Guitar Records You Never Knew Existed

Guitars are humble instruments that are known to have made individuals stars in their own genres. However, it would probably surprise us that the Guinness Book of Records holds some fascinating guitar records that are unknown to many people.

Charlie Simpson Guitar

Guitar records are seldom known because these are either eclipsed by the fame of those who used it and rose to music recording stardom or not properly covered by the media. If you are curious what these records are then let’s get started.

·        The coldest guitar performance was done in Siberia on 2012. Charlie Simpson played his guitar at a blood-freezing temperature of -300C. If you’re thinking that Simpson did this because he was out to serve a sentence in one of those chilly Siberian prisons; you’re wrong. It turns out that he really aimed to capture the record of “coldest guitar performance” by Guinness.

·        David Browne broke existing longest playing guitar records in 2011. During his performance at Dublin’s Temple Bar Pub, he was able to punch in 114 hours (114h, 11min to be exact) of guitar performances. This equates to a total of 1372 music pieces played.

·        The priciest guitar record is owned by Aaron Shum. His piece was called Eden of Coronet (non-vintage type) and was adorned with diamonds and white gold. The guitar has a current certified value of about 1.3 million UK pounds which could easily outshine Beyoncé’s gig jewelries. Whew! That was a unique one from our guitar records!

·        When it comes to changing strings, no one can probably beat Glenn Haworth. He holds a record of being able to change his guitar strings for 183 times in an hour. Aside from this, he holds another record in the Ukulele category (longest playing).

·        When browsing through guitar records in the pages of Guinness, you’ll probably be interested to see that the microscopic guitar really exists. Yes, the tiniest replica guitar came from Cornell University and is about the size of a single blood cell. It comes complete with parts and vibrates like a normal guitar.

·        There are loud bands in the music industry and this is probably the reason why Guinness went on to find the loudest of them all. Although AC/DC fans are aware that their band has the ability to go to 133 decibels, it is the band known as “The Who” who officially holds the title at 129.3 decibels. Apparently, Guinness stopped their search for guitar records in this category for audience and performer safety issues.

There are other interesting guitar records out there waiting to be discovered. If you’re curious enough you’ll be able to spot one even if you’re not an audio engineer. You’ll be surprised at how far guitar music lovers will go for the sake of their art!

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