dLive system is a new compact gear from Allen & Heath

dLive system is a new sound technology from Allen & Heath that they have highlighted at Prolight + Sound. This new gear will allow an audio engineer to do music production easily and hassle-free, for it offers a surfaceless attribute.

dLive system has a central feature; one of its parts is the dLive Wings concept which is a compact C1500 surface. It allows engineers to manage upscale shows from a 19” console, using its 12” touchscreen, 19 assignable SoftKeys and 12 faders over six layers. Paired with any of the dLive MixRacks, the C1500 is designed for scenarios where space and weight are priorities to consider, aside from scaling good sounds.

For scenarios where users are seeking an even more compact solution, the company will also be showing off a surfaceless dLive system, with a pair of touchscreens running dLive Director sound software controlling the MixRack and a headphones/PFL feed over Dante. These surfaceless systems are often paired with Allen & Heath’s IP8 and IP6 controllers, and/or the MixPad App for even more control options.

Going from a 36 fader surface to a 12 fader C1500 or a touchscreen can seem daunting at first,” said Ben Morgan, dLive product manager at Allen & Heath. “But with a bit of planning and smart use of SoftKeys, it’s amazing how quickly engineers embrace the Wings concept and the freedom it brings. I hope we can encourage more people to explore the potential of ultra-compact touring at Prolight + Sound.”

“From the moment we first introduce dLive Wings to any engineer, they just ‘get it’,” added Léon Phillips, live sound and touring with Allen & Heath. “Here’s a flexible, compact rig, with the same power as all our dLive systems, but easily checked at baggage and flown on a standard commercial flight. There’s nothing else quite like it.”

Allen & Heath will also be showing its Qu and ZED ranges, while visitors will also be able to get their hands on the SQ series, complete with optional DEEP processing plugins.

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