Additional Screens/Functions

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Harold Range (Buffalo Grove, US)

I have learned quite a bit about my Zoom R16 through the tutorial video. It was very informative, thorough and easily accessed for review. Thank you guys for this. The users manual was very good, but seeing it done, was way more educational.

PoulErik Pedersen (Vejle, DK)
Zoom R16


John Robinson (Northampton, GB)
Easy to understand Zoom R16 Tutorial

I really enjoyed this well presented and straightforward tutorial.
As a complete newcomer to the R16 I found this extremely useful.
I would recommend this to anyone.

Kang Xiong (Clearwater, US)
I recommend this excellent tutorial

I highly recommend this especially if you are clueless or have no experience using this product. You will not be disappointed. Thanks to the very knowledgeable David for the very thorough tutorial, simple to follow and understand.

Bob S. Michigan
Well worth the price!

I learned a great deal about recording terminology along with how to use my Zoom R16. It was very basic for a beginner, which is just what I needed. The instructor was clear in his instruction and gave good examples. He walked me right through things step by step. Instead of talking about recording, he showed me how as he was doing it. Extremely helpful.

Neil Crawford (Havant, GB)
Learning to use the Zoom

Excellent tutorial - saved me hours of trying to work out how things worked and also gave me clear guidance on what is fundamentally important to understand and therefore how to effectively use the Zoom - nearly a year after I’d bought it and had kept thinking I must learn how to use this properly!

Tony Phillips (Muscle Shoals, US)
Zoom R-16 tutorial

This tutorial is great! Just what I needed to get started. David goes step-by-step, slowly, and explains those steps as he goes. Two thumbs up!

Amazon Customer
Really good tutorial

The Zoom R16 is just what I was looking for to do on-site live recording of small music group. However, I found that the User's Manual that came with the R16 left something to be desired. The video tutorial was extremely helpful. I learned more about the R16 by viewing this video tutorial - it;s about 2 hours - than hours and hours of study of the User's Manual. I highly recommend the Zoom R16 DVD Video Tutorial as a companion to the User's Manual.

Zoom r16

Great tutorial on a great recorder. The Zoom R16 rocks. I got my DVD in two days. I recorded a garage band and the band was amazed at the results, they were very very happy.

Sam B
Amazing teacher

A great tutorial,very well presented for my Zoom R16 . David is an amazing teacher.He explains everything in details in a simple, friendly logical way that anybody could easily understand .This tutorial will save me hours of reading the manual !Thanks Mate ..Sam B. ,Toronto ,Canada

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