XLS DriveCore 2 Series – A More Flexible DSP with Higher Functionality

Recently, the immediate availability of the manufacturer’s XLS DriveCore 2 Series amplifiers were announced by Crown Audio and its UK-based distributor Sound Technology.

What the new XLS DriveCore 2 Series amps offers are a host of new and improved features including more flexible DSP band pass filtering, selectable input sensitivity, remote power trigger operation and new exterior styling.

The XLS DriveCore 2 Series have four different models in in its lineup. These are:

  • XLS 2502 (£792 RRP)
  • XLS 2002 (£696)
  • XLS 1502 (£522)
  • XLS 1002 (£432)

These models have different power ratings, ranging between 350W to 775W per channel at four ohms and 1,100W to 2,400W at four ohms bridged, as well as Harman’s exclusive DriveCore amplifier circuitry, which is the size of a postage stamp yet combines the amplifier driver stage into the power output stage along with additional audio-signal functions.

Craig Lambrecht, business segment manager for Crown Audio, said that “The XLS Series has been a true industry workhorse and with the introduction of the XLS DriveCore 2 models, the amplifiers are even better suited for a wider range of live, portable PA and installed sound applications”

The series’ 2U-high amplifiers all have a bandpass filter on each channel in addition to the previous low and high pass filters. These promise a more precise DSP crossover tuning, loudspeaker matching and system EQ capability for new and old users. All XLS DriveCore 2 models allow the front-panel LED indicators to be turned off if desired, which can help reduce any distraction when playing a gig in the dark, except for the clip and thermal indicators which doesn’t have any LED lighting. All models have a selectable input sensitivity between 1.4 Vrms or .775 Vrms, further putting them to better use in a wider variety of live sound applications. Such enables the amplifiers to be set at full power.

Another new feature of note is that they have a remote power trigger function, which activates the amp from a distance, along with a sleep mode for the display which deactivates the lighting after a specified time. Its security setting utilizes a button combination that disables the menu buttons on the front-panel. Lastly, a system reset function restores the unit to factory settings.

Additional features include:

  • Peakx limiters. These protect the speakers while its at max output
  • Balanced XLR
  • 1/4-inch and RCA inputs
  • Touch-proof binding post
  • Speakon outputs
  • And more!


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