Unidyne Microphone: The Story of a Cultural Icon

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The Shure brand is a trusted company in the music industry—by audio professionals, musicians, artist, and music enthusiasts. It is founded by values like all companies that have been molded by integrity and history. From 1925 and until now, Shure offers products that not only cater to the needs of the people inside and outside the music industry but also provides products that keep its history and merges it with innovation and live sound technology.

Sidney N. Shure established the company with strong ethical business principles. Being in the business for decades and witnessing so many changes—and literally being part of the music history, Shure Incorporated takes pride in who they are as a company.

Their products are a statement of it—an apparent reflection of these values. They have been offering different audio products for a long time, anything you could think of—from wired microphones and wireless microphones to microphone systems to mixers, to conferencing systems, and to other listening products. But what stands out and has remained on all the catalogs longer is the Unidyne.

Unidyne is also known, synonymously, as Shure. Unidyne made its debut back in 1939, as 55 Unidyne Series. Ever since, the Unidyne Series has created a history of its own, aligned with the vision of Shure as a company—to be committed to providing high-quality products to its users. And because of this, now, it is not simply a microphone but a product with a rich history—with legendary artists who used it to let their music, artistry, and voices to be heard.

Think about all the legendary musicians from the past—from Elvis to Billie Holiday to Frank Sinatra to Ella Fitzgerald. For sure, they used the Unidyne Microphone and have a photo pictured holding this icon microphone. And this is just one part of its history. But the greatest part of it lays on its design and technology that couldn’t be compared to anything.

55 Unidyne Series personalized and symbolized what a microphone should be. Back in the days, during its debut, it was seen as a sleek microphone that embodies what the future of music would be. Ever since its 1939 release, it carried a tantamount recognition as its legendary users. Then, it became synonymous to quality and reliability, owning a benchmark status in the music industry.

It became a to-go piece for many professional audio users, from celebrities to entertainers to politicians. 55 Unidyne became their reliable tool to voice out their talents and speeches. And because of this, it became part of history books and films—pictured next to the greatest personalities of that time. It was even on the Elvis stamp released and issued in 1994 by the United States Postal Service. Because of these, its popularity grew even more and surpassed time, as it became more sought after more than ever and actually become its own icon, like its own users.

And throughout time, the Unidyne Microphone has been updated to live on its own legend. It has been improved over the years with the latest technology in audio, but remains faithful on its icon appearance—its streamline silver design with its Old Hollywood glam of the 1930s, keeping what made it a cultural icon.

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  • I agree that Shure makes great products. I own a Shure55 as well as a Shure SM58. Both excellent microphones!

    Steve Cordaro on

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