Qu-Pac Digital Mixer Launched By Allen & Health

Allen & Health extends its successful Qu range with the release of Qu Pac Digital Mixer, an ultra-compact digital mixer with a built-in touchscreen and iPad control app. Designed for live music and installed sound, the Qu-Pac can be a standalone or rack mount mixer.

It offers 16 mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs, and 12 mix outputs on the rear panel but is expandable to 38 in/28 out through a connection with Allen & Health’s line of remote AudioRacks over Cat5.

Qu-Pac Digital Mixer offers complete recall of settings and preamps, recording multi-tracks to USB using Qu-Drive, a choice between personal monitoring solutions, channel ducking, USB streaming over several channels and the popular iLive FX Library, which makes It a solid contender in its category.

The benefits of a touchscreen is still apparent compared to those digital mixers that do not have one. Should a tablet lose power, you can still manipulate all the parameters of your live sound mix, for instance. The fully customizable screen can be set up with ‘widgets’ for channel levels, mutes, and assignment switches. They can be arranged according to the application and experience of the user. The Qu-Pac Digital Mixer has fifteen soft keys that allow further customization, while different levels of user access can be set up and password protected.

As well as stereo recording of playback from a USB key, the built-in 18 channel Qu-Drive of the Qu-Pac Digital Mixer is able to record and playback several tracks of stereo audio.wav files to a USB key or drive. This way, you can experience the ease of computer-free recording in live and field applications. It features a 32 x 32 Windows and Mac compliant USB streaming interface which also makes it ideal for tracking, monitoring, and overdubbing in the studio. To boost flexibility for fixed installs and growing bands, Allen & Health’s dSnake low latency audio connection allows this mixing console to connect over one Cat5 digital snake to AB168, AR84 and AR2412 remote audio racks.

Aside from that, the Qu-Pac Digital Mixer provides two solutions for personal monitoring: from the Qu-You iPhone app or by using ME-1 personal mixers that can be connected to a mixer using the dSNAKE port.

Allen & Heath’s Managing Director, Glenn Rogers commented on the new arrival, “Think of a bar or restaurant that has live music at the weekends. Qu-Pac is ideal in this sort of situation – password protection and simple custom screens allow general staff to run the system day-to-day, then a sound engineer can use the iPad to mix full shows, with the safety net of hands-on control if anything happens to the Wi-Fi. That’s just one scenario where this highly versatile and effective package provides the ideal solution.”


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