BigShot EFX—Upgraded and Enhanced Pedal for Live Sound

Recently introduced, Radial has updated the Tonebone BigShot EFX. Radial Engineering Ltd. is proudly announced the enhanced BigShot EFX, complete with high quality technology.

With the upgrade, BigShot EFX is composed of true-bypass dual effects loop for pedalboards with new super-bright LED indicators. The BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain.

With this enhanced set of features for this product, it only means that noisy pedals or tone-robbing non true-bypass pedals that are frequently hated in pedals can now be used and taken completely out of the signal path when they are not needed.

Additionally, while you are using the EFX loop-A, you can turn on and off a series of pedals with the EFX loop-B to arrange or organize your next sound effect. Without hassle, it can be done so without affecting what is happening with the live sound. Then, with one foot-stomp, a whole chain of pedals can be activated!

All of a sudden, your performance becomes seamless and professional – as if you had a custom-made switcher. Since both loops are in series, you can feed loop-A into loop-B to add even more creative options to your tone. Super-bright LED indicators turn on to let you know when the loops are activated or are off when on standby mode.

Radial’s Ryan Juchnowski had comments on their upgrade: “Today, guitarists live for their pedalboards. Never before in electric guitar playing history have there been so many pedals to choose from. This not only opens the door to creative new tones, but also enables the guitarist to assemble new pedal chains to produce never-before heard sonic landscapes.  Managing pedals is another matter altogether. For the pros, the high cost of baggage when traveling is forcing them to reduce the size of their pedalboards.

For the weekend player, smaller stages are also forcing a reduced pedalboard footprint. There is also another ugly side to the equation: many of these really cool pedals are in fact very noisy, especially when used in conjunction with a high-gain amp.  These challenges have spawned the need for a compact effects loop switcher that is easy to deploy and will not mess with the tone!”

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