iRig Mic Studio from IK Multimedia: An Introduction

When iRig Mic Studio from IK Multimedia was launched, a lot of music recording enthusiasts were thrilled. The appearance of this particular mic model seems to be a timely answer to their prayer for a live sound device that can be fitted into both iOS devices and computers. 

Handheld devices today are acquiring massive computing power which enables them to run “heavyweight” recording software. This latest mic model from IK Multimedia is capable of supporting several types of iOS devices and popular device platforms such as Android and Windows. The iRig Mic Studio will definitely surprise live sound recording enthusiasts. It is bigger than it looks on ads and featured product articles.

The size can be explained by the design which is basically a capacitor microphone that was integrated with converters (24-bit, 48 kHz max capacity). It is easy to get fooled into thinking that the iRig Mic Studio is an ordinary mic on the first glance. However, a closer inspection would reveal so much more about this new IK Multimedia baby.

The company is obviously aware of the evolution of connection ports in music and studio gear nowadays. This is very apparent on the kinds of connectors that come with every iRig Mic Studio package. We are supplied with an array of USB cables and optional extra tools. The cardioid pattern on the mic also gives the unit a distinctive appearance. Added features for a clear and crisp recording of sounds are also easy to spot. This means that distortion and hissing noise problems will never get in the way of recording perfect music. A tripod stand is also included in the iRig Mic Studio box. Those who love integrating mic systems into other applications will surely love the app bundle that IK Multimedia has added to the package. The bundle includes software such as VocaLive, EZ Voice, iRig Recorder, and Mic Room. Its two-channel interface feature also enables the user to use it on headphone amps.

IK Multimedia’s audio engineer might have seen the need for a mic that has a higher SPL rating. For this, the iRig Mic Studio is designed to handle as much 133 decibels. The controls are easy to understand and locate. The headphone socket and USB port are placed where users would expect they should be.

If you will connect the iRig Mic Studio to a Mac, it will be detected and shown as a class-compliant device.  The mic is sensitive enough to record crisp and clean sound from a source six inches away. The microphone volume is superb. My one wish though is that there should be a feature that allows dual source mixing and control within the microphone.

A price tag of £159.99 is not bad considering what the user will get the iRig Mic Studio package.


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