CS-M1 is microphone from Sanken you need to hear about

CS-M1 is one of the most notable product from Sanken, which known of its history of giving innovative microphone technology. COS 11D personal microphone is one of their best works, which is an industry staple particularly in drama recording with its high-quality audio, then now giving the music industry something new with CS-M1.

CS-M1 is the latest addition to Sanken greatest work, with its supercardoid microphone technology, which means easy recording—may it be home recording—and high-quality sound. In visual design, CS-M1 is small, discreet and light as a feather, light as a 55mg feather. Even so, it is well-made and has great quality. And compared to its competitors in the music industry, the CS-M1 has a handy price advantage; it is as much as fifty percent cheaper compared to others.

CS-M1 features a hypercardioid, making its quality with a proper interference tube on the front. The tube is only about 50mm but is designed to deliver a bit more suck on the front and produces a supercardioid response. And another thing that makes it a standout is the sensitivity of the microphone.

The Sanken CS-M1 is a worthy addition to the Sanken range of location mics. This microphone doesn’t offer the ruler flatness of other hypercardioid microphones but the engineering of this one and its Sanken technology have made serve location recording very well indeed, which is made it suitable for a lot of recordists. Another thing, the quality of the CS-M1 stands on its own merits and the price point is pretty attractive for a professional mic.

Here are the key features of CS-M1:

  • Short 4”″length, lightweight (less than 2oz)
  • Ideal for boom pole operation and camera mounting
  • Advanced RFI rejection
  • Wide 70Hz – 20kHz frequency range

RRP: £750

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