Caves du Manoir gets a DiGiCo SD12 upgrade

Caves du Manoir in Martigny, Switzerland has renovated to celebrate its 40th anniversary as one of the iconic places in the history of the music industry. Caves du Manoir has upgraded its sound technology and infrastructure, using DiGiCo SD12 plus D2-Rack – supplied by Tonspur AG – as the new Front of House console, as well as upgrading its existing Meyer Sound loudspeaker system that will give more life to live sound.

Sacha Knezevic Rudaz, the technical director of the caves affirms that the sound technical choices that were made are inspired by the Montreux Jazz Festival. He has been part of the said festival, being part of the crew that brings life to its music production. He decided that the DiGiCo SD12 would be the perfect replacement for the ancient analog console of Caves du Manoir.

“Maybe I’m one of those hardcore DiGiCo fans, but have a look at what DiGiCo can do,” said Rudaz. “They can double the channel count within a single software update, even years after the release of a product; that’s not from this world! For me, it was a logical step to get the SD12 into the Caves. The user interface means we can have two operators working on the console at the same time, and the fact that I have every important control on a dedicated knob or button is just great.”

“Everyone who has come to the Caves and used the console has commented on how pleased they are to be able to work on an industry standard desk,” Rudaz concluded. “We are proud to have such a strong heritage and equally proud that we have a technical infrastructure that not only brings us up to date but equips us for the future.”


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