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If you’re big fan of synthesizers or a skilled user of one in general, you’ll know that there’s an awful lot of them available on the market. While it takes a special eye to track down the one you need, odds are that it won’t fit you at all. Fortunately, there is one that will both fit your needs, the Synthogy Ivory II.

While the Synthogy Ivory II is selling hot, you may want to take this time to own one for yourself! Before the 4th of January 2016, after you purchase either a Synthogy Ivory II Grand Piano or an Ivory II Upright Piano, you will get to select between the Ivory II Italian Grand and an Ivory II American Concert D. And regardless of what you will choose, one will be yours absolutely FREE!

So what makes Synthogy Ivory II line of concert grand become so well-known and popular that it has received numerous accolades from the press and professionals. And such recognition is well-deserved, all thanks to the Ivory II’s combined themes of pristine piano samples with its highly-evolved piano synthesis engine. And this has given rise to one of the most sophisticated and evocative virtual pianos in the music industry.

Today, you’ll get the first-ever opportunity to own one of these world-class pianos for free! As a free download, you can choose between the Ivory II-Italian Grand (which costs around $179) or the Ivory II-American Concert D (costs around $199) after purchasing the item, either the downloadable version or the boxed-DVD version of Ivory II-Grand Pianos (costs at $349) or the Ivory II-Upright Pianos (costs at $299).

Below are a brief description of the two products, or you can visit the main website for a more in-depth technical information as well as their additional features.

IVORY II GRAND PIANOSSynthogy’s flagship product that won them various awards, and acclaimed critically as the “Platinum Standard” for Virtual Pianos. The Ivory II Grand Piano features Synthogy’s groundbreaking Sympathetic String Resonance technology, in addition to a host of new features for more expressive details than ever before!

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IVORY II UPRIGHT PIANOSThis is the collection of Essential Uprights. For the Ivory II Upright Piano series, you can choose between the Modern and Vintage Upright Piano. Paired with the powerful Ivory II engine, it is one of the most expressive in terms of range, tone color and personality in Synthogy’s catalog.


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