Xvive—Different Pedals, One Greatness

These Xvive guitar pedals have enough colors to cater and satisfy a diverse group of players looking for certain sounds. Even small in dimension, these Xvive pedals offers great sounding in affordable and practical prices.

All part of the Xvive Micro Effect series, all of these pedals share these following series of best qualities and features:

  • Housed in mini-metal enclosures
  • Are true-bypass
  • Powered via a standard, Boss-style 9v adaptor.
  • All-analog circuitry
  • Designed in the USA by a roster of storied circuit designers with an impressive list of legendary effects attributed to them

Xvive V1 Classic Rock

The Classic Rock of these Xvive pedals is the lowest gain pedal from all of them, featuring the controls of Gain, Volume, and Tone. It has a great touch response available, hence it can produce expressive strumming and picking, with a more amp-like experience. With the use of the volume on tap, the Tone Control provides a range of features a control to hone the EQ without a drastic change in sound.

Xvive V4 Fuzz Screamer

The Fuzz Screamer of the Xvive pedals excels at lead tones. The Fuzz Screamer features Volume, Sustain, and Bite controls. The Sustain Control dials is for the gain, while the Bite Control adjusts the treble presence. The Fuzz Screamer is certainly modelled for swampy blues and garage-rock music style.

Xvive V2 Distortion

The Distortion of this Xvive pedeal series features Volume, Gain, and Tone controls. This one has a same gain crunch and touch sensitivity to the Classic Rock, but it preserves a more of its mid presence, giving slightly more vintage heavy tone. Rich in sound, the Distortion is easy when it comes to pulling out upper octave harmonics. Because of the added mid-range, it provides a thicker solo tones which resonates the ‘70s or ‘80s rock and metal feel.

Xvive V12 Metal Head

The Metal Head is the most saturated of all from the Xvive guitar pedals, with the lowest gain settings with raggedy lo-fi distortion. The Metal Head swaps the traditional volume control with a Blend knob, for blending some unaffected signal. With the Volume Control, it has the ability to have a level of gain in front of an amp that can only be produced in mush.

Xvive V6 Phaser King

The Phaser King is a lush analog phaser pedal, featuring Sweep, Speed, and Feedback controls. It provides a sound with a slightly dark and rounded and wave tone. The Speed control goes from multi-second wave cycles, while the Feedback knob dials in a chewy resonance that gives off a vocal-sounding filter effect. Lastly, the Sweep Control sets the deepness of the modulation cycle.

Xvive PT-03 Chromatic Tuner

Xvivie’s Chromatic Tuner has an internal lithium battery means you can power the pedal up. So during or before a show performance, you can free up a precious power cable for another pedal without worrying about replacing a battery. The Chromatic Tuner has a quick and accurate output response.


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