Sonic Farm Creamliner III Overview

A product line referred to as stereo line signal conditioner has been gaining attention from both musicians and sound processing enthusiasts. This is something that inspired the creators of the recently updated Sonic Farm Creamliner III to be more vocal about their product.

Basically, the Sonic Farm Creamliner III is a new-generation signal conditioner device. It takes in a digitally created music or audio piece and enhances or adds an analog vibe to it. Apparently, music production experts and artists are still hooked on to the life that analog elements can give to a piece. A signal conditioner device such as the Sonic Farm Creamliner III fundamentally makes music sound better. If you have a wonderfully made digital sound, the addition of an analog vibe to it makes it perfect to the ears of true music lovers.

Within the unit, transformers and pentodes have been installed. This is where source sound processing ultimately takes place. The concept of operation is simple: you just need to have your sound pass through the Sonic Farm Creamliner III and its quality will be enhanced.

Just like its previous version, this unit has been endowed with a lot of user controls. It is ironic that while the concept of operation is so simple, there are so many switches and controls to tinker with. The control design and location on the unit will make one think that he or she is actually in front of a mixing console.

To give users control over harmonic distortion and audio color, the Sonic Farm Creamliner III offers two modes: triode and pentode. Aside from this, gain stage shelving controls are available too. This can be accessed through the panels that almost look like an EQ adjustment board.

The Sonic Farm Creamliner III is very useful for mastering both simple and heavy tracks. Of course, the user should have an idea about how to clip tracks on the sound saturation level. The unit works best if it positioned on the last part of the recording and mastering chain.

For outdoor live sound performances, the effects of the Sonic Farm Creamliner III are barely noticeable when small-sized PAs were used. However, significant changes to the sound become apparent on bigger and older systems.

It is true that the Sonic Farm Creamliner III is working under very basic principles. However, it is an extremely useful tool for those who are in the recording, remixing, and live sound performance industries.

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