Orion 32HD Gen 3 of Antelope Audio is now available for shipping

Orion 32HD Gen 3 is now available after its announcement during the 2019 NAMM Show in Southern California. Antelope Audio is proud to help musicians with the newest live sound technology.

Orion 32HD Gen 3 has an improved interface that sets a new standard in the music industry, specifically the pro audio sector. Orion 32HD Gen 3 is compatible with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) via HDX or USB 3.0. Its new features—Pro Tools HD- and Native-ready audio interface—illustrates what Antelope Audio stands for. It shows their capabilities in the sound technology, with its industry-finest AD/DA conversion, comprehensive connectivity, zero-latency monitoring, and 64-channel 24-bit/192 kHz audio streaming through to flawless clocking and beyond

Orion 32HD Gen 3 is also a standout and versatile audio interface that makes mixing and creating music easy. It has a comprehensive connectivity makes streaming hi-res audio a hassle-free work, because it has a panel-positioned USB 3.0 Type B connector (offering 64 channels of I/O at up to 192 kHz) and also two mini HDX connectors for direct Pro Tools connection (each offering 32 channels of I/O, totaling 64 channels).

Further flexibility abounds as digital I/O is also available over fiber optic MADI (IN and OUT — up to 64 channels each), two ADAT (IN 1 and IN 2, and OUT 1 and OUT 2 — both with up to 64 channels), and S/PDIF (IN and OUT) connections. Additionally, Orion 32HD Gen 3 has a feature to help users to stream an astounding 64 channels of audio when tracking but also allows for multiple monitor mixes.

Orion 32HD Gen 3 can provide extensive productivity to audio engineers with its state of the art abilities, providing a color-coded software routing matrix with four separate mixers, effects chaining, and zero-latency monitoring. All are found within an intuitive desktop application for macOS and Windows. It is even possible to use that intuitive software control panel from multiple computers connected over the same network to amplify an already flexible workflow for someone who’s doing multitrack work.

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