Portable Bass Amps: Top 6 Picks

If you’re having a difficult time carrying around a very cumbersome amp, then it’s time to consider purchasing a portable bass amps that’s powerful and reasonably priced.

Now you may be wondering that smaller amps are not as loud as the larger models. Today’s portable bass amps make use of Class-D digital power amp sections, so they don’t sacrifice audio quality as they become smaller. You can bring these around in between an ultimate live sound recording sessions.

And just because they’re smaller means they had some features left out. Most examples here have switchable voicings, overdrive and multi-band EQ. With footswitch control, effects loops, line outputs and has a combined weight that weighs as much as a backpack, you’ll have an easier time travelling with this around.

1.) Ashdown Rootmaster 220

The Rootmaster (both the 420- and 800-watt versions) does more than just look good. It has the specs that brings out the true power within, with its five-bands of tone-shaping, compression, overdrive and a switchable sub-octave.

2.) TC Electronic BH550

It features a lightweight design and a small footprint meet four-band EQ, a built-in tuner, XLR line out, aux in and headphone sockets. Additionally, it has TonePrint effects technology, allowing users to load in compressors, drives, chorus, flanges and octave sounds created by famous bass guitarists.

3.) Fender Rumble 200

Features switchable voicings, a separate gain circuit and four-band EQ, which is met by a range of inputs and outputs, including DI out, headphones and a footswitch. The inclusion of the aux-in means that users can play along with any audio player. If you’re playing a large gig, then its 500-watt counterpart is also worth checking out.

4.) EBS Reidmar

Has a slightly larger footprint than the other portable bass amps, measuring at 36 centimetres wide. On the EBS are compression and a four-band EQ. On the back are an array of sockets – aux-in, effects loop, line outs and headphones.

5.) Mark Bass Nano Mark 300

The Mark 300’s chassis pushes out 300 watts. It has a four-band EQ, a speaker, direct and tuner outputs, plus a guitar effects processing loop and switchable pre/post EQ. Weighting only 1.45 kg, it weighs less than a hand bag.

6.) Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

It has a three-band EQ, but the mid-range is sweepable, giving you better mastery over boosts and cuts, and the Adaptive Gain Shaping provides a tube-style overdrive to your playstyle.The amp’s flexible connections gives users impedance switching on the input for active or passive basses, an effects loop, and pre/post EQ balanced DI out.


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