Get your free behringer x32 cheat sheet

If you've ever wanted a super quick way to instantly perform any function on your Behringer X32, this is your ticket.  With instant shortcuts for Mixing, Effects, Monitors and Troubleshooting, you'll know exactly what buttons to push and what screens to adjust.
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It will soon be available for $4.95 but we'd love to get some feedback from you so we could get it perfect before it goes on sale.  In gratitude for your feedback we'd love to get it in your hands for free!

It's a PDF on legal size paper so it can fit all the quick tips and shortcuts on both sides of an 8.5" x 14" piece of paper.  Perfect for laminating and keeping by the side of your X32.

By the way...did you know that we have a full course on the operation of the Behringer X32 either on shipped DVD or online video course?

You can see the details here.

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