Roland LIVE—Ready to rock the GRAMMY Museum

Originally established in 2009 and aiming to educate people from all walks of life about music making, Roland LIVE is proud to announce its recent milestone as it had just opened a new location in Nashville.

Roland LIVE, in partnership with Grammy Museum had always looked forward to spreading and propagating knowledge about music making. Just a month ago, GRAMMY Museum had just opened a new location in Cleveland, Mississippi, where you may also find Roland LIVE through an exhibit. This exhibit was installed upon the invitation of the museum management and is now a part f the Musician’s hall of fame in downtown Nashville.

Annually, the GRAMMY Museums hold an event where thousands of students, music makers and music lovers gather to gain greater knowledge of music industry’s biggest names that have made great impacts. They effectively hold this through giving the participants a hands-on experience in music making using the actual musical instruments GRAMMY awardees have used such as guitars, keyboards, drums and even synthesizers. These diverse displays are fully interactive and one does not need prior experience in playing these instruments.

Roland LIVE also includes its guitar area that features a wide and informative display of guitar effects which demonstrate the evolution of guitar tones through time. In the said area, users may “play” GRAMMY award-winning riffs that have made great impacts in the music industry while turning pedals on and off, allowing them to unleash their creativity with tones.

If you think that all the fun and learning is in the guitar area alone, think again. The GRAMMY Museum, in partnership with Roland LIVE, is also proud to present another one of its areas—the vocal area. In this specific area, one may actually take the center stage and get the star feel as they sing lead vocals, which are accompanied by harmonies and other sound effects.

Drums would never be left behind in this museum exhibit by Roland LIVE as TDK-11KV V-Drums gives the participants a cool experience playing it regardless if he or she is a newbie or a veteran in playing the drums and knowing more about the instrument’s history and different types. In the same manner, piano, spanning 300 years of history is also proud to present itself, along with some of its different types in the said exhibit.

All these and more can be viewed at the newest GRAMMY Museum in Nashville.


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