The Uniquely Exciting LA-320 by Lauten Audio

Lauten Audio has produced another masterpiece in its lineup of mics in the form of LA-320. The company has had its share of ups and downs but the one which the public clearly remembers is the fate of its LT-321 Horizon model mic.

LA-320 was created following an obvious demand for a mic in its category that falls below the price range of the usual Lauten Audio products. Charles Chen and Brian Loudenslager provided designs for the product lines of the company. Items belonging to these product lines became known in the industry for quality in aspects of looks, audio output, and functionality. These mics are so unique that it is easy to distinguish them from a group of other studio and home recording mics.

The design, materials, and technology used to make Lauten Audio mic explains why each unit out in the market were so expensive. The FC-387 Atlantis and Eden LT-386 tube mics, as an example, costs $1500 and $2500 correspondingly. This is way too much for those who are looking for “budget mics” in the market. This is where the LA-320 comes in.

LA-320 belongs to the Series Black. This series heeds the call for mics in the music industry which are built as tough as the previous releases of Lauten Audio but belongs to a lower price range. This is the flagship model for this series. This is followed by LA-220 and LA-120. The price range of models under this series doesn’t go beyond the $500-mark.

The LA-320 is a condenser microphone (large-diaphragm tube type). The design and current market price easily suggest that this is an Asian-inspired tube mic. Lauten-specific components like a custom transformer, triode vacuum tube, and polypropylene capacitors are part of the design of this model.

Unlike cheap models in the category of condenser tube mics, the LA-320 is lightweight and comes with a complete kit that benefits well those who are always going out on road trips.

The versatility of the LA-320 is quite impressive. It has switches for adjusting frequency outputs and filtering voice, environment, and instrument noise. Sounds produced are clearer and has a distinct “tube” flavor. Specs and sound capacities of this model make it ideal for a variety of live sound recording tasks.

In comparison with other tube mic models from different brands, the LA-320 is a virtual standout. It belongs to a category in the market which has very few competitors. With a price tag of $499, any buyer will be getting a great deal for this particular condenser tube mic.

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