TiMax gives an immersion to Guildford School of Acting

TiMAx was present in the Guildford School of Acting that gave a different sound design experience to its student. As one of its kind in the music industry, it was a benefit for the technical theatre students at the Guildford School of Acting, with the hands-on experience creating dynamic soundscapes and source-oriented vocal localization for their stage music production of 9 to 5.

OutBoard, the Cambridge-based immersive audio innovator, is the reason behind the TiMAx in the school. They provided the school with a TiMax spatial delay-matrix, complete with TiMax Tracker, for students to experience a whole new level of sounds and its design.

After the student production, course tutor Sam Digny and guest mentor sound designer Justin Teasdale held a seminar insight day showcasing their experience and success with the immersive TiMax technology. A wider audience of invited industry professionals comprised local hire companies, production managers, sound engineers and students old and new.

OutBoard’s Robin Whittaker hosted a morning session presenting TiMax alongside a discussion of the wider principles of sound. He discussed: “Where do you go beyond the fidelity readily achieved by modern loudspeaker systems? Beyond fidelity, localization is the obvious thing and a major part of this whole current immersion discussion, in a staging environment like this, is multiple localisations made effective for an entire audience.”

The music production received positive feedback from the audience. A guest production manager said: “The sound it puts onto a band in this venue is stunning so hats off to TiMax, it just adds such definition and space.” Another revealing comment was, “You can hear the difference and the layers in it, and what sounds to me like attention to the details. It feels so integral to what you are watching that it helps you immerse.”

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