Cloudlifter Zi: A New Cloud Microphone Baby

Cloudlifter Zi, which is the newest masterpiece from Cloud Microphones, has made its debut during the 141st AESC. This is a significant addition to the already impressive lineup of mic activators that the company has to offer.

Cloudlifter Zi employs the same principles of operation that other Cloudlifter mic activator models use. Output strength and clarity is achieved through the mixing of phantom power from standard audio mixers to those of mics that generate outputs without the need such power. Preamp loads are reduced significantly and this leads to flawless live sound recording and other audio applications.

The Cloudlifter series are so good that it has gained excellent reputation fast in the music production industry. Much of its good reputation was solidified by the positive comments from leading review sources in the industry such as Radio Magazine, Pro Tools, Expert, Mac World, and others.

Those who are using high impedance instruments like bass guitars, electric guitars, and stage pianos (vintage electric-mechanical type) will benefit from the use of Cloudlifter Zi. The combo jack of this mic activator gives users the capability to do a double duty while working with both microphones and audio gear. Your guitar can be plugged on to its jack or XLR. The XLR can then be connected to mixing consoles or other recording gear.

Cloudlifter Zi can produce a sound that is not only louder than others in the series but also improved in ways that can benefit instrument players and recording artists.

The following includes the best features of the Cloudlifter Zi:

  • High-pass filter variability – This allows the activator to effectively filter out noises from acoustic instruments and eliminate the proximity effect in mics.
  • Input impedance variability – Tone variations can be produced through the Cinemag transformer embedded into a Cloudlifter Zi unit. Input impedance capability ranges from 150 to 150,000 ohms.
  • Gain variability – This is made possible by a knob that allows the user to go on three different gain modes such as Minimum, More, and Maximum (labeled as MIN/MORE/MAX)

The Cloudlifter Zi can provide protection to ribbon mics as it does not directly pass power to it or to other microphones that will be used to it. Its circuitry is patented, well-hidden into the unit, and has a class-A rating. Its operation on phantom power is a big plus point among users. The dynamic, rugged, and tough quality of every Cloudlifter Zi unit makes it a perfect road trip companion.

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