AMS Neve Genesys — The Ting Tings on Genesys Console

AMS Neve Genesys is the thing for The Ting Tings. Indie pop/rock band The Ting Tings are near to successfully completing their fourth album in a studio designed around their new AMS Neve Genesys Black G32 console.

Making their own mark in the music industry, The Ting Tings are creating a distinct sound of their own, and with the help of AMS Neve Genesys. With the success from their previous albums, they are ready for another. Their three previous albums were recorded in their home city of Salford, Berlin and Ibiza, with a remote hillside in Southern Spain the location for album number four.

“We’re out in the sticks in the hills looking at mountains and orange and lemon groves in a modern-designed gaff with a huge basement which is now our studio,” said the duo, Katie White and Jules De Martino. “Our long-time engineer and crew buddy Snowy rewired, restructured and designed the new set-up around the glowing Genesys console. This is an absolute first to have a desk of any significance in the studio and it’s changing everything.”

According to De Martino, The Ting Tings has always dreamed about recording on a warm AMS Neve desk, using the AMS Neve Genesys. And not disappointed, they’ve been impressed by what the Genesys Black offers them. “It is the perfect balance of advanced engineering, “old-skool” basics, analogue/digital values and depth in use options and sound results,” he stated. “It’s like being back in the real game but without cutting off your nose to spite your face. We spent six months chatting to AMS Neve and researching our options. Our only regret is not jumping on it earlier.”

The pair say the new console has given them more time in the studio because there’s less ‘fumbling around.’ They have some favourite features, starting with the 1073 mic preamp.

Impressed, White added, “We believe that this addition to our studio has definitely brought the band closer in terms of being in a studio space together for longer hours. More of us can be in the front line affecting the outcome.”

The Ting Tings’ new album is due to be finished in September and is scheduled for release in January 2017.


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