Dry Drums Volume 5—Punchy, Fat Sound in Loops and Samples

Released by Loop Loft, Dry Drums Volume 5 is their largest library of sound under the Dry Drums Series. This volume is composed of 238 loops and 71 samples, with a guarantee of being all royalty-free.

Dry Drums Volume 5 is described to have improved musical take, with more punchy and fat sounds, taking dry drums to the next level, featuring live drum scores. And all of these grooves and sound are organized into six whole sessions, with an addition of six custom drum kits, which readily available for you in one-shot samples inside the entire kit.

A little background about the Dry Drums, its origin came from the from breakthrough sound from Ringo Starr when he placed tea towels on his drums while playing for the Beatles. And ever since, the punchy, fat sound has been pursued for many and passing decades of music era. With Dry Drums Volume 5, Loop Loft gives you its traditional and classic sound, with a contemporary variations of wide variety of loop sessions and newly sampled drum kits.

Dry Drums Volume 5, as the largest library of sound under this series, is recorded with a collection of vintage microphones, preamps, and dampened heads. With this, mixing sound will be easily and hassle-free. It will surely provide the sought after “dry drum” sound, with its punch and clarity in loops and samples that almost achieve what could pass live.

Each session of Dry Drums Volume 5 has complete selection of variation in beats, fills, and transitions, which will allow any user of it to achieve a sound arrangement with ease and custom drum track in matter of seconds.

Features include:

  • 238 loops and 71 samples for a total 407 MB
  • All Guaranteed Royalty-free
  • High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
  • WAV, REX2, Stylus RMX and AIFF (Apple Loops) formats available

List of included sets/sessions:

  • ForReels_105bpm
  • GotHeart_92bpm
  • Splat_72bpm
  • TheGoTo_85bpm
  • UpTight_121bpm
  • VintageIndie_131bpm


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