Guitar Tuners: Guitarists Essential Tool

The humble guitar tuners available in huge range, not only help you tune up your own instrument, but it essentially works in ensuring that you are in tune with the rest of the band, too. These tuners are available from pedals to clip-on headstock units, handhelds, and increasingly growing apps for your phone or tablet.

Guitar tuners are essential in tuning up your instrument and very  important in ensuring that you’re music are in tune with the rest of the band performing. These humble tuners are available in huge range. Let us start our overview of these incredibly useful tuners, starting with TC Electronics.

TC Electronic PolyTune 2













TC is known with their polyphonic flagship stompbox tuner, which means that you will just to strum your strings at once and the pedal tells you which of them needs tuning for an ultimate live sound. It’s as simple as that. The TC Electronic PolyTune 2 is one of the guitar tuners which amazingly adds flavor to your guitar. It also adds a strobe display for 0.1-cent accuracy, an ideal feature for setting intonation, while it still holds the true bypass operation feature, ultrafast tuning and alternate tuning modes which credits a lot in making its predecessor a successful one.


Boss TU-3

Boss popularly developed and manufactured a standardized stompbox tuning for decades. Now, it officially enhanced its standard stompbox into something unique from its successor packs +/-one cent accuracy over a 23-segment LED display. Combined that features with Boss’ silent buffered switching and a legendary build quality product, and you will have one of the guitar tuners made out of high quality that will withstand abuses on the road.


HardWire HT6 FastTune

HardWire takes its other set on polyphonic tuning, and its app version is of reasonable cost and indeed an effective one. It uses an iOS or Android device’s built-in mic or headphone input, and essentially works as same as other guitar tuners that support guitar, bass and a number of drop tunings. The best of all this, it’s free!




 Korg PitchHawk-G

A cultivation of refinement resulted to one of the best guitar tuners in a clip-on headstock category. It contains a bright,easily adjustable display, while holding its robust rubber-cushioned grip which ensures the tuner won’t fall off your guitar. Its lightning-fast tracking ability on electrics and acoustics is the sweetest flavor featured on this type of clip-on.

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