KORG Pa-Series New Features

An introduction to KORG new series unveiled features you can’t resist. This newest KORG Pa-Series operating systems includes Pa3XLe, Pa900, Pa600 and Pa300 now offering a new Fingered chord recognition mode, making it possible for you to recognize a chord only when you are about to play three notes.

The KORG Pa-Series Pa900, Pa600 and its Pa300 improve their performance by enhancing their compatibility features with tablets (already existed in Pa3xLe). With this new series release freshly offered from KORG innovative tools with most iOS and Android devices as music sheet readers. It is a perfect match with the SongBook library release of features, we also got the opportunity to make the boot time shorter.

Listen and believe what you have heard. Korg introduces the newest keyboard in line with their highly acclaimed Pa-Series – the Pa3x Le High Performance Arranger. It has been claimed to perform a huge collection of onboard ultimate live sound, and provides a generous 192MB of space for either intended to be present at your own samples, or widely just add-ons to tracks. With over 410 built-in styles of this KORG Pa-Series you can now offer almost any musical style you can imagine that worked well. Pa3x Le’s impressive feature set includes fantastic TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, dual MP3 player and recorder, powerful Dual Crossfade Sequencer and a lot more to check with.

Sound engine Pa900 from KORG Pa-Series uses double PCM memory of its best selling Pa600 and even extends the amount of user PCM memory to as high as 192MB. Its improved feature of built-in speaker system produces a rich and strong sound that will enhances its standard installed feature such as the Tc Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, Dual Crossfade Sequencer and a Dual MP3 player and recorder. With its powerful numerous great features, it sets a new standard to this modernized innovative era of devices.

Pa600 equipped up-to-date sound and style quality collection creates the sonic essenceand functionality of KORG Pa-Series. Just like its brothers – the Pa800 and Pa3x – the Pa600 uses RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) technology to deliver superb-quality sound besides of its compact and inexpensive feature. KORG proved their standard of excellence by providing an entry-level price range tool. It has been great of how the company developed and enhanced their devices to meet the demands of their users that were always seeking for latest innovative tools to work with.


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