HEDD Tower Mains – Your Ultimate Full Range Studio Sound System

HEDD Tower Mains is composed of high-quality features that Heinz Electrodynamic Designs can boast about. With their long development credibility in the music industry, Heinz Electrodynamic Designs has the ability to produce such a system that has quality sound.


The HEDD Tower Mains systems are made up of two active building blocks. It is composed of TM80 main monitor and TMS36 subwoofer, both closed-box or non-ported designs. The 280x835x400mm (11x33x16” WHD) TM80 has five drivers: two 7” woofers, two 4” midrange units (both woofers and mids have new ultra-stiff honeycomb sandwich cones) and a proprietary air motion transformer tweeter (AMT).

HEDD Tower Mains has a great frequency response with its linear abilities, after a -6dB point at 80Hz up to a bat-eared 50kHz powered by three 300w ICEpower Class D amplifiers, making it ideal of any instrumental sounds, from drums to guitar tones.

HEDD Tower Mains comes into play in a number of ways: the start point is the TM Standard Tower, consisting of a TMS36 sub on the floor, topped with a TM80 main monitor joined to the sub with metal links, placing the AMT tweeter at around seated ear height. Then there’s the TM Extended Tower (the format heard at the demo), the same as Standard but with an additional TMS36 at the top to make a large floorstander just over an imposing 2m (6’ 6”) tall.

Additionally, the HEDD Tower Mains come with a plug-in. It is the Lineariser; with it, the recording room impulse responses both the frequency and phase response may be flattened.

Key Features

– Modular approach allows for different set ups

– Advantageous directivity patterns minimize ceiling
and ground reflections

– Output power 2x 600 W / 4Ω cont.

– Advanced µ-processor controlled safety guard

RRP: Standard set – £7,589; Extended set – £11,569

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