sE5 Microphone Launched at NAMM Event  

The sE Electronics launched the new sE5 Microphone during the NAMM event last January. It is available in single or as a matched pair.

This all new sE5 Microphone designed with a small diaphragm condenser are supplied in a foam-lined aluminium that carries the case holding two mics.

For your convenience in stereo recording, the shock mounts and a mounting bar is present for you to fix these microphones at the same stand level.

The shock mounts in the microphones are specially calculated to meet the demand of a hassle-free recording because you can squeeze the two halves of the wire clip to slide the microphone into the a collar that holds them securely in place.

The cradle of the microphone has a 180 degree arc of movement to vertically position the mic with the metal tightening bar not will not definitely need much pressure to keep it firmly in its own place.

The sE5 microphone pair stands out with its clearer and accurate sound achievement. It had a high-end quality of stereo recording even though it records in pair that could be disgusting to others. Because it is able to record in pair with the same developed sound quality, it will be easier to handle and picked up the pieces of it and achieve a fine work.

Professionally, a matched pair of condenser mics is required for any recording studio. Though for some, it could take bucks of money, but still it counts as a sound investment when you are expanding your range of recording options. An sE5 microphone pair could be useful for their studio. It delivers the perfect sound many professionals demanded of a second microphone. It sonically matched your taste and style. It does have that airy top end with the stereo bar and shock mounts offering you a range of placement options. That is a brilliant idea sE Electronics provided to their users.

If you have anything to record in stereo, the sE5 will be perfect for such need of yours. It will be your solid choice to achieve a decent, well stereo recorded music in high quality at a reasonable price.

The sE5 followed the lineage of its previous models of sE Electronics microphone – the sE4 which is also derived and got its inspiration from sE3 model. The new pair of sE5 microphone got the fixed cardioids polar pattern ultimately like from the previous sE3 model.


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