Stealth is the new product by Aston Microphones

Stealth was recently launched by British manufacturer Aston Microphones. It is a versatile broadcast quality microphone for studio and stage and said to be the first in the world to have a phantom power auto detect function.

Stealth works in both passive and active modes. This new model of Aston features four switchable voices. It is said to be the world’s first microphone with an auto detect function, making it detect 48V phantom power and automatically switches the mic to active mode. Because of this cool feature, whatever way you intend to use—for live sound or music production in the studio, this cool new mic, it will be a great addition to your sound gadgets.

Additionally, this model also features a function that can activate a built-in Class A mic preamp which dispenses with the need for an external gain lifting device. To add more, Stealth has a Sorbothane internal shock mount system and Aston’s robust build quality.

Stealth was developed in partnership with more than 90 top engineers, producers, and artists on the Aston 33 development panel who participated in a series of blind listening tests designed to create the best possible sound. The resulting four-voice settings, Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar and Dark, offer a variety of sounds to suit a range of applications.

To summarize all the features of Stealth:

  • Broadcast quality cardioid microphone for studio and stage
  • 4 settings – 4 different voices – 4 discrete signal paths
  • Autodetect function senses 48V and activates built-in preamp
  • Class A mic preamp built in – no external gain lifting device required
  • Unique Sorbothane internal shock mount
  • Excellent off-axis (side) rejection
  • Built-in purple LED phantom power indicator – switchable for stealth mode
  • Supplied with quick release stand mount

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